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Leadership Style: born or made
Are you born with a particular leadership style, or can you learn one?

Leadership Style: born or made
I believe that to be an affective leader, leadership style is something that you can learn and be able to adapt depending on the situation.

Style of Leadership
imran ali mir
Leaders are born with some inherited genes of leadership, but need to polish with situations faced by them.

Leadership an inborn quality
Imran is absolutely right!! Leadership is an inborn quality which needs polishing by handling different situations. Leadership cannot be taught, it is developed ...

Leadership Style: born or made
Imran and Niks are absolutely wrong!! Leadership is a behaviour and behaviours can be (and are) learned, from birth to death. I suggest you do some reading on the subject before showing your ignorance. If you still think you're right, identify the leadership gene....

Leadership Style: born or made
Dawit Aynachew
This to me is like asking, “Are artists born or made?”. Although there may not be a responsible gene for the inborn ability, we cannot deny that there is an inborn propensity for leadership as there is one for being an artist. However, anything uncultivated eventually becomes nothing, regardless of it's an innate advantage. Hence,
1) There’s a potential for leadership in all and it comes at varied intensity at birth, and
2) Training polishes it.
The nearest the mixture approaches pick, the best the leader would be.

Nature v Nurture - that old chestnut
Whilst I've seen research that looks into the existence of some inborn personality traits based on mono and dizygotic twins, I've never seen anything relating to leadership - or even artistic tendencies. And even these personality traits are just tendencies - we are not fated by them. I'd be delighted if anyone who has mentioned inborn abilities pertaining to leadership/art above could point me in the right direction for relevant research.

Leadership can be developed
rafita, Indonesia, Member
As leadership definitions always say there must be vision, and charismatic person. Leadership is built by circumstances. People learn from their environment and awareness comes up as one realizes there is a need of leader. The leader's character then grows as he begins to solve problems.. So it means leadership can be developed, but only for those who have some kind of awareness.

Born or Made?
Hamish Paterson
I have a wonderful cartoon that depicts two nurses coming out of the delivery room with a new born baby. one turns to the other and says " This one's a manager"!!
There is no doubt that our early upbringing plays a significant part in determining our personality. If it is true that there is a "leadership" gene then we have truly discovered the meaning of life!
My interest in leadership is primarily concerned at how we develop effective leaders. The origins of the species is just plain beyond me!
We can however always choose our behavior and my understanding is that leadership is about behavior. People follow someone because of what they do or say, not on where they came from.

Leadership Style -born or made
Darshan Shah
Leadership is a style by birth, I guess almost 50% have it. These needs to be developed by self,and supported by scurcumstances

It's About Self-awareness and Belief
David Wang, Manager, China, Member
In my opinion leaders are made by the environments consciously or unconsciously as many other personal traits. Before becoming a successful leader, first of all, the person should have self-awareness; and then believe he could change his/her behavior to be a successful or at least qualified leader.
Someone may argue that a "made" successful leader might not be a successful leader in nature. However, to me, if someone could successfully pretend to be a qualified leader before employees and public for his/her entire life, then he/she is truly a qualified leader.

Leadership: Born or Made?
HesKama, Manager, Kenya, Member
Though it can be said that leaders are born, leadership is also a skill and an art that is developed overtime. Good leaders are those whose doctrines are well researched. They integrate positive virtues and are also out to empower all those they possess. Leaders should be multipliers other than deminishers.

francis shumbayawonda, Student (University), Zimbabwe, Member
Where does Shakespeare's Twelfth Night fit in the leadership styles?
It says.. Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.
(Twelfth Night, Act 2, Scene 5 -Malvolio, reading a letter in Olivia's garden)

Leadership: Born or Made?
Karen Wybrow, Australia, Member
Leaders are both born and made... There is no nature VERSUS nurture, but nature AND nurture.

WHAT ASPECTS of Leadership are Born or Made?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Perhaps it's better to reframe this discussion: To what extent is leadership born and made? Are there perhaps certain aspects of leadership that are born or made...

Leaders are Born
Eric Kazembe, Entrepreneur, Malawi, Member
My opinion, leader are born. For example, in a play group you would find one child emerging as a leader. He would naturally decide what to play with or when to go home.

Leaders are Born, Making Has a Role to Play!
Amkela Ngwenya, Student (University), South Africa, Member
Let's take an analogy of a sports man, a soccer player. To make it in the competitive world of football you have to be immensely talented. Needless to say that talent need to be reinforced by a lot of practise to perfect it. If you are not talented as a footballer, practise can still improve your skills, but not to a level of a professional.
I believe it is the same with leadership and indeed with any other discipline. Nature plays a primary role while nurture plays a secondary role.
But without one of the two, the other one counts for almost nothing.

Leadership Styles: Born with or Learnt?
Joseph I. B. Bakibinga, Accountant, Uganda, Member
Leadership styles are about the behaviours that we portray in our relationship with others. While we can not do much about changing our personality, something that we are born with, we can learn new behaviours to help us relate with others in a given situations.

Response to Leaders Born or Made
Simbarashe Chimusimbe, Manager, Zimbabwe, Member
@Karen Wybrow: while everyone has got his or her own thoughts about leadership, I agree with you that leaders are both born AND made.
Of course they would need to be aligned here and there.

Does Leadership Develop in Response to a Need?
Ben Smith, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I read somewhere that many great leaders experienced the death of a parent in their early life (i.e. the loss of an important leader). Could this have triggered a development of their leadership qualities for the purpose of protection and security?

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