How can EQ and IQ be Combined?

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How can EQ and IQ be Combined?
Jacob George, Member
Of course, EQ and IQ can be combined in one individual. But how can we assess the extent to an individual is successful in achieving this?
The potential of an individual can briefly be described by the parameters of EQ and IQ. In actual life these parameters may not be able to demonstrate the person's performance, but they can fairly be assumed to be INDICATORS of individual performance. But the question remainsÖ how can we combine these 2, thereby helping us to define the balanced individual. There are several points to be noted here:
1. Defining the individual using IQ and EQ SEPARATELY. Can the parameters of EQ and IQ alone help us define the balanced individual. What are ingredients required for the same, and in what sort of proportions do we need to mix them to map a given individual.
2. BALANCING EQ and IQ. How can a balance be maintained between EQ and IQ so that we can ascertain an individual performance. What are the right elements needed and how a balance can be maintained among them so that a personís performance can be guaranteed.
3. View IQ and EQ as EXTREMITIES. EQ and IQ tests observe different parameters of an individual. EQ and IQ acts as different poles of the individual.
4. Lack of a LUBRICATING AGENT. Itís true that the parameters of EQ and IQ are required for an individualís performance. A person with high IQ but low on EQ may not be appreciated, vice versa also true. But there seems to be a lack of some lubricating/integrating agent which can help us combine the parameters of EQ and IQ, thereby help us to define the balanced individual.
If you have additional points of view to this matter, please react...

How EQ and IQ can be Combined
Vijay Bhatia, Member
In most circumstances, an individual uses his/her logic to arrive at a solution. If this solution is weighed against the values/value systems, he/she will be able to visualize the gap that exists between what is logical and what is deviating from the values/value systems.
It is not very complicated to compare a solution with the value systems. The problem in the global organizations is that at times we tend to go for speed/cost considerations as opposed to excellence.
The problem, therefore, is not one of combining EQ and IQ. The real issue is: can we afford to use a solution that is an exact match for the value systems? If there is a match between the two, one has used both EQ and IQ to arrive at a solution.
The need of the hour therefore is to make individuals appreciate that logic alone may not be enough to arrive at a solution. An individual must KNOW the values/value systems and use this knowledge to bridge the gap. This process is what the EQ/IQ combination is all about!

Combining EQ and IQ
Jacob George, Member
@Vijay Bhatia: Thanks for your ideas. Can our value systems alone be sufficient and enough... In determining success of a particular individual (Generalizing)...

Ways of Combining EQ and IQ
Vijay Bhatia, Member
I am not talking about value systems being the sole criterion for making decisions to be a successful individual. The first step, of course, is to study the situation and use logic/rationality to arrive at a possible solution. It might as well be an out of the box idea.
The idea/solution, thereafter, in my opinion, should be compared with the values/value systems. It is entirely up to the individual to decide what matters and to what extent. I agree totally with you that a one-sided process is not adequate/enough.
We are therefore talking about making the best use of the IQ/EQ combination and not being inclined towards one or the other factor. There is a fine line between being rigid and being firm. It's an individual choice.

Combining IQ and EQ..
Jacob George, Member
@Vijay Bhatia: Thats true Vijay... I understand..
And a question to you... How can a balance between IQ and EQ be maintained for an individual...

How EQ and IQ can be Combined
Vijay Bhatia, Member
That's a difficult question to answer. Perhaps there is no standard operating procedure.
However, when the emotions are running high, one could momentarily withdraw and see if there is logic/rationality in the argument being presented.
On the other hand, when one is determined to be rational and logical, empathy and the desire to continue with communication could help.
In a nut shell, open communication, assertion and the inclination towards seeing commonalities could offer a good balance between one's EQ and IQ.

Combining EQ and IO
Jacob George, Member
@Vijay Bhatia: That's an interesting reply too... Well do u feel that IQ and EQ operate as different poles of an individual testing different capabilities.

Combining EQ and IQ
Vijay Bhatia, Member
I would not regard EQ and IQ as being two different poles. I would term them as two branches of a tree. One is associated with purposeful acts, rational thinking and the ability to deal with the environment. The other one is related to identifying, understanding and managing emotions. I suppose if the tree has to survive and grow, both the branches would need to be healthy.
Perhaps you could have a further dialogue with an expert or a guru on the subject. I am just a beginner with an elementary understanding of the realm of multiple-intelligence.
However, I am thankful to you for patiently reading and asking for my views.


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