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PROs and CONs of Employee Of the Month Programs
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands, Moderator
A common recommended and used form to increase employees’ motivation and performance is Employee-Of-the-Month (EOM). Such a strategy would boost morale through employee rewards and giving credits to excellent employees.
However, the EOM-strategy has negative sides as well; many criticize this strategy as a result. So, what are the disadvantages of an EOM-strategy? Johnson and Dickinson (2010) mention the following disadvantages of Employee-Of-the-Month programs:
1. EOM-rewards are only based on results: By only considering the final results, EOM-incentives neglect the ways in which the results are achieved. As a result, employees will be encouraged to get engaged in unethical and unacceptable behavior so as to achieve the best results.
2. Un...Sign up

Criteria for Employee of the Month Programs
Jeff Gordon, CEO, United States, Member
The majority of the disadvantages stated about EOM programs can be mitigated with clear criteria about what is required to become the EOM.
Regard...Sign up

As a Customer, I Like Hotels with an Employee or Team of the Month Program
Johnny Michael Tan, Management Consultant, Malaysia, Member
If managed effectively with proper guidelines and execution, it is definitely positive.
If I walked into a hotel that has an Employee of the Mont...Sign up

Employee of the Month - Pros and Cons
Bryan Hunt, Director, China, Member
This initiative doesn't work for all. My guess is most employees are dis-engaged by this sort of reward.
Team of the month is different so long a...Sign up

Employee of the Month Works in Hospitality
Mircea Tanase, Suceava, Romania, Manager, Romania, Member
I have recently taken over a hotel as GM and I was surprised to see how important this competition is for the employees. Until now I have rejected the...Sign up

Teacher of the Year Award
Mona Al Sheikh, Professor, Saudi Arabia, Member
We have experience with TOY award which not only includes a trophy, but also a financial reward of 6500 dollars. The award is given to one teacher of ...Sign up

Sector and Company Culture Influence EOM Program Implementation
W Atkinson, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Like most initiatives they work if its suits the culture. Whilst I believe we can all recognise workplaces like hotels use these a lot as the staff in...Sign up

Metrics in Service are Easier to Measure
Emmanuel Mwirichia, Manager, Kenya, Member
@Mircea Tanase, Suceava, Romania: I agree. In a service establishment, the metrics are easy to measure - satisfactio...Sign up

Employee ⇒ Team of the Month
David Torres, Manager, Mexico, Member
I prefer team of the month, because an employee could use others/subordinates to achieve his own targets, but if we work as a team we can achieve comm...Sign up

Alternatives for Employee of the Month Programs
ton voogt
Some thoughts on this topic: these individual or team programs intend to level up the general level of performance, or lower a general level of mistak...Sign up

Employee of the Month VS Team of the Month
Maurisset, Manager, France, Member
I prefer "Team Of the Month"
This means everyone has to work and share his own experiences with his/her colleagues.
This reinforces teamwork...Sign up

EOM Program Needs Great Care & Attention
Fekadu Asmamaw, Ethiopia, Member
I used to work in a hotel with about 300 employees that had an employee of the month program. Each department manager selected an employee of the mont...Sign up

Keeping the Employee of the Month Program Alive
Jacob Andrews, Entrepreneur, United Arab Emirates, Member
An Employee of the Month program is good. But if this program is run in a particular manner it may easily become monotonous and employees get tired an...Sign up

Employee of the Month
Moustafa Alam, Director, Kuwait, Member
I believe it is a good way to motivate employees.
If you can boost it by a group project that collects all employees of the year this will be gre...Sign up

Starting an Employee Of the Month Program?
Francis, Manager, Thailand, Member
I am about to start EOM in my factory, looks like more need to be considered, thanks for the input! I originally thought EOM can help generate a focus...Sign up

Consider and Prepare Employee of the Month Carefully
Wood, CEO, South Africa, Member
Like all initiatives consider carefully before implementing:
- First and most importantly: What behaviors do you want to encourage? An EOM progra...Sign up

