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Do Mergers and Acquisitions Add Value?
FANMOE ELVIS SIMO, Student (University), Cameroon, Member
As a theory it is expected that the value of the two firms after merging should rise. But this is often not the case in real life. Why?

Why Mergers and Acquisitions Often Do Not Add Value
Slava Morozov, Analyst, Russian Federation, Member
1. Even the most careful due diligence may not guarantee that there will be no bottlenecks in manufacturing and business processes.
2. Also you have to overcome initial aversion of personnel.
3. Finally the implementation into your structure may take years.

Arithmetical Bussiness Its not the Same as Arithmetical System
Miguel Chavez Olivares, Consultant, Mexico, Member
In the sum of two natural numbers, two plus two will always be four.
But merging two firms is not an algebraic sum.
If in the implementing for the merge of two firms, the negative parts are not addressed, optimized or redesigned, the result of eighty plus eighty could be fifty, or even less.

Do Mergers and Acquisitions Add Value
Tuaneri Akoto, MBA, FCMI, CEO, United Kingdom, Member
As with most theories practice often differs from the theory that underpins or attempts to predict or describe reality. Merger theories generally talk about the benefits of a merger. However, the human element is often lacking in consideration.
Human interaction or lack of it is a major factor in why mergers do not work. A merger can take place with the expectation that value will be created from the combining of firms. However, the employees might not get along with each other, one firm might see the other as a threat to their employment in weeks or months to come, there might be a huge difference in workplace culture, there could be different management styles,
Human interaction is an imperative to be assessed as part of due diligence. This can be the most important factor in the success and added value in a merger/acquisition. If the workforce do not get on, if there is wide spread personality clashes, if there are differences of perspectives and how things should be done then value is not added.

Effect of Acquisitions on Performance of Organizations
Ekambi, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
Topic: Effect of acquisitions on Performance of organizations? Doing a study on this topic and seeking for anyone with a different eye to give a hint on the variable, operationalize EFFECT OF ACQUISITIONS. I have picked " Effect of acquisitions" as the Independent Variable and " Performance of organizations" as Dependent Variable. Any idea on what one may look at that is affected Performance of organizations?

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