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Servant vs Charismatic Leaders
Geoffrey Hill
Are Servant-Leadership and Charismatic Leadership opposites?

Servant leader and Charismatic leader
No! The servant as leader and a charismatic leader are not opposites. The Servant Leader has most characteristics of the 10 Robert Greenleaf traits described in the summary and just like the Charismatic Leader has a way about them that just makes you want to follow him. Like Gandi.

I Agree with VMIX
Fentress Truxon, Management Consultant, United States, Member
SL and CL are completely different like with this written example.

Servant and Charismatic Leadership Objectives and Styles Compared
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
A servant leader has an objective of service for which he leads. A charismatic leader has a style by which he appears to lead naturally. Different followers will join depending on leader types. (Servant - S, Charismatic - C)
1. S AND C - Leader will have faster growth of followers due to C factor and sustenance due to S factor.
2. S AND NOT C - Leader will have sustained but slow growth. Like Christ.
3. C AND NOT S - Leader may get many followers, but only as imitators and may not ensure sustainance.
4. Not C AND NOT S - Leader has less chances of success as a leader. May mostly be follower of what he is interested in.

Servant Leadership Style Vs. Charismatic
Kovit Skulsangjuntr
Imagine going to the jungle and you have a hunter to guide you along the way. Or go with a tour group with a guide who gives good advise and serves the teams along the journey. The last is the servant leadership style. The servant leader is here to serve and lead the team into the right direction. To do that care, (s)he is mentoring and coaching the group to achieve the target.
Note that to be successful, (s)he needs other characteristics of leadership as well.

Comparing Servant Leadership and Charismatic Leadership
bunny gaviyao, Investor, Zimbabwe, Member
These two seem similar, but the difference is that a charismatic leader can be a dictator which is not found in servant leadership, eg Hitler was a dictator at the same time he was a charismatic leader he could inspire people by what he said. Jesus Christ is one of the example of a servant leader. Being a servant needs someone with a passion for people, but not a passion for power as many of our leaders this age.

Servant Leader versus Charismatic Leader
scott kazee, United States, Member
I think the answer lies in our definition of what charismatic leadership. Christ was a charismatic leader! He was dynamic yet at the same time not caught up with his own ego. He was the master of the disciples yet he washed their feet! Jagdish B Acharya writes above: the charismatic leader may get many followers but only as imitators... That is the whole idea that Christ was trying to perpetuate... Using himself as the example and compelling his followers to be like him. Could this be too much pressure for us? Is this why we tend to shy away from servant leadership, because we must first act as the "example"?

Servant Leadership versus Charismatic Leadership
Dmytro Shynkaruk, Student (University), Ukraine, Member
These are totally different things. As it has already been mentioned, Hitler was a charismatic leader, Mussolini was a charismatic leader, Franco also was a charismatic leader. These dictators were charismatic leaders, in other case they wouldn't have managed to make millions of people follow them.
But they didn't care about others - just wanted to reach their own goals.
So they were manipulators, because a manipulator is a person who uses other people in order to achieve his or her personal success no matter what it costs.
A servant leader is a person who takes care of other people. Jesus is a great example.

Balanced Approach
Andrea Kelly
I like Scott Kazee's remarks as people tend to desire to achieve what another person has but shy away from imitating as there is a tendency in us to want to be independent.
I also agree with Ddmytro that persons who are fully charismatic are manipulators and that servant leaders have an altruistic trait.
I believe that one should attempt to have a balanced approach. Jesus was balanced: he was both charismatic as he had a personal magneticism or ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest or affection in others by personal influence, which was a divinely bestowed gift (grace) AND he was a servant leader - one who puts the welfare of others before himself.
It is difficult though for a human to possess both these qualities; one has to be divine.

Servant versus Charismatic
Michr, Member
Are servant and charismatic opposite styles of leadership?
- A servant leader may be charismatic in nature and in action, therefore, still able to lead, follow, and serve the needs of others and the greater vision with best end results.
- However, a charismatic leader may or may not be a servant leader at heart or in action. Jesus was a charismatic leader as was Hitler...
Know the heart of the leader by his or her actions, practices, and 'who is being served--the leader's interests or the needs of others'. Leading by example and leaving this world a better place to live for future generations is s a great place to begin assessing if one's a servant or not...

Servant versus Charismatic Leaders
Amirruddin Baba, Malaysia, Member
For me they are not opposites. They are qualities that compliment each other. Followers need security and feel secure when they observe leaders are serving them. Simultaneously they need charismatic leaders to convince them on the pathway that they will be led. May be leaders should be like snakes. They creep amongst roots but maintain their "potent poisons". God knows the best.

The Debate - Servant versus Charismatic Leaders
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
The servant leader is a savant in that he nurtures the spirit, helping all to be part of a concerned culture wherein satisfaction is arrived at through responsible contribution this obviously develops a collaborative community and trusting relationships resulting is personal advancement as an end to expand the leader and the led.

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