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Drazen, Australia

Adjusting, Altering and Varying the Leadership Style

After reading briefly on the leadership styles as per Goleman it had me thinking, are leaders aware that they are using particular leadership styles? And do leaders think before they act as to what leadership style they will use? And would there be a difference if they thought about this rather than simply acting? Are they able to change their style if needed?
I think theoretically it could make a difference as they would be more in line with what is required for the situation. Maybe they would also consider things that weren't considered otherwise?

  Jose Luis Roces
Professor, Argentina

Flexible Leadership Styles

In our center for developing leadership (CDL) of ITBA (private university), we have done a lot of training and experience with executive groups using Goleman-Boyatzis model. The most frequent issue is that managers react using their own temperament & traits and they forget the need of flexibility and awareness according to the situation. Our solution is training them on the basis of a tutoring program in their own context. They don't need a lot of theory, they react better when somebody shows them their mistakes and the way to be more effective.

Director, Belgium

Changing Leadership Styles

Maybe that's the difference between a born or well trained leader and a starter. To immediately feel and act intuitively...

  Jose Luis Roces
Professor, Argentina

Learning Leadership Styles

Effectively we can learn to be a better leader by training in the Goleman-Boyatzis model, but we need assistance of some...

  Gabriel Dirlau
Manager, Romania

Utilising Leadership Styles

Dear all, I believe that most leaders are passing through different styles, being influenced by the context. For sure t...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Behavior Patterns

Not that the word "style" in leadership style is already suggesting there is a pattern in the behavior of the leader. T...

  Bruno Perboni
Consultant, Italy

Applying Our Own Leadeship Style

I found very few leaders able to adapt their leadership style to the situation. In a company, usually every leader is au...

  Joscelin Trouwborst
Management Consultant, Curacao

Leadership Styles and Context

Only those who thoroughly understand the context can lead in that context. This is where there is a flaw in appointed le...

  Roy Fitzgerald
Teacher, Australia

Skill to Apply Leadership Styles Can be Learnt

The experience I have is that most people discussing or participating in a course for leaders are unaware of leadership ...

  Sylvia Grant
Consultant, Australia

Leadership Styles

Drazen has raised a very interesting question. Also, before anyone can effectively implement any leadership style, that...

  Dr Ray Chatwin
Lecturer, United Kingdom

Leadership Styles Not Easy to Change

Leadership 'styles' are related to personality characteristics that change little over one's lifetime, so they can't be ...

Accountant, Kenya

Not Thinking about Appropriate Leadership Style

Many a times people re/act to a situation apparently without thinking about the situation, level of skill, motivation or...

CEO, Nigeria

Molding of a Leadership Style

Leadership style? Pattern? Experience, mentors, learned behaviour, bottom line and operating environment all combine to ...

  jorge anibal hoyos hoyos
Manager, Colombia

Resonance is Mandatory in any Style

Depending on the cases to be faced up, the challenges to tackle the effects of the styles will be different if you take ...

  desu rama mohan
Professor, India

Leadership Style Practice

First an understanding of the nature of different styles is needed, as well as the range one can vary within the situati...

  narelle kelvin

Wise Leadership is Rare

My reaction to this is to contemplate the various types of leadership I have worked under over the years and also consid...

  Roy Fitzgerald
Teacher, Australia

The Skills to Apply Leadership Styles

Both management and leadership can be learned, either by training, knowledge and experience... These tend to be the fact...

Consultant, India

Interactive Leadership Training

When leaders lead they do not think in terms of style they were taught and trained. It is a natural phenomenon. No doubt...

  Mahmoud Al-Fayyad, Jordan

Leadership Variables

Many of the writers indicated worthy points of view. Leader's practices reveal that - in addition to situation - morale,...

  Bezeck Kwanisayi, Zimbabwe

Utilising Leadership Styles

Personally, I think leaders/managers don't restrict themselves to certain leadership styles. My opinion is that they use...

  alberto ardila
Student (University), Colombia

Leaders Create Resonance

In the communitary work I know, leadership is always any combination of visionary, coaching and affiliative and democrat...

  Benjamin Ocansey, Ghana

Blending Leadership Styles

I don't think that most leaders consciously follow any of the six leadership styles. They tend to blend all in varying d...

