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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands
A common recommended and used form to increase employees’ motivation and performance is Employee-Of-the-Month (EOM). Such a strategy would boost morale through employee rewards and giving credits to excellent employees. However, the EOM-strategy has negative sides as well; many criticize this strategy as a result. So, what are the disadvantages of an EOM-strategy? Johnson and Dickinson (2010) mention the following disadvantages of Employee-Of-the-Month programs: 1. EOM-rewards are only based on results: By only considering the final results, EOM-incentives neglect the ways in which the results are achieved. As a result, employees will be encouraged to get engaged in unethical and unacceptable behavior so as to achieve the best results. 2. Unclear conditions: Another criticism is the lack of clarity of the conditions needed to become EOM. Employees do barely know what specific actions they need to take to become EOM and are therefore unable and unmotivated to take the rig (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Jeff Gordon
CEO, United States

Criteria for Employee of the Month Programs

The majority of the disadvantages stated about EOM (...)

  Johnny Michael Tan
Management Consultant, Malaysia

As a Customer, I Like Hotels with an Employee or Team of the Month Program

If managed effectively with proper guidelines and (...)

  Bryan Hunt
Director, China

Employee of the Month - Pros and Cons

This initiative doesn't work for all. My guess is (...)

  Mircea Tanase, Suceava, Romania
Manager, Romania

Employee of the Month Works in Hospitality

I have recently taken over a hotel as GM and I was (...)

  Mona Al Sheikh
Professor, Saudi Arabia

Teacher of the Year Award

We have experience with TOY award which not only i (...)

  W Atkinson
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Sector and Company Culture Influence EOM Program Implementation

Like most initiatives they work if its suits the c (...)

  Emmanuel Mwirichia
Manager, Kenya

Metrics in Service are Easier to Measure

@Mircea Tanase, Suceava, Romania: I agree. In a se (...)

  David Torres
Manager, Mexico

Employee ⇒ Team of the Month

I prefer team of the month, because an employee co (...)

  ton voogt

Alternatives for Employee of the Month Programs

Some thoughts on this topic: these individual or t (...)

Manager, France

Employee of the Month VS Team of the Month

I prefer "Team Of the Month" This means everyone (...)

  Fekadu Asmamaw

EOM Program Needs Great Care & Attention

I used to work in a hotel with about 300 employees (...)

  Jacob Andrews
Entrepreneur, United Arab Emirates

Keeping the Employee of the Month Program Alive

An Employee of the Month program is good. But if t (...)

  Moustafa Alam
Director, Kuwait

Employee of the Month

I believe it is a good way to motivate employees. (...)

Manager, Thailand

Starting an Employee Of the Month Program?

I am about to start EOM in my factory, looks like (...)

CEO, South Africa

Consider and Prepare Employee of the Month Carefully

Like all initiatives consider carefully before imp (...)

Manager, Morocco

Employee of the Month is a Recognition

EOM should be regarded as a recognition for someon (...)

  abens anna jacob
Student (Other), India

Why Employee of the Month is Not a Good Motivation Tool

Employee Of the Month is not a good way to motivat (...)

Professor, India

Employee of the Month Advantages

Of course this is one of the methods adopted by ma (...)


Employee of the Month? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

I think that an EOM program is really very difficu (...)

  Clinton Lee
HR Consultant, United States

Employee of the Month Program per Focus Area

I believe EOM programs are basically good if they (...)

  Ahmad kanj
Manager, Lebanon

Employee of the Month: Assessment

I'm voting for the title: " Team of the Month " fo (...)

  Jackson A. Rhys
Professor, United States

A Short Sighted Process

Myriad research studies have shown that people wor (...)

  Vincent Miholic
Manager, United States

Outdated. Old-school

EOM? Outdated. Old-school. Need a comprehensive re (...)

  Maimon Arif
Manager, Malaysia

Team Based Yellow Shirts with Peer Validation

We introduced a quarterly yellow shirt award for t (...)

Student (Other), India

The Purpose of EOM

EOM is a basic motivational title which everyone w (...)

  Tom Downs
Teacher, United States

External Motivation is Out of Date

Extrinsic motivation belongs in the dustbin of his (...)

  Lazhar Charfeddine
United Arab Emirates

Employee of the Month Remains a Good Practice

It is not only about the result, it should be a fu (...)

  Shaik Murtuza Illahi

EOM Worked Well in Manufacturing Industries

I was in charge of a production line of an air con (...)

  Ssamanya M.Geowillis
Manager, Uganda

When EOM is not Suitable

There should be well defined benchmarks for the EO (...)

  W Atkinson
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Extrinsic Motivation is History - BUNK

(Editor: bunk = absurd) @Tom Downs: Everyone lov (...)

ICT Consultant, Costa Rica

EmployeeS of the Month or Team of the Month

For me, there should be the employeeS of the month (...)

HR Consultant, Ethiopia

Employee of the Month Ideas

EOM program may lead to unhealthy competition if n (...)

United States

Change Employee of the Month Criteria Every Month

Team of the month is a great idea. I won EOM twice (...)


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