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Dr Brian Monger
Asia’s rapid rise to economic prominence marks the beginning of a trend that will increase in the future. The Chinese economy, the second largest in the world, is currently attracting more direct investment than any other nation. Asia’s growing economic dominance, on one hand, and the continuous search for new business opportunities, on the other hand, will drive Western businesses to have stronger economic ties to Asia in various forms: joint ventures; wholly foreign-owned enterprises; or direct investments. Cultural values and business practices in Asia are different from those in the West. The challenge for Western businesses is to understand those values and find effective ways for operating successfully in Asia.
Asian Cultural Roots
Culture refers to the collective programming of the mind through socially transmitted values that shape the way people of the same social group think and act in various situations, including in negotiation. To understand the Asia (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Understanding Asian/Chinese Culture and Values is Important

Thank you Brian for your excellent summary of seve (...)

  Tom Lesnikowski
Business Consultant, Australia

Respecting Asian Cultural Roots

Brian, I couldn't agree more with your sentiment a (...)

  Ibrahim Rasheed
Director, Maldives

Doing Business in Asia

Remember that most business men and negotiators fr (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

China's Development

People should also understand that from a business (...)

  Feraidoon Bakhtiari
CxO / Board, Iran

The Influence of Cultural Roots on HR Performance

Behaviour is a function of environment, policies/ (...)

  Dr Brian Monger

Chinese Culture

@Tom Lesnikowski: Thanks Tom. The constant danger (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Understanding Chinese Cultural and Values

Even if the West understands the values of China t (...)

  Dr Brian Monger

Chinese Cultural Values

@Marcel Wiedenbrugge: I agree, it is often a high (...)

  asada raymond
Accountant, Nigeria

Asian Culture in Business

The solution to African economic emancipation is n (...)

  Dr Albert Legrand Matha
Consultant, Cameroon

Cultural Dimensions

It is important before going abroad to understand (...)

  KC Lim
CEO, Malaysia

Doing Business in Asia

This is a good start but there is more to just the (...)

  Firstep Eapl Astimen
Manager, Indonesia

Social Network Dimension as Global Business Approach

Social networking can be used across a lot of coun (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

China's Corporate Shift

Corporate success in China calls for a strong rela (...)


I Think This is not True in China

Yes, may be this is true for Taiwan, Hong Kong, or (...)

  Satya Nistala

Be a Chinese while in China

It was nice to read the gist of all 3 Masters in o (...)

Professor, Ecuador

Chinese Standout

Great discussion. Many good points have been broug (...)

  Dr Brian Monger

I Think This is not True in China

@Dave: Really Dave? That has not been my impressio (...)

  Mohammed almasser
Strategy Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Cultural Values and Business Practices in Asia

In the west will be the focus of attention on indi (...)

Lecturer, India

The Application of Immortal Ideas in a Business Context

I think ancient cultures have a lot to contribute (...)

Strategy Consultant, Iran

WHEN we Need Cultural Understanding

Doing business is nowadays the most important reas (...)

  Regis Nyere
Financial Consultant, Zimbabwe

Doing Business in Asia

True, Asian culture is fundamentally different fro (...)

  Tom Lesnikowski
Business Consultant, Australia

Doing Business in Asia

I maintain that it is critical to respect the lega (...)

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Understanding Culture

Dr. Monger's observation of understanding cultural (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

Cultural 'Values' of Mainlanders

@Dave: I fully agree. Talk about this subject with (...)

Management Consultant, China

Working Effectively in China

Who can share real life work experiences or anecdo (...)

  Dr Brian Monger

Cultural Values of Mainlanders

@Marcel Wiedenbrugge: Culure is never truly monoli (...)


In Which Area are you Interested?

@Shih: But it seems you are already at China, why (...)

  KC Lim
CEO, Malaysia

Which Area are You Interested

Indeed Shih. You are already there. I guess your (...)

Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Doing Business in Asia/China

The entry into management of the balinghou (one-ch (...)

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

Making a Profit in China

@Dr Brian Monger. Would you like to share some mor (...)

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

New Wine in a New Bottle

@Mackinnon: Entirely true! China today ‘is a new w (...)

Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Doing Business in Asia

@Arif ur Rehman: Glad you picked up the theme. Pa (...)

  Feraidoon Bakhtiari
CxO / Board, Iran

Asian Cultural Roots and your Business Rules

Asian cultural roots may affect the business if lo (...)


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