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Adapt the Suitable Leadership Style
Humans are one thing in this world that can't be explained very concisely by theory or formulas. "One size fits all" concept may not be too useful in the people context.
Personally I would think that the "best" leadership style is always subject to each situation. There is no formula for human responses or certainty of someone's response towards a certain style.
The objective of leadership is to lead the team to a common goal. So to lead is to adapt to the situation and the group you need to lead. e.g. if you lead a group of experienced fighters, you set them free but coach them into patterns; if you lead a group of know-nothing amatuers, you will need to tell them exactly what to do & make sure they do it. Just to share some thoughts....Sign up

Innate & Learned Leadership
Fernando Fuster-Fabra
There is no such thing as luck in future, only future-makers. No person is 100% objective, so expect that all will employ reason plus emotions.
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The Interest of the Leader
Apart from the aspect of the situational leadership style that should be considered in dealing with all surbordinates, the interest of the leader also...Sign up

Leadership Suitability
Jairo Jura
A good leader is many positive and progressive characters at once. It calls for natural and deliberate efforts made in a concerted manner to steward a...Sign up

Leadership Suitability
The leader's interest is achievement. He leads because he wants to get things accomplished. Often his ego is tied directly to his accomplishments. The...Sign up

Adeoye Ademola
Leadership is as a tall building which it's foundation can be seen but it's top can never be seen.No one can exhaust the subject of Leadership....Sign up

Leadership styles
Gopal Ram
Leadership is about getting things done for the organization. In some situations, different styles of decision-making might be required; indeed, in ...Sign up

Situational Leadership is best
I see leadership as the ability to influence others, whether commanding or democratically. If you can't influence your followers, whether positively o...Sign up

Applying and Adapting Leadership Styles
Clark Cebrian, Geologist, Philippines, Member
I believe that leadership styles becomes effective when applied depending on the situation or condition and the types of people being led. Based on ex...Sign up

Ability to Vary Leadership Style
Ian Lynch
The best leadership style is the one that works. Being able to vary the leadership style to suit the particular business environment is the characteri...Sign up

Effective Leader Switching his/her Styles
Will, Manager, China, Member
There is no one "right" way to lead or manage that suits all situations. Choose effective styles according to the people and work you are dealing with...Sign up

Effective leadership is intuitive and creative
Misan Adesanya
Leadership is really a complex subject. A style may work in one situation but fail woefully in another. Successful leadership is a result of creative ...Sign up

Leadership and Company Development Stage
Ariel Wan, Management Consultant, China, Member
Leadership styles should be adapted to the company development stage. In the initial entry stage, the leadership style can be a mixture of visi...Sign up

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