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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands
Although authenticity has become a popular and according to some people critical feature for efficient leadership, Ibarra (2015) argues that the success of the authentic leadership approach depends on the way it is perceived/defined. A too static definition of authenticity, thereby seeing it as a static unwavering identity, may actually hamper effective leadership and growth. Leaders indeed struggle with this type of leadership today, especially because of current dynamic environments. These require more frequent and more radical changes in what we do, rather than sticking too much to authentic leadership principles. In other words: leaders should balance authenticity and adaptability. If one of those exceeds the other, the probability of being ineffective is high. For example, if authenticity overrides adaptability, learning and growth are inhibited. In conclusion, authenticity can be interpreted in various ways. Seeing it as 'being the way we have always been’ will hamper bus (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

Another Pitfall Related to Authentic Leadership

First, self knowledge and exploring your foundatio (...)

  jorge anibal hoyos hoyos
Manager, Colombia

Not Only for the Leaders

I think the major thing is "adaptability with auth (...)

  ZB Gurmessa
Student (University), South Africa

Adaptablity overides in the private sector than the public sector

The issue of authenticity versus adaptability is a (...)

Lecturer, India

Authenticity May Sometimes Support Adaptability

Rules, procedures, policies take time to change. I (...)

  Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco
Entrepreneur, Portugal

Authenticity is no Longer a Pill

Authenticity must be recognized and accepted by al (...)

  c r ghosh

No Authentic Leadership

I do not think that there is anything called "Auth (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Authentic versus Traditional Leadership

It is indeed dangerous to mix Authentic (the real (...)

  Olga Aros
Consultant, United States

The Diversity of Leadership Skills Today is a Requirement

Worked in Fortune 500 cultures, public sector and (...)

  Isaias Joao
Director, Angola

Authenticity is no Longer a Pill

@Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco: I fully agree with (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Meanings and Problems of Authentic Leadership

There are 2 different meanings of authentic leader (...)

Lecturer, Indonesia

Authenticity Will Always Synergize with Adaptibility

My experience in working in corporate multinationa (...)

  Victor Manuel Monteiro Seco
Entrepreneur, Portugal

Leadership is not Only Acting

Some participants of this forum suggest that leade (...)

Manager, Canada

Authenticity versus Adaptability

Authenticity is more a way of being not necessaril (...)


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