The Importance of Soft Skills for Young People

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Martin Sierra Mercado
Professor, Mexico

The Importance of Soft Skills for Young People

Most young people aspiring to a job or already having one, do not realize the importance of developing soft skills until they face the harsh reality. There is a great distance between what companies want in a candidate or employee and what they can offer.

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies find the competencies that a candidate or employee can offer more important than what school he comes from. Companies are finding it easier to develop someone in the knowledge needed for the organization than to teach them to make decisions or to solve conflicts. Companies are being subjected to a business environment with increasingly vertiginous changes and that forces them to react or adopt to these changes to align with the environment, mainly to what their customers or consumers expect.

Digital transformation, business intelligence, among other things, are great challenges faced by both organizations and those who work in them or aspire to work in them. It is therefore important to understand that today it's not about showing where you studied, but rather of demonstrating how capable you are of providing value and becoming an agent of change that contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the companies.
Hopefully in the short time that gap will begin to close. This can then translate into better opportunities for those young people eager to enter the battlefield.

  Wilma van Velde
Coach, Netherlands

Soft Skills are Important at 3 Levels

Thank you for emphasizing the importance of develo (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Skills for Students

Good topic, but realistically, I think that the ch (...)

  Martin Sierra Mercado
Professor, Mexico

Importance of Skills for Candidates for a Job and New Hires

Wilma, Jaap, I agree with both of you. However, my (...)

  M Y Zainudeen
Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

The Importance of Soft Skills

Soft skills are a portion of the self development (...)

Professor, Ukraine

Soft Competencies or Skills

Indeed more and more attention is paid to soft com (...)

  Ann Wallace
Business School Marketer, Barbados

The Importance of Soft Skills for Young People

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try (...)

  Ogunleye Oluwaseun
Student (University), Nigeria

Developing Soft Skills is a Must

Soft skills are the way forward with the way the e (...)

Professor, Ukraine

Intangible Skills

@Ann Wallace: I completely agree with Ann Wallace (...)

  Cecilio Figueras

Importance of Hard and Soft Skills

Soft skills and hard skills are both necessary in (...)

  Martin Sierra Mercado
Professor, Mexico

Importance of Soft Skills for New Hires

It has been a great topic and with several opinion (...)

  Ann Wallace
Business School Marketer, Barbados

The Importance of Soft Skills for Young People

Ms. @Molokanova is quite right. The terminology is (...)

  Melchiorre Calabrese
Business Consultant, Italy

The Importance of Technical and Soft Skills for Young People

This debate on "soft skills" did not define yet wh (...)

Professor, Ukraine

Prerequisite for Teaching Soft Skills

Soft skills are very important for any person and (...)

HR Consultant, Zimbabwe

Importance of Soft Skills for New Recruits

I totally agree with submissions from previous con (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Words and Realities - Soft Skills in the Future

The terminology of today will not be the terminolo (...)

  Martin Sierra Mercado
Professor, Mexico

Current Conditions Require People Acting Instead of Waiting

@Maurice Hogarth: Thank you Maurice and all. This (...)

  Frederic A Parker
Consultant, United States

Soft Skills are More Important Than Hard Skills

This is a great topic. Some years ago, perhaps as (...)

  Martin Sierra Mercado
Professor, Mexico

Soft Skills are More Important Than Hard Skills

@Frederic A Parker: Thanks Frederic, great input. (...)

Professor, Ukraine

Soft and Hard Skills in the Future

I totally agree with Mr. Maurice Hogarth: "The ter (...)

  Cecilio Figueras

Required Soft Skills After Quarantine

I agree with Ms Molokanova about the new conceptua (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

A Brave New Soft Skills World

@Molokanova& Cecilio and Martin: From your thought (...)

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