Effective Leadership by Switching Between Dominance and Prestige

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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

Effective Leadership by Switching Between Dominance and Prestige

The leadership styles Dominance and Prestige are fundamental strategies used by (potential) leaders to find their ways through organizational hierarchies:
  • Leading through Dominance refers to the act of being assertive, leverage one's power/authority as a means to influence others. This type of leadership gives little room for followers to have a choice between following or not following the leader.
  • Leading through Prestige refers to a style in which wisdom and expertise, through being a role model, stimulate followers to follow. Instead of leading mainly through showing power, prestige allows others to be influential but they pull the strings from behind. This in turn means that leadership through prestige represents a more negotiable leadership style compared to dominance.
When asking the question what leadership style is best, the answer is that neither style is necessarily better than the other. Rather, it depends on the situation. Although it is not possible to point to one of the two leadership styles as being the best one, there are several competences that effective leaders must master:
- As philosopher Machiavelli wrote: "People are driven by two principal impulses, either by love or by fear". The best leaders are able to understand both concepts. In other words, an understanding of BOTH leadership styles is essential.
- The ability to ANALYZE the situation, DETERMINE what leadership style is most effective and then DEPLOY the most effective leadership style.
- Effective leadership also requires the ability to SWITCH BACK AND FORTH between dominance and prestige, depending on the culture of an organization and the tasks that need to be done. Being able to utilize both styles helps leaders to quickly adjust to different situations and cultures.
⇒ To what extent do you agree that this mix of dominance and prestige is needed to be an effective leader?
Source: Maner, J. (2016) "Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles" Harvard Business Review


Lupton-Bowers Pamela
Consultant, Switzerland

Direct and Democratic Leadership

I still like the oldie but goody Tannebaum Schmidt model of leadership styles from Autocratic to Dem... Sign up

Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Switching Between Dominance and Prestige

Just one comment, I suggest the word Prestige should be replaced by the word Credibility. To my thi... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Dominance as a Leadership Style

@Dr. Alan Williams: indeed the Dominance style is more or less forcing followers to follow. We shoul... Sign up

Dr. Alan Williams
Professor, Thailand

Switching Between Dominance and Prestige ⇒ Directive and Credibility

OK, so I still object to the 'title 'Dominant' and I would suggest: 'Directive' instead. In fact, in... Sign up


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Leadership Styles
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