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David Rutchik
Project Manager, United States
Nothing flourishes without attention. This simple phrase is endemic in all endeavors. A gardener knows all too well what would happen to his plants if they are not attended to. Take this phrase and apply it to every other pursuit. Without reviewing the newly emplaced activity or practice it will not continue to produce the results it showed at its inception. In organizations, employees that feel ignored will grow complacent in their output, and eventually even the once talented and highly energized individuals do not feel like part of their team or no longer see the importance of their task. Without attention there is a loss of interest and outcomes decline to mediocre. Some managers pay attention to those things that seem very important at the moment, but by forgetting the core values other areas get neglected and get less attention. Like the garden they soon wither away. Paying attention does not have to be done daily, but like a checkup with the physician it must be done on a r (...) Read more? Sign up for free

Lecturer, India

Attention and Maintaining Logs

I agree attention improves the quality of work. Ma (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

The Only Things that Evolve by Themselves in an Organization are Disorder, Friction and Malperformance

Warning, there actually are some things that can e (...)

  Piero Mella
Teacher, Italy

Attention is Necessary for Control

I agree but I would add that also "nothing flouris (...)

Entrepreneur, Nigeria

Nothing Flourishes in a Controlled Environment, Without Attention

Always listen to employees for suggestions on how (...)

  Gayatri Irny

Nothing Flourishes Like Control and Nothing Flourishes Like Attention

I feel control from within will be more effective (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Control and Management

@Piero Mella: Do you really mean control? Surely c (...)

  David Rutchik
Project Manager, United States

Flourish and Attention

The focus I was seeking was on the words flourish (...)

Manager, Canada

Genuine Attention

What about attention that is not genuine? Wouldn't (...)

  Katie Pawley MBA
Consultant, United States

Make Employees Feel Valued

Important to remember: There are many ways that em (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico


I suggest: Nothing GOOD Flourishes without CONTROL (...)

  Katie Pawley MBA
Consultant, United States

Peter Drucker Quote on Disorder, Friction and Malperformance

Peter Drucker said "The only things that evolve by (...)


Nothing Flourishes Without Attention and Monitoring

@Piero Mella: I agree without proper monitoring an (...)

  Jose Luis Ramirez Garcia

So, what is Attention…

First, you need to GATHER INFORMATION. With that I (...)


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Two Factor Theory (Human Motivation)
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