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Agni Chatterjee
Student (MBA), India

Is HR Really Viewed as a Strategic Partner?

HR is no more considered as a back office, mundane job. It is now believed to form an integral and important part of any company. Right. But how true is that? Did indeed the view of people towards HR really change or is there deep down still a feeling that HR is just an administration job and nothing else?

When I was looking for a job, recruiters asked me: "What are you going to do in HR. There is no growth, It is a job for laid back people, etc etc". These people are themselves HR professionals. Over the last two years of my MBA, all I have studied on HR is that it should be a strategic partner and that companies have started moving their focus on HR big time.

"HR Champions" by Dave Ulrich was considered the bible for us. We always had great and lengthy discussions on how HR is making the corporate world a better place, how it holds a key for sustainability, how people in the organization are assets and not commodities.

I have realized the importance of HR, I can link any function and activity with HR. This is maybe because I am an MBA with a specialization in HR. But what is taught in the B-Schools, how much applicable is that?
I know some organizations in the US and UK endorsed the importance of HR in the last decade and we have seen some great examples set by them. But how true is it in the current business context? And what about the situation in India?

  Malcolm Fleming

HR as a Strategic Partner

It is true that the people asset of most businesse (...)

  Dr Robin C Hesler

HR - Integral and Important

HR is vital to an organization. That said, the ind (...)

  Alan Kennedy

Organization Mgmt (aka HR) is one Strategy to Be Managed

I particularly enjoyed your comment, Mr. Chatterje (...)

  Omar Robles
Business Consultant, Guatemala

HR Strategic Partner

Yes, HR must be a strategic partner. It is not bec (...)

  Ted Garrison
Management Consultant, United States

HR - Strategic Partner

They should be and need to be strategic partners. (...)

Management Consultant, France

HR Partner Real Strategic One

In the last 20 years, HR has become a real strateg (...)

  Sarah Jackson

Engage the HR Team

Enlightened leadership can help to make the HR rol (...)

  Matt Waymire
Accountant, United States

To be a Strategic Partner, HR Must Convince Top Management

Ninety percent of the HR managers I know act as if (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

HR Needs to be a Strategic Partner

HR needs to be a strategic partner. HR needs to un (...)

  das T.K.M.
HR Consultant, India

HR as Strategic Partner

When competition rules the business environment, p (...)

Consultant, Uganda

HR Needs to Understand the Business

I graduated with an MBA in 2001. My specialization (...)


HR Really Viewed as a Strategic Partner

Many people still see the HR from the hole of a ne (...)

  Olli Kansanen
HR Consultant, Finland

HOW to Become a Strategic Partner

The key question is HOW to get business understand (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Indian Perspective of Strategic HR Roles

Bhatnagar and Sharma (2005), The Indian Perspectiv (...)

  peter simons
Turnaround Manager, Switzerland

How to Make HR Have Impact?

We have organized a key note speaker in Geneva on (...)

  Benjamin Motlhabane
Consultant, South Africa

The Role of HR in Business

It is unfortunate that even today many regard HR a (...)

  Alex Dail
Management Consultant, United States

On what Level is HR a Valuable Part of the Organization?

Definitely the quality of people hired has a lot t (...)

  Len Matthews
Coach, Australia

HR More Than Simply Hiring and Firing

To be an effective strategic partner in an organiz (...)

  Harry Pramono
Manager, Indonesia

Conditions for HR to be a Business Partner

I consider myself to be an experienced HR practiti (...)

Manager, India

HR as a Srategic Partner

Yes, HR is supposed to be a strategic partner. Whe (...)

  Feyzal Peeroo
Accountant, Mauritius

Is HR Really Viewed as Strategic Partner

Employees are assets of the company. HR should be (...)

  Bernhard Keim
Business Consultant, Germany

Strategic Partner? Definitely Yes

HR is definitely a strategic partner for the imple (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

HR and Integrated Perspectives

If we look at organizations from a holistic point (...)

  Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

HR as Strategic Partner

The traditional HR must develop to what we call th (...)

  Abdul khalique
Manager, Pakistan

Employees are Assets but not Commodities

Yes, HR should be a strategic partner of any organ (...)

