How to measure motivation?

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How to measure motivation?
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  Motivation measurement
  It is well-known that motivation can be measured to a high degree of accuracy by secured surveys where employees can answer a questionaire while maintaining the anonymity of the employee. It is advised to be done once at least every year.

  Two factors of motivation
  Merit & demerit of factor of motivation

  Motivation Measurements
Kamini Chawla
  Yesss there are psychological tests, through which motivation can be measured....
Of course everyone has their own motivator factor (eg, power, money, recognition etc.) which motivates them, the management needs to know which factors motivate our employees...

  How can Motivation be measured
  You cannot measure motivation, or it is extremely difficult. Even though you might try, you cannot be sure you have reliable results. However, engegement can be measured.

  Measurement of Motivation
Schircks, Arnulf, Dr. , Business Consultant, Switzerland, Member
  I have used different tools in multinational corporations in many countries. Right now I am using in NEPAL the latest generation from Scandinavia (state-of-the-art) with WOPI Work Personality Inventory of our DRIVES measuring MOTIVATION + THINKING + ATTITUDE. The motivation part distinguishes 3 different kinds: ACHIEVEMENT for PROFESSIONAL and LEADERSHIP and INTERACTION for CUSTOMER SERVICE/TEAMWORK.

  Can Motivation Be Measured?
Darshan Gadekar

  Can Motivation be Measured or Not?

Special Interest Group Leader

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Two Factor Theory (Human Motivation)
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