Resonating Leadership Character and Persona

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Resonating Leadership Character and Persona
Dr. Luis De La Cruz, Member
Army General Douglas McArthur is an example of leadership character and a commanding persona who was dismissed by President Harry Truman in the exercise of civilian command and control over the military.
Two impersonated egos but only one leader, the difference was a resonating leadership character.
McArthur, was a man who knew how to set the right goals, build quick response organizations, and motivate, and inspire people to execute the impossible.
Truman's dismissal decision did not resonate with the American public but shocked them, and angered republican politicians who revere general McArthur as a distinguished soldier and leader, two attributes absent in Truman's political persona.

Disagree - MacArthur Wasn't Good
Hi Luis, I highly recommend reading Kokoda by Peter Fitzsimmons - your views on MacArthur being a great leader will surely change.

Followership Defines Great Leadership
Dr. Luis De La Cruz, Member
Hello Newton, thank you for the suggested reading, my participation was focused on the difference between character and persona as two underlying features that could resonate from a leadership style as examined by Cashman (1998) and based on the account of the situation that led to McArthur's dismissal by Truman given by Mintzberg, et al. (2003).
There is no consensus in the definition of leadership nevertheless one about what makes a great leader; leaders are not born but made (Cohen, 1998) under conditions derived from environmental and organizational forces for which leaders may have little or no control of (Okenwa, 2009).

Still Missing the Point
D.B.P. Huguenot PhD CFA, Member
Hi Luis, the central issue which you miss completely, is the American system of government. No military officer, ever and no matter how "grand," may countermand an order from the commander and chief - the President, who is a civilian. Drop your current sources and go to Jefferson and the founders, especially the federalist papers. These ideas are so important!
A year after the 9/11 attack, I listened in horror as the attorney general of the 5th circuit (Washington DC) said the following at one of those expensive luncheons and speaking engagements: "... all those ideas of a Jeffersonian civil society are **quaint anachronisms**..."
In one phrase this man was dismissing all learning from the French and British, the entire basis of civil liberty.
Now imagine if he had followed with announcing the joint chiefs, not the president, would hereafter command executive authority. George McArthur whould have supported that.


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