  Jaspal Singh
Manager, India

What HR People Need to be Considered as Strategic Partner

All that we learn during our MBA academy holds str (...)

Business Consultant, Belgium

HR: a Strategic Partner Without Doubt

HR can only be strategic if a combination is found (...)

  John Nobel
Management Consultant, Australia

HR Strategic Partner?

I reckon if you are in the services biz, or in inn (...)

  Donasian Mbonea
HR Consultant, Tanzania

HR as a Strategic Partner

Today's CEO are recognizing the value of HR as a s (...)

  Derrek Augustine

HR Strategic Partner! Bwah

The fact that we have asked this self-same questio (...)

  Rodgers Phiri
Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

HR as an Asset to Every Business

In my opinion, there is no doubt that apart from f (...)

  Nadeem Kamal
Manager, Pakistan

HR Department is Like Parliament

To run any country's affairs, we always have a Par (...)

  Olayemi Jayeola
Manager, Nigeria

Importance of HR to be an Intermediary

In my company, the HR department is very biased an (...)

  Isioma Obiakpani
Strategy Consultant, Nigeria

Whether HR is a Strategic Partner Depends on Organization

I think this really depends on the company in ques (...)

  Belay Gezahegn
Director, Ethiopia

Is HR Really Ever Considered as an Asset

The problem with HR is that many managers do not d (...)

  Roy Rossini
Business Consultant, United States

In Reality HR is Far from Being a Strategic Partner

I agree with the first response from Malcolm. I've (...)

  Jacob George
Financial Consultant, India

HR Looks After your People who Make your Marketing Mix Effective

HR is all about using the resources you have more (...)


HR Will Always Fight Being Viewed as a Secretarial Function

Most managers believe that they know how to manage (...)

HR Consultant, India

HR Should Partner in the Business Success

HR is an important function in the corporate world (...)

  Len Matthews
Coach, Australia

HR Like Parliament - Provoking

@Nadeem Kamal: An interesting and provoking though (...)

  Nadeem Kamal
Manager, Pakistan

HR Department as Business Partner

My earlier remark was not to provoke. It is just a (...)

  leo paul
Manager, India

HR can be a Listening Partner

HR can be a strategic partner by listening. HR peo (...)

Professor, India

HR has to be Empowered as a Strategic Business Partner AND Prove their Worth

While we know that HR should be strategic business (...)

  Steven Keleman, Ed.D.
Management Consultant, United States

Other Support Functions are Competing for a Seat at the Strategic Table...

Yes, HR must be a strategic partner, but so must o (...)

  Maggie Mojapelo
Director, South Africa

HR Leaders That Leads HR Will Enable Their Organisations

It is true that HR needs to step up and demonstrat (...)

  peter simons
Turnaround Manager, Switzerland

Who Hires HR Managers?

If the current HR managers recruit the future HR m (...)

  Paolo Pozzi
Business Consultant, Italy

STS: Sell Tangible Solutions

Every principle can be a good and logically accept (...)

  edward sevume

HR as Hairdressing Administration Structure

Human Resources could play a big role in the compa (...)

  Nadeem Kamal
Manager, Pakistan

HR Strategic Partner

These are the facts, but not all the organizations (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

HR Should Be a Strategic Partner

A number of postings in this forum have been highl (...)

  peter simons
Turnaround Manager, Switzerland

Stay Positive in the Forum, Here is an Idea...

@David Wilson: Good idea to stay positive. Here is (...)

  edward sevume

HR a Potential for Achieving Company Objectives

In discussing the strategic potential of HR in a c (...)

  Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

HR Strategic Partner

Many times I have felt and heard that for a compan (...)

  Benjamin Motlhabane
Consultant, South Africa

HR Strategic Partner

It seems to me that HR professionals are their own (...)

  Zahra Djebaili
Student (University), Algeria

The Truth About HRM

Yes Agni, sometimes we study things that do not re (...)

  Dr Robin C Hesler

HR - David Wilson's Reaction

@David Wilson: I couldn't agree more with your com (...)

  col n bhatnagar
Management Consultant, India

To be a Strategic Partner, HR Should Understand the Nature of Business

HR does not exist in isolation. In order to become (...)

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