What is the Influence of Culture on Attribution?

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What is the Influence of Culture on Attribution?
How does culture affect the process of attribution in communication?

Culture and Causal Explanations
Of course culture influences the way people make causal explanations. HOW this is happening I don't know.

Cultural Attribution
You should check out Hofstede's research about this.

Culture matters a lot in Communication
Different cultures have different modes of communication. E.g in some India parts, a vertical nod of the head is implying no, while in my country the same node means a yes.

Culture has to do with a way of life and this is greatly influenced by upbringing and the environment. It therefore affects attribution since people tend to explain things based on their experiences and background.

Define the Attributes
Tapan Kumar Das
It is very relevant to the management team and leaders. But In India with different cultures, multi-linguistic, with different weather in the same region, it's difficult for a leader to understand the minds of the people and to find out the attributes to their people's success or failure. This theory will help them to define the attributes.

Attribution, Environment and Milieu
There is a marked relationship between attribution and environment and milieu, where the group or individuals are quick to realize the impact and react or act, based on these attributes.

Cultural influence
Cultural influence is still the missing “or the hidden” element in the process of multicultural project management. Communication is based on cultural fundamentals of individuals and reflects own understanding of the surrounding world.

Culture impacts attribution
Hi ... culture is something which we have learnt over a period of time and it is a great influencer on the 'Perception' or the 'Personality', of any individual and also to a great extent on the Attitude of the individuals.
When we observe that culture plays a major role on the 3 individual aspects which make up an individual how can it not influence Attributes which are like adjectives to these aspects?

Culture defines
Lawani 'dapo
If people are seperated by culture, then reactions are culture based mostly. Reasons for these reactions are explained by attribution theory. SUM IT UP!

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