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What is Entrepreneurial HR?
Kitchener , Entrepreneur, Canada, Member
I am very interested in getting the views of others on Entrepreneurial HR, which allows HR professionals to relate to the daily operations of the organization.
In this form, HR activities affect Return On Investment (ROI). In my opinion, Human Capital is the most important asset in any organization.
Entrepreneurial HR professionals have the capabilities to help businesses achieve their desired growth. Talent Management, if handled poorly in an organization negatively affects productivity, and subsequently the Return On Investment.
It is about capturing the diversity of perspectives and ideas in a supportive work environment that fosters creativity, identification of talent and strong teamwork to create the best products and services. There is a need to recognize the importance and value of fostering an inclusive mind-set to diversity. In turn, this results in the efficient and effective accomplishment of the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation based on a strong believe that people are the most important asset. This allows a focus on developing strategies to manage the Human Capital. That will ultimately improve the ROI.

Enterpreneurial HR - ROI
Linda Bouie
Entrepreneurial HR is imperative to achieve business goals and objectives. To demonstrate its value propostion as a strategic business partner, HR must create a work environment that fosters inclusion in decision making, diversity appreciation, and rewards for smart risk taking. Even more, it is critical that employees are placed in positions where they are motivated to perform at optimum level. In so doing, it creates a sense of ownership mentality and employee empowerment, and inspires innovation, collaboration and compliance.
As such, employees do what it takes to create and sustain competitive advantage, and ensure future business continuity.

Entrepreneurial HR and Human Capital
Kitchener , Entrepreneur, Canada, Member
Entrepreneurial HR helps to achieve high organizational performance and ensure a good return-on-investment (ROI). But organizations should recognize that human capital is their most important resource. Employee attrition is expensive and if not controlled, it could lead to the collapse of an organization. The most vulnerable organizations are companies in the knowledge based sector, where their main asset is their intellectual property.
Thus, smart strategies are needed to manage staff recruitment and retention. Organizations need to recruit and retain the best talent in a world of changing technology and challenging economies. Organizations need to create a motivating, empowering and inclusive workplace, where every employee has a chance to reach his/her potential. When employees feel valued, they do not want to leave an organization, unless there is a compelling reason.
Implementing best practices based on industry benchmarks will ensure people know that they are working for a great organization. Most employees and talented job seekers want to work for a progressive organization.

Entrepreneurial HR - Empowering People
Ashish Verma, HR Consultant, India, Member
Entrepreneurial HR is beyond conventional HR best practices. The fundament of the theory is the question "What if every employee in the organization starts thinking and behaving like the entrepreneur or promoter of the business?"
There is clear demarcation in behavioural traits between promoters and employees in general.
HR's role is to create an environment where the employees:
1. Get more insight into business operations (for example through job rotation)
2. Believe that they own the business (for example by encouraging decision-making at all levels without a boss or by using a business-decision-making desk to guide young 'intrapreneurs')
3. Link their earning to performance (see expectancy theory)
Thus, the environment in the organization empowers people which will give them a greater sense of achievement and job satisfaction. This approach leads to a reduction in attrition and results in greater retention of more enterprising employees, which enables the organization to thrive and move forward. The challenge is to maintain an extremely high level of team spirit in the organization, while avoiding conflicts.

Entrepreneurial HR Encourages Employees Participation and Benefits of Organization
Jaymala dubey, Student (MBA), India, Member
To identify new opportunities in a dynamic and complex environment, it is important to indulge in entrepreneurial HR.
Entrepreneurial HR is all about directly and indirectly improving employee participation and growth in an organization and setting new strategies in order to retain talented employees.
It depends on the ability to learn through the exploration and exploitation of new and existing knowledge. It is also about motivating others to follow new strategies and techniques for the benefits of employees as well as the organization.

Special Interest Group Leader
David Wilson

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