  Barrett W. Horne
Consultant, Canada

Self-awareness of Leader

A range of helpful points have been made. I would add the critical importance of a high level of self-awareness needed t...

  David Esko
Management Consultant, United States

Situational Awareness / Leadership and Natural Abilities

The leadership "style" used, should always depend on the nature of the project you're managing, situational factors on t...

  Melnyk, Canada

I in Now - Presencing

Leadership style definitely must relate to self-awareness and the inner and outer dialogue of the leader. A leader shoul...

  robert trowhill
Consultant, Canada

Formation and Removing Pathways In Our Brain

As we gain experience in managing our basic responses are shaped by our ego. Over time our previous responses form pathw...

  David Esko
Management Consultant, United States

Situational Awareness and Leadership

In the process of both becoming and being a leader, there are factors that are very difficult to learn to handle and man...

  Chau Hansotia, India

Leadership Styles & Effective Leaders

In reality, we can not tell exactly what style a particular leader adopts. A leader may have 2 or more leadership styles...

Consultant, United Kingdom

Adapting Leadership Styles

The best leaders can recognize any given situation and easily adapt between all the styles of leadership. One size fits ...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Adapting your Leadership Style

Each of the six leadership styles may exist but each one has both strengths and weaknesses. Also each style has its plac...

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Flexible Adaption of Styles to Suit Situations?

Another side of the coin we are discussing here is the value of traits, characteristics, behaviours that reflect authent...

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Developing Leaders to Become Conscious of Their Leadership Styles

In coaching I have found a useful way to make people conscious of leadership styles is to get them to bring the topic in...

Professor, Ukraine

Scale of Leadership

I would add the critical importance of the leadership scale. There may be a leader of a local team, a leader of an entir...

  Irene Lyimo
Manager, Tanzania

Leaders Just React Rather than Think First

My understanding towards leadership as being a leader and having had leaders leading me is that leaders react to actions...

  K R Sethuraman
Professor, Malaysia

Default Leadership Style + Contextual Variations

I have been in various academic leadership positions since 1981 (4 decades now). After trying out various models, I feel...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Default Leadership Style Like Cruise Control?

@K R Sethuraman: Very nice discussion… Thank you for your very nice analogy which I think is really helpful to understan...

  Bjorn Smulders
Business Consultant, Norway

Don´t Expect Others to Think or be Like You!

@Jose Luis Roces: Hi, and thanks for your input! This is something I experience a lot myself and see in others. We cons...


Leaders Need to Understand the Context

@Joscelin Trouwborst: Yes l agree with your statement. Through experience and exposure l noticed that it is critical for...

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Discipline and Consciousness in Leadership Styles

There are 2 words that come to mind; Discipline and Consciousness: - As professionals, self-discipline is required to b...

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Pareto Principle in Applying Leadership and Management Styles

Accepting that Goleman's depictions refer to 'leadership' but I consider that the focus on leadership is somewhat distor...

  Tracey Caesar
Student (MBA)

Knowing your Followers and Altering your Leadership Style

All leaders have followers. They should, as quickly as possible, evaluate the demographics and traits of your followers ...

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Utilising and Altering / Varying Leadership Styles

@Jose Luis Roces: I agree with this to some extent. I worked closely with Dr. Richard Boyatziz, Dr. Richard Golemans' re...

  Howard Jackson

Adaptive Leadership Behaviour Traits I Utilise in my Leadership Styles for Varying Situations

I focus on ensuring the achievement of outcomes whilst ensuring the team understands their work contributes to these...

  Sunita Rani
Teacher, India

Most of the Leaders Use a Mix of Styles

I experienced that most leaders I have worked with use a mix of two or three styles. I found them lacking in using visio...

  Hongchang Mei
Strategy Consultant, China

The Own Leadership Style Often Makes Leaders Look Like a Fool

@Bruno Perboni: The own leadership style often makes look foolish because such leaders are thinking too selfish. Leaders...

  Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

The Own Leadership Style Often Makes Leaders Look Like a Fool

@Hongchang Mei: "The Own Leadership Style Often Makes Leaders Look Like a Fool... Selfish...", I don't know what this me...

  Trilok Sindhwani
Consultant, India

Leadership - is a Dynamic Optimisation of the Given Situation, Cruise-destination and Team-spirit

@Jaap de Jonge: Each leadership venture is unique in its situation, destination, and team composition. Leadership is the...


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