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Jasmin Mesic, Student (University), Netherlands
I am currently researching the development of a model which maps the process of becoming an authority in some chosen field of expertise (focused on business management). The model is focused on business/management consultants who wish to further develop their skills with the final goal of becoming a recognized authority in their field. I was wondering if there are models which touch upon the topic or focus on personal development which might be similar. I am open to suggestions. Any feedback is welcome. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Roy Rossini, Business Consultant, United States

Consultant? Specialize!

Hi Jasmin,
I don't mean to be glib. I've been a management consultant for nearly 30 years. From productivity to business transformation, as a program manager. The only road map or model is to find your niche and be the best at it. Specialize. Whether it be OCM or Process Improvement. Be that expert and always look to sharpen your saw.
As my Uncle once said, who is a financially successful professional, find what you like to do and be the best at it. I find that having so much in my bag of tricks and so many varied successful projects will only serve to confuse the client and worse could eventually confuse one's purpose.
Be able to answer the question of who you are and what you do. Best of luck to you Jasmin.

  Jim Johnstone, Consultant, United States

How to Become an Authority? Practice and Find a Mentor

So to amplify on Roy's comments, How do you go abo (...)

  Rajappa Prakasam, Consultant, Saudi Arabia

Becoming an Authority as Consultant: Passion and Conviction

Being the best in a chosen field is the only answe (...)

  Roy Rossini, Business Consultant, United States

How to Become an Authority

I very much concur with @. You can tell by his add (...)

  Edward Chappy, Consultant, Jordan

From Novice to Expert

Jasmin, you might want to look at the book "From N (...)


Suggested Model to Be an Authority of a Field of Expertise

I am not aware of any existing specific model that (...)

  Zeb O. WATURUOCHA, Management Consultant, India

How to Become an Authority as a Consultant

I go with @, because it is possible to be an autho (...)

  Rakesh Gudur, Strategy Consultant, India

Visibility and Trust

I agree with @ too. I think he gave the model. Fir (...)

  Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Sapiential Authority as a Consultant

I can only reaffirm Roy Rossini's view. I remember (...)

  MabuZayed, Business Consultant, United States

Best Consulting Model: Develop your Own Brand

Greetings all, if one borrows from the world of sp (...)

  Donna J. Dennis, Consultant, United States

Research Design for Expert Model Project

I think you have chosen a fascinating topic and ap (...)

  Moses Nyamasoka, Strategy Consultant, Zimbabwe

Expert Model Strategy: Contact Gurus

You have raised a quite interesting subject... All (...)

  Leonardo Santos Magalhaes

Consider Project Management Models

I agree with @ and many of the other reactions and (...)


SQ, EQ and IQ: the Foundation for Authority

Jasmin, Irrespective of your field of concern and (...)

  M Banville

Growth Stages of Authority as a Consultant

In all your comments I read about mentoring and co (...)

  Patrick Mulvey, Management Consultant, United States

On Becoming an Authority in Consulting

Suggest you investigate the , who has published ov (...)

  jesus arguelles

Elements to Become an Authority as a Consultant

Iím not sure that there is a systematic and standa (...)

  jose ubiratan lopes do nascimento, Coach, Brazil

Building Authority as a Consultant

We could talk about success stories but: 1st Iden (...)

  ramesh, Entrepreneur, India

Learn, Change, Experiment, Execute, Master

You must learn quickly, sense the change, lots of (...)

  Ian Stern

Image and Exposure as an Authority

I agree with most of the comments on being very go (...)

  Jimmy Roberto Robles Donoso, Management Consultant, Ecuador

Mastering an Area

It's all about practicing, practicing and practici (...)

  JOSEPH NSOZA, Business Consultant, Tanzania

Gaining Authority in Consulting

There is no fixed time for breast feeding. The sit (...)

  Nyekete Douglas, Financial Consultant, Zimbabwe

Business Consultancy Guru

One can only become a guru in the field of busines (...)

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