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Authentic Leadership
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
I can't wait for great authentic leadership to emerge in the current context in which the trust is shaken. In times of crisis people discover ways to better deal with the future.
As an authentic leader, self-consciousness is absolutely fundamental. You cannot be emotionally intelligent if you are not also self-aware. Authentic leadership requires you to ' Know Thyself ', Greek: ' γνῶθι σεαυτόν ', Latin: ' nosce te ipsum 'This requires, in addition to maturity, an intense work of self-examination or individuation. The criticisms, even the toughest, are essential for the construction of self-awareness. To do so, you need to get honest feedback from followers, so the followers must also be authentic.
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Qualities of Authentic Leadership (Goffee and Jones)Sign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
OK! But I think leaders can't do anything without ...

What are Authentic Leaders? Avolio, Luthans and WalumbwaSign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
In 2004, influential writers Avolio, Luthans, and ...

Four Characteristics of Authentic Leaders, Authentic Followership (Shamir and Eilam)Sign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
In 2005, Shamir and Eilam advanced their 4 char...

Characteristics of Authentic LeadershipSign up
Greg Johnson, Member
The HBR team is on point with a general observatio...

Refined Definition of Authentic LeadershipSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
Based on the preceding contributions we can advanc...


Authentic Leaders in BriefSign up
JuanCarlos Pacheco, Member
In my modest view, the authentic leader must have:...

Authentic Leadership and Leader Authenticity are DifferentSign up
Michael Horwitz, Member
So far some great citations to the most recent wor...

Difference between being Natural and being AuthenticSign up
Adonis, Member
- The theoretical elements provided by Vitor and M...

Authentic Leadership what it Is?Sign up
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Member
An authentic leader is one who is not only true...

Authentic Leadership Requires Experimenting with Various Leadership Styles / MethodsSign up
Rebecca Roe, Member
I have a conflict here. If we are to assume that l...

Know Yourself and The Effect on your FollowersSign up
Alex Dail, Member
Authentic leaders know themselves, but also the...


Leadership Begins by Leading our Own Life FirstSign up
Maria Lairet, Member
I like the way Vitor addresses leadership. I could...


Authentic LeadershipSign up
Fatime Usman Mafa, Member
I agree with Maria. Leadership begins by leading o...

Is authenticity in the Person or in the Leader?Sign up
Jacques Strydom, Member
I'm struggling to differentiate between being an a...

First an Authentic Person, then an Authentic Leader...Sign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
Hello Jacques, firstly we must assume the authenti...

Leaders and FollowersSign up
eva lufranco, Member
Hi Mr. Seco, it is great to have been able to read...

Authentic Leadership - A Myth or Reality?Sign up
In reality there is nothing special like authentic...

2 Questions about Authentic LeadershipSign up
Belay Gezahegn, Member
I would like to understand whether authenticity im...


Authentic Leadership is Preferable StyleSign up
Sylvia Grant, Member
The characteristics of authentic leadership in the...

Authentic Leadership - The Way ForwardSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
@Venkateswaran ...

Authentic LeadershipSign up
Laxman Prasad Paudel, Member
Authentic leadership takes ownership of his/her or...


Authentic Leadership Means a DialogueSign up
Miguel Merodio, Member
My personal view is that authentic leadership is n...

Authentic Leadership in a Moral SenseSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
Sometimes we use the same words, but with differen...

5 Marks of Authentic LeadershipSign up
Laura Nayeli Peralta Calderon, Member
I call these the five marks of authentic leadershi...





What Other Features are Needed for Authentic Leaders?Sign up
Dr zahra gheidar, Member
Obviously all these points are vital and considera...

What Other Features are Needed?Sign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
@Zahra Gheidar:...

Authenticity of Leadership refers to a Particular Required Management ContextSign up
Adonis, Member
We have to consider that authentic leadership must...


Authentic LeadershipSign up
Adam mohammed Baba, Member
I agree with Vitor Manuel, because in recent times...

Authentic Leadership, Believe and TrustSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
People need to believe and trust in their leade...

Authentic Leadership is a Alter Ego of Who?Sign up
hernando bernal, Member
I think also the believe and trust in himself is i...

Trust is the First Step to MotionSign up
Dr zahra gheidar, Member
Trust is the first step to motion that leaders nee...

Authentic LeadershipSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
@Hernando Bernal

Consistency, Trust and Authentic LeadershipSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
Yes, trust is one of the four essential, foundatio...

Authentic Leadership and TrustSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
@Zahra Gheidar:...

How About 'Transformational Leadership', can that be Referred to as 'Authentic'?Sign up
Adam mohammed Baba, Member
Leadership styles have their unique attributes whi...

Authentic or Transformational LeadershipSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
It seems to me that our responses have used "authe...

Authentic or Transformational LeadershipSign up
Adam mohammed Baba, Member
My understanding is that the word "authentic" refe...

Authentic Leaders have In-built Character TraitsSign up
Ariyo Samson Olakunle, Member
The authenticity of a leader has to do with his/he...

Try to be all that our potential allows...Sign up
Robert Sowell, Member
It is an ongoing, long-standing debate whether

Leadership (Authentic versus Inauthentic)Sign up
Adam mohammed Baba, Member
I agree that not all transformational leaders are ...

Cultivating Authentic LeadershipSign up
Dilip Khanal, Member
It seems that authentic leadership can not be cult...

Authentic Leadership can be CultivatedSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
Mr. Khanal, as we have been discussing, it's impor...

Authentic Leadership Can Be Cultivated and ReproducedSign up
Adonis, Member
AL is not only cultivatable but reproductible too:...

Authentic Leadership ToolsSign up
Alain Kambaja, Member
What tools...

Tools to Use to Be Self-aware: Authentic Leadership QuestionnaireSign up
Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco, Member
The Authentic Leadership Questionnaire from...

Authentic Leadership Tools: The Concentric Leadership ModelSign up
Greg Johnson, Member
The Concentric Leadership Model (CLM) provides a p...

'Authentic' LeadershipSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
Talk of so-called "authentic" leadership can sound...

Improving Self Before Trying to Improve OthersSign up
Dilip Khanal, Member
In my opinion, authentic leaders believe in improv...

Authentic Leadership PowerpointSign up
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
We just added an interesting
Who is the SELF?Sign up
Who is the SELF, is the question of authenticity. ...



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