3 Kinds of Leaders: Builders, Maintainers and Destroyers

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3 Kinds of Leaders: Builders, Maintainers and Destroyers
M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka, Member
There are three kind of 'leaders', namely builders, maintainers and destroyers.
- Builders are always with a new vision and they work towards the vision by selling their vision to their followers by inspiration, performance and guidance. They are the people who can see the future, visualize new dimensions and make changes in attitude, perceptions and out look in the society. They believe in team building, cooperation, commitment and dedication. They always motivate their team members, encourage them and appreciate their achievement.
- Maintainers are the people who just continue with what they have ensuring the safety of their belongings, nothing added new.
- Destroyers are the people who damages themselves and their society (followers). Mostly they are self appointed leaders with vested interests and personal agendas. They lack a common vision. They can do a very little in team building, motivating people and accomplishing any common task.

3 Leadership Types in Perspective
Ashok Daga, HR Consultant, India, Member
By the very definition "leaders' are builders. The maintainers are efficient managers; and in the current world scenario the destroyers are politicians.

Leaders, Managers and Politicians
M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka, Member
Thank you so much Mr. Daga for giving correct classification. This is what I meant but I waited someone to respond.
The world is full of politicians, especially in the developing countries where you find a handful of true leaders. Managers are found everywhere, the question is their efficiency.
Almost all countries lack true leaders who can sell hope to build a new world. Politicians sell enough hopes to masses in form of good ropes (rotten) and the followers get sunk in their pits for ever. Only a few henchmen survive by this act.
In the light of current scenario today's world need many many Gandhi's, many many Luther Kings, many many Anna Hazares and so on who could give a better hope for tomorrow.
Most of the so called leaders are engaged in a rat race which bring them back square one everyday.
Sharing resources is the biggest struggle faced by current world although resources available are more than sufficient for the future generations yet to be born.
It is high time for true true leaders to emerge.

3 Kinds of Leaders - Builders, Maintainers and Destroyers
Ramadurai, Project Manager, India, Member
@M Y Zainudeen: even eminent leaders like Gandhi and Luther King will not be able to bring change, since the concepts of value and ethics are totally eroded in all wings of society.

Three Kinds of Leaders
M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka, Member
Yes Ramadurai, Gandhi & King were the builders in their era, but their approach may fit on to current era. What we is to be done first is to build up ethics and values in the society, for this we need building leaders.
This may be a challenging task but not impossible, we need to act and do more with a sense of responsibility and commitment.

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