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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Should HR Be Split Up?

Business speaker Ram Charan (2014) argues that most Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) are process-oriented generalists and their expertise is in personnel benefits, compensation and labor relations. They are focused on internal matters such as engagement, empowerment and managing cultural issues.
Charam believes CEOs would like to see their CHROs to act as a sounding board and trusted partner and have their expertise in linking people and numbers to analyze strengths and weaknesses in the organization, in finding the right fit between staff members and jobs, and in talent management strategy.
Charan proposes to split the CHRO function into 2: An administrative one (reporting to the CFO) and a new CHRO function that focuses on leadership and organization issues and reports to the CEO.

Do you think splitting up the HR function is a good idea? If so, for what kind of companies and in what circumstances? Do you think that splitting HR up in this way (one officer for tactical and operational HR issues, and one for strategic HR issues) is the best choice?
Source: Charan, Ram "It's Time to Split HR" HBR July-August 2014, pp. 34


David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Splitting HR Into Separate Groups

Hi Jaap: I have seen some organizations split their Human Resource (Personnel) function into HARD an... Sign up

Mike Fosu
Management Consultant, Ghana

Should HR Be Split

Hi Jaap, I do not think the HR function should be split. I agree with David Wilson that the solution... Sign up

Florence Ansu-Amponsah
Manager, Ghana

Should HR Be Split Up

No. Not at all. HR, like Accounting, has a lot of branches which boils down to one. What makes HR mo... Sign up

Minda Gelay
Manager, Ethiopia

Can we Split HR Into Separate Groups?

How can we split HR functions? I think the HR functions are naturally inter-linked and they cannot b... Sign up

kiran pandit
Manager, Nepal

Yes, It Can Be Done But

I think the administrative functions related to compensation & benefits and other administrative thi... Sign up

Karl-Heinz Sternberg
Director, Germany

On Should the HR Function Be Splitted

Having the Human Resources Business Partners in place, who take care about the strategic view, while... Sign up

Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Don't Split the HR Function

I agree they should stay together. I also agree that HR needs to add much more value in terms of pro... Sign up

Zahra Djebaili
Student (University), Algeria

Don't Split the HR Function

I am agree with @David Wilson... I think that the HR function should be interlinked within the compa... Sign up

Febrianto, Indonesia

There is no Point

I know that Charan is just proposing an outline to help solving problems with HR. However, the model... Sign up

Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Outsourcing HR / Payroll to Finance Department

@kiran pandit: One further point. If the finance department is actually calculating and paying salar... Sign up

Anamika Choudhury
Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Who should Deal with Compensation and Benefits: HR or Finance?

Thank you Jaap for bringing this up. I firmly believe that HR should dictate "who" gets compensation... Sign up

Silvy Chahal
HR Consultant, India

HR Partnership with Hi-Po Talent

The problem shared by Ram Charan is absolutely valid. We cannot deny that businesses have been disap... Sign up


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David Wilson

Human Resource Management Roles
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