Why do Work Conflicts Occur? Reasons of Conflict in the Workplace

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Why do Work Conflicts Occur? Reasons of Conflict in the Workplace
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Premium Member
Ben Dattner in his article "Most Work Conflicts Aren't Due to Personality", HBR Blog, May 20, 2014, argues that the real underlying cause of conflict in the workplace is the SITUATION ITSELF, rather than the PEOPLE INVOLVED, as people are inclined to think.
Humans tend to attribute conflicts to other people's personality (e.g., style typologies concept like Myer-Briggs) rather than to situations because that is more complicated. Dattner argues that the real reasons for conflict are a lot harder to raise (and resolve) because they are likely to be complex, nuanced, and politically sensitive.
For example people's interests may truly be opposed; roles and levels of authority may not be correctly defined and delineated.
Do you agree with Dattner (and me) that conflicts in the workplace are mostly due to the situations of the workplace itself rather than to the personality of people involved?

Reasons of Conflict in the Workplace
horatius dyani, Manager, South Africa, Member
Human INTERESTS are different, including both personal interests and expectations and workplace interests and expectations.

Reasons for Conflict in the Workplace
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
- I believe that conflict often arises due to the Power, Recognition and Money aspirations of one person or group over others. If you don't do it "my way" I cannot control the resources, what you do and what I get out of the situation. i.e., the conflict is about "WHO BENEFITS FROM THE SITUATION".
- Conflict also happens when people do not have EQUAL ACCESS TO INFORMATION... If there is irrefutable evidence there should not be conflict regarding the problem. Of course there could be disagreement on how to best handle the situation.
- Another issue lies in the significance of the evidence... Conflict will arise when FACTS ARE INTERPRETED DIFFERENTLY and against a set of biased objectives.

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