Is HR Really Viewed as a Strategic Partner?

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Is HR Really Viewed as a Strategic Partner?
Agni Chatterjee, Student (MBA), India

HR is no more considered as a back office, mundane job. It is now believed to form an integral and important part of any company. Right. But how true is that? Did indeed the view of people towards HR really change or is there deep down still a feeling that HR is just an administration job and nothing else?

When I was looking for a job, recruiters asked me: "What are you going to do in HR. There is no growth, It is a job for laid back people, etc etc". These people are themselves HR professionals. Over the last two years of my MBA, all I have studied on HR is that it should be a strategic partner and that companies have started moving their focus on HR big time.

"HR Champions" by Dave Ulrich was considered the bible for us. We always had great and lengthy discussions on how HR is making the corporate world a better place, how it holds a key for sustainability, how people in the organization are assets and not commodities.

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CREEMERS LUC, Business Consultant, Belgium

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HR Strategic Partner
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