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The Best Leadership Style
The democratic or cooperative style is the best style of leadership. It motivates the employee to work properly. By this style, an employee feels that he has some importance in the organisation and he increases his efficiency.

Best style of leadership
Dithabana Legong
@ Vijay I couldn't agree with you more. The democratic style sends a very empowering message to employees and that is that you think that they are capable intelligent people who can contribute to the greater good of your organisation. When employees feel that thay will stop at nothing to follow you as the leader.

Combining Leadership Styles
Pavan Kumar
The Democratic style as mentioned in the article given here has a rating of one plus point and three plus points for the Visionary style, so would it not be more effective if one was able to create a leadership style resulting from the culmination of the two styles as this the new trend in todays corporate world?
One style may fulfil a few parameters and the the other a few others so why not combine the two?

Combining Leadership Styles
Perhaps in "today's corporate world" but if one observes the negative side of human nature, the corporate organism, and the crisis of human existence then by combining "Vision" with the way "Democracy" is described in the table (which is to manipulate individuals through group think) you are setting a dangerous precedent for "Corporation as a Misanthropic Meme". One only has to look at the highlights of human political history to understand that "Vision" and "Democracy" should never, under any circumstance, be combined.

Best style of leadership
David Cotton
I'm afraid I disagree with Vijay that there is a single "best" style of leadership. The best leaders flex their style according to situation. In times of crisis, a democratic approach is generally inappropriate. People look for direction and the commanding leader gives it. In less turbulent times, it may be that they need vision, they may need to buy into that vision, and so the leader's styles and approaches must change again. Saying there is a "best" style suggests that there is only one useful style which, to me, sounds like saying there is a best style of music, or a best style of literature. Everything in its time and place!

Best Style of Leadership
Vishal Sood
I agree with David. I think there is no best style of leadership. The best possible style has to be implemented as per the given situation. One situation demands democratic leadership, another might demand participative style leadership. A good leader is one who analyzes the situation and then applies an appropriate leadership style.

Leadership style and change
Digby Roberts
The democratic cooperative leader is one who seeks consensus rather than conflict. Consensus as Carnall (2007) states ' ..reflects the lowest common denominator, the view that no one will oppose.' So where is the leader leading? These people exist in my organisation - I call them caretakers. I don't dispute that employees will feel cosy though.

Best Style of Leadership
With my eployees I find that I change the way i lead according to the flow of work.When things are working well I like the democratic way,and when I need to I lead according to whats needed for the time.I could be tough,or gentle.

Coaching Style is Best
I think a leader is REALLY successful only if the company/org continues to succeed after he has left it. For this the Coaching Style is the best. While he may start in a different style based on the existing situation, he should quickly move to the coaching style for best outcomes.

Natural Situational Leadership
David and Vishal are right. That's why there is a buzzword like "situational leadership" Everybody has one or a few preferred styles, but really great leaders can naturally use the right style at the right moment. I mean spontaneously, not some kind of act.

The Leader and His Team
Gakuo Patrick
I think a good leader will be determined by how well his/ her team performs. Ultimately, regardless of how competent or skilled one may be, a bad team will reflect at the helm. The need to know your staff and seek ways on how to drive them on goes a long way in one succeeding as a leader, anywhere. So have a vision and the power to coach above all.

Best Leadership Style is Personal
SATISH PANDE, Business Consultant, India, Member
A manager cannot switch on and off different leadership styles in different situations because he has a unique personality. If he tries contrasting styles, people will not take him seriously and he will be only an actor doing a role.
A leader has to lead his team, empowering them and guiding and not interfering. There needs to be a combination of styles which conforms to his personality. Mintzberg's example of a conductor of an orchestra ("Covert Leadership") is the best example. The leader controls, coordinates, balances and also empowers his teammates, highlighting the performance of good, hiding the not so good and silencing those who are not up to the mark.

How to Be the Best Team Leader in Group Working or Learning!
Vannrith DEAP, Student (University), Cambodia, Member
Through my observation, I think that the best team leader should be a knowledgeable person, best communication skill, best speaker, strict and clear in directing or monitoring follower, generate idea before making decision, be sensitive (understand others feeling) and flexible. And other thing is making a rule, then punish the one who break the rule, but give reward for who has done well. Motivated member is needed by the way.
I'm very happy if someone commend on my idea.

The Best Leadership Style
Hussein Ramadhan, Teacher, Tanzania, Member
There is no direct answer to that subject, but generally it is best to combine different styles according to the working environment and real situation at that particular time.
Also, every decision should be backed up with reasoning, without forgetting human considerations.

The Best Leadership Style Depends on the Person you are Leading
Dumisani, Manager, South Africa, Member
As we lead people that are different (in attitude and nature) we need to know which kind we’re leading. For example Popular Sanguine, Perfect Melancholy, Powerful Choleric and Peaceful Phlegmatic. You can’t lead and manage all these people in the same way.
I would suggest we should also look at the SERVANT LEADERSHIP. A Servant Leader is the one that is able to do, show and teach others what to do. Leading from the front.
I can even agree with Hussein Ramadhan to some point.

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