Creating Resonance versus Buy-in?

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Creating Resonance versus Buy-in?
I'm struggling with the following question: is creating resonance the same as creating buy-in?

Creating resonance versus buy-in
Buy-in is getting individuals to accept your opinion or stance, react in the manner you want them to respond. Creating Resonance is to express your opinion/stance and direct the team members to react according to the expectations of the team.

Creating resonance
Currently studying for my Supply/Purchase/Marketing Exam! My understanding is that resonance is about feel good recognition - its emotional - justifies the reason (Maslow's hierachy of needs) or creates acceptance of your purchase - as cognitive dissonance can influence future choice or other buyers thinking of buying the same thing.

Resonance vs Buy-in
Helene, my interpretation of Buy-in equals discussion whereas resonance may be likened to dialogue.

Resonance versus Buy-in
Resonance: how words 'land' .. this can be positive or negative, how people react on your words in a non-verbal way. Resonance can be high or low. Buy-in is the fact that people accept and agree with your words and are willing to participate.

Resonance vs Buy-in
Charles Daniels
When I think about a term like buy-in, I also think about the concept of selling. One person is trying to persuade another person to accept an idea. There is nothing wrong with buy-in, but it does not seem to address deeper human needs.
When I think of resonance, I think about things like shared vision, values and ideas. A resonant leader is more likely to attract resonant followers who embrace the same vision, values and idea. I also believe that resonance and flow are strongly related.

Yesterday I was in a meeting with the CEO of my company and he explained his vision of where he saw our company moving and it was inspiring. He did not shove it down our throats. He helped us to see a greater vision and how we could be a part of that vision. We were all excited about the future possibility in our career growth and the companies growth. That is the opitomy of resonance.


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