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Most Comprehensive Human Resource Management Model
Sabelo Myeni, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
Hi, I would like to know which is the most comprehensive Human Resource Management model? Is it the congruence, transformation, strategic HR etc? What aspects are the current models not addressing?

Most Comprehensive HR Model
saad ezzahraoui, Morocco, Member
For me its the VIE model by Vroom (valence, instrumentality, and expectancy), because it helps to give a global and a universal conception of motivation, wages, and knowledge/carreer management.

Universal Human Resources Management Model
SETIONO WINARDI, Business Consultant, Indonesia, Member
HR management models consists of the following elements:
1. Salary & benefit
2. Organization
3. Development and career planning
4. Training
5. Industrial relations
6. Performance management
7. Appraisal & assessment
8. Compliance procedures
9. Corporate profit
10. Grievance procedure
11. Motivation
1. Follow the theory Six Sigma from Japan
2. Follow the theory Kaizen from Japan
3. You will meet the international standard such as the International Standard Organization (ISO) and International Safety Management (ISM)
Good luck for success.

Comprehensive HR Management Model
mitali mukherjee, Student (MBA), India, Member
Important information. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can say all points are under a single umbrella.

Comprehensive HR Model
Sabelo Myeni, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
Thank you Saad, Setiono, and Mitali. I am based in South Africa and have been asked to develop my own HRM comprehensive model based on the existing ones such as strategic HRM, congruence, transformation model, etc.
My analysis is that most of these models leave out issues of environmental awareness. In South Africa, organisations do not neccessarily include an HRM strategy on how to deal with environmental issues. For example, we do not have a policy that allows people to work from home, or have flexi-time, etc. By having this strategy, we will be able to reduce energy consumption at work, less traffic etc.
So I am really looking for a model that will be a comprehensive green HRM model.
Setiono, thank you for the information. I will read more on those.
Kind regards,

Human Resources Management Model
SETIONO WINARDI, Business Consultant, Indonesia, Member
Dear Sabelo Myeni,
You are welcome, actually I provided a solution as part of a class for the Human Resources Management at the international universities in Indonesia (President University and Bina Nusantara University). I also discussed this information at an international seminar for human resources performance in Singapore, Malaysia, West Africa, UAE and Hongkong, China.
If you invite me to join in your team, I am willing to share my knowledge and expertise with your team. Regards, Setiono

All-embracing Human Resource Management Model
Mohammed Al-Kharusi, Director, Member
@Sabelo myeni: I recommend you read the work of David Ulrich who is a respected thought leader on Human Resource Management. There are various HR models around that you can Google, but none of them addresses the green aspect. Enviromental issues are dealt with in the corporate social responsibility area, which is a leadership issue and applicable to all employees. I do not think a green HR model is required.

First Establish your Objective
Ashish Verma, HR Consultant, India, Member
There are various models which can be adopted. The question is: What is the purpose of deployment of a particular model? Each of these models have their objectives. I believe the most generic model is the open system model. There are specific models for cultural change (force field model), change (Lewin''s 3 steps, Kotter's 8 steps), etc.
I suggest you identify the objective and then work backwards to identify which model would suit your requirement.

All-embracing Human Resource Management Model
Sabelo Myeni, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
Thank you for all your valuable contributions. Mohammed, I would like to thank you for your advice. However, I would like to clarify your sentence "I do not think a green HR model is required. Strategic HRM researchers argued that to achieve HR effectiveness, HR should be practiced as a whole and must be aligned with the business strategic goals, the primary means by which firms can influence and shape the skills, attitudes, and behaviour of individuals to do their work and thus achieve organizational goals (Collins and Clark, 2003).
This includes green issues that need to be delegated to all employees. How then do you align and address your green issues if they are not part of SHRM? For a long time, we have been focusing on productivity and financial performance but I think we need to extend our understanding to issues of environmental management initiatives. I believe we can add the aspect of Environmental Management in the existing SHRM model. I would like to develop a model that includes and addresses green strategies.

Universal Human Resources Model and Being 'Green'
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
I once wrote a paper on the Universal HR model and I concluded that there were over 16 different dimensions. Along the way, I learned that one size does not fit all.
Thus, I agree HR must be aligned to the strategic goals of the business and I agree that businesses should respect the environment.
However, a business may assign "environmental responsibilities" to another part of the organization. HR should practice being "green", but I am not certain it would be part of the HR model.

Good Green HRM Model?
imraanmuslim, Student (University), Indonesia, Member
@Ashish Verma: I agree with you. Mr. Sabelo, whichever HRM model your firm chooses, it should be clear if you stick to the basics as noted by Mr. Verma.

HRM Models and the Green Strategy
tato dzu, Student (MBA), Member
@Sabelo Myeni: Could you please send me the article by Collins and Clark.
I agree with your take in relation to the practising HR as a whole and aligning it to business strategic goals. HR is concerned with the management of resource that influence or have a bearing on the achievement of the busine objectives. If the organisation decide to include an environmental approach as its strategic point of be competitive (for example NEDBANK in South Africa), then there's a need for this model.

Special Interest Group Leader
David Wilson

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