Employee of the Month is a Recognition
essakalli, Manager, Morocco, Member
EOM should be regarded as a recognition for someone who did something extraordinary to eliminate a meaningful company loss or who delivered a breakthr...Sign up

Why Employee of the Month is Not a Good Motivation Tool
abens anna jacob, Student (Other), India, Member
Employee Of the Month is not a good way to motivate employees. EOM comes with a target for every employee. If there is a target, there is pressure. Pr...Sign up

Employee of the Month Advantages
venkataramanan, Professor, India, Member
Of course this is one of the methods adopted by many organizations to motivate employees and falls under self actualization needs (Maslow).
This ...Sign up

Employee of the Month? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
I think that an EOM program is really very difficult to manage well, but I am sure that sometimes it is effective and sometimes not, it depends of the...Sign up

Employee of the Month Program per Focus Area
Clinton Lee, HR Consultant, United States, Member
I believe EOM programs are basically good if they are designed correctly.
Most companies have different focus areas, for example IT, Maintenance,...Sign up

Employee of the Month: Assessment
Ahmad kanj, Manager, Lebanon, Member
I'm voting for the title: " Team of the Month " for considerable results.
The competition between individuals becomes more fair....Sign up

A Short Sighted Process
Jackson A. Rhys, Professor, United States, Member
Myriad research studies have shown that people working for an external reward do less than those who are working for intrinsic values. As long as we p...Sign up

Outdated. Old-school
Vincent Miholic, Manager, United States, Member
EOM? Outdated. Old-school. Need a comprehensive recognition system, yes. As one vendor succinctly sums, recognition should take place "everyday in eve...Sign up

Team Based Yellow Shirts with Peer Validation
Maimon Arif, Manager, Malaysia, Member
We introduced a quarterly yellow shirt award for the best team and the chicken award for the lowest performance team.
The team leaders themselves...Sign up

The Purpose of EOM
bindhulatha, Student (Other), India, Member
EOM is a basic motivational title which everyone would love to be recognized with, as beginners in the work life.
However the employees should be...Sign up

External Motivation is Out of Date
Tom Downs, Teacher, United States, Member
Extrinsic motivation belongs in the dustbin of history. 20th Century thinking. This is no longer helping us move forward in today's businesses. Watch ...Sign up

Employee of the Month Remains a Good Practice
Lazhar Charfeddine, United Arab Emirates, Member
It is not only about the result, it should be a full appraisal of the performance from all sides.
Besides it is not necessary to have only one EO...Sign up

EOM Worked Well in Manufacturing Industries
Shaik Murtuza Illahi
I was in charge of a production line of an air conditioner manufacturing company. The scheme of EOM worked successfully and we could boost our product...Sign up

When EOM is not Suitable
Ssamanya M.Geowillis, Manager, Uganda, Member
There should be well defined benchmarks for the EOM program to be appreciated and adopted. Otherwise the EOM program becomes unfair or discriminatory ...Sign up

Extrinsic Motivation is History - BUNK
W Atkinson, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
(Editor: bunk = absurd)
@Tom Downs: Everyone loves Dan Pink because he deals with the top segment of Maslow. M...Sign up

EmployeeS of the Month or Team of the Month
hjoab, ICT Consultant, Costa Rica, Member
For me, there should be the employeeS of the month. Inclusively the team of the month. This way more than one person will be rewarded and in the case ...Sign up

Employee of the Month Ideas
Eskeyas, HR Consultant, Ethiopia, Member
EOM program may lead to unhealthy competition if not handled with care, a few ideas:
1. Every employee of the org should participate in the selec...Sign up

Change Employee of the Month Criteria Every Month
Donald, United States, Member
Team of the month is a great idea. I won EOM twice because of some exceptional work I did when the management asked us all to do something. They chang...Sign up

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