What is the Most Important HRM Role? Why?

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What is the Most Important HRM Role? Why?
Alvin Sharma, Manager, Fiji, Member
Ulrich defines a HR manager's 4 key roles as: being a strategic partner, change agent, employee champion and administrative expert.
Which is in your opinion the most important role of these 4 for a HR manager in today's times and why? Thanks for sharing your idea...

Important HR Role
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
They are all important as they will help the organization survive and thrive. Depending upon the situation, anyone of the roles may be more critical. For example during a major change initiative, the order may be: change agent, strategic partner, employee champion and then administrative expert.

Most Important HR Roles
Tatiana Astakhova, Coach, Russian Federation, Member
I suppose that today the role of strategic partner is the most important due to chocking dynamics of markets. To observe business and industry trends is extremely important to shape the other roles and functions.

The Most Important HRM Role
Ali Thiab, HR Consultant, Jordan, Member
Being a strategic partner with a talent focus.

Most Important HR Roles
holterman, Manager, Netherlands, Member
I agree that in these days the role of strategic partner and change agent are the most important, to face the fast changing world.

Most Important HR Roles
Dewanto Windoe, HR Consultant, Indonesia, Member
I think they are all really important. It's like the human body: compare the the strategic partner function to the head (brain), the change agent to the legs, the administrative expert are like the hands, and employee champion form the heart of HR roles.

Most Important HR Roles
Umer Shahzad, Student (MBA), United Kingdom, Member
I think so. Most importantly the HR manager must have the ability to align the relationship of employees with the organisation. The most important thing is the relationship. Once this is done, he will be able to implement strategies!

Most Important HR Roles
SHAIQ ALI MIRZA, Pakistan, Member
Strategic partner, change agent, employee champion & administrative expert. All 4 qualities are very important for being a successful HR manager in today’s organizations.

All HR Roles are Important
bindu, Student (Other), India, Member
All the mentioned roles are equally inportant for the betterment of an organization and its people because they are significant at different phases of an organization. Negelecting one of the roles may create problems, so all are important.

The Most Important Role of HRM
Everest Turyahikayo, Manager, Uganda, Member
Attracting a competent workforce is the most important role of HRM. The totality of activities undertaken by employees result in the survival of any organization. The onus is on the HRM department to attract a competent workforce.
If this is done properly, an organization will have employees who are creative and innovative and it will be able to overcome challenges. This explains why organizations that hire bright people and avoid getting into their way, will do better than organizations that interfere with their employees.
You don't need to tell competent employees how to do their work. You just need to give them what to do.
Without competent employees, all motivation policies, training and development efforts and captivating working environment remain in the museum just like the necklaces of Maria Antoinette, the former French Queen.

The Most Important Role of HRM
Aejaz Ali, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
I agree that the most most important role of human resources management is to recruite and retain talent.

All These HR Roles are Equally Important
Jackie Yeoh, Manager, Malaysia, Member
It is important to understand and implement all of the roles of HRM in your organization. I believe these HRM roles are equally important and need to bring out the best of your human capital in the organization, while always keeping people motivated.

Most Important Role of HRM
Samuell Yew, Project Manager, Malaysia, Member
The most important role of HRM is to strategically address the organization's need of the moment and beyond.
While all the four roles of HRM according to Ulrich are important, their priority to the organization at a given time may differ and change as the organization matures. However being a strategic partner is key to successfully realizing the goals of the firm and HRM.

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David Wilson

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