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Les Hirst
Project Manager, United States

Visionary Leadership

I am all for dreaming, some of the most unlikely and impressive things have been done by dreamers. But one characteristic of the dreamers I respect - Francis Ford Coppola, Steve Jobs, folks at Pixar like Ed Catmull and Brad Bird - is that they have a remarkably deep understanding of the industry they work in and of the people they lead, and they are willing to get very deep into the weeds.
They have a very good understanding of BOTH the industry big picture and the tiny details.
Their ability to go back and forth between the little details and the big picture is evident in the leaders I admire most. Some aren't usually thought of as dreamers.

  John O. Dozier, Jr.
Coach, United States

Visionaries Befriend All Stakeholders

And I think of an added, necessary detail, follow-on: How does such a leader achieve this "sort of vision!" There's one aspect I love: they regularly spend time listening ONLY LISTENING to "the folks at the coalface." They're intentionally humble enough to get out of the ivory tower to be with frontline folks who have an entirely different and much-needed perspective.

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Visionary Leadership Qualities

Quite a good deal of balancing is for modern leaders a critical characteristic appropriate balance between and choosin...

  Philippe Guenet
Coach, United Kingdom

Leadership of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk

Steve Jobs and its modern incarnation Elon Musk give an erroneous view of good leadership, yet a great view of Corporate...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Leadership of Jobs (Apple) and Musk (Tesla)

@Philippe Guenet: You are right to mention Steve Jobs (Apple) and Elon Musk (Tesla) here. Thank you for your sharp analy...

Professor, Ukraine

Implementation Qualities

I like dreamers, or rather visionaries, who can look beyond the possible. However, for a real leader, being only a creat...

  Raphael Kamanga
ICT Consultant, South Africa

Difference Between Dreamer and Visionary

I believe there is a remarkable difference between a dreamer and a visionary. What they have in common is that they can ...

Professor, Ukraine

Difference Between Dreamer and Visionary

A real manager can switch from one behavior model to another as the project progresses along the life cycle. The dreamer...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Visionary Leaders don't Have to Implement the Vision Themselves

Execution of the vision (through the mission, strategy, culture, organization...) is obviously extremely important. Othe...

  Pleiwon K. Dolopei-Saywah
Lecturer, Liberia

Visionary Leadership

@Molokanova: I concur with you. One who dreams and does not implement has achieved nothing. A dream must be achievable....

  Dr. Winston Lynch
Project Manager, United States


@Jaap de Jonge: Visionary leadership is part of the transformational process. Transformational leaders effectively liste...

  Naureen Dogar
Teacher, Pakistan

Visionary Leadership Qualities

I totally agree with you. How can one dream or dream big about something they do not have a deep understanding of and th...

  Dr. Winston Lynch
Project Manager, United States

Distinctive Competence of Visionary Leaders

@Molokanova: While dreaming is crucial to visionary leadership, real leaders cannot afford to be stuck in one phase of t...

  Dario Gragnani
Manager, Italy

A Rare Skill that is Characteristic of Visionary Leaders

Les, it couldn't be said better. Too much and only abstraction leads to nothingness. Too much attention to details wit...


Dreamers versus Visionaries

@Molokanova: I like your comment, Prof, that we may have seen the dreamer in our mirrors. No one can dispute that. Many ...

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Respect of ALL

@John O. Dozier, Jr.: Your comments are very much on point, in that too few people in Leadership positions take the time...

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Blue Ocean/Red Ocean

@Jaap de Jonge: I agree wholeheartedly with Jaap de Jonge when referencing the "Blue Ocean Strategy". I fully believe al...


Visionary Leadership Traits

Lead from the front. Bridge the aspirations of employer and employee. Blend IQ and EQ. Be down to earth. Delegate. Under...


It Starts with a Dream

Some of us start to be a dreamer. It is 'free' to be a dreamer. Some of us can realize the dream to the next level. The...

Professor, Ukraine

No Ideal Visionary Leader

@Dr. Winston Lynch: We mostly are talking about an ideal manager who developed all 4 personality functions. But there a...

  Josephat Olwal Ngesah

Visionary Leaders don't Have to be Like Steve Jobs

I totally agree with the idea they have an eye for finer details that allows them to not take anything for granted. It i...


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