Intelligence of the Heart

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Intelligence of the Heart
Jacob George, Member
I shall begin with some some real life incidents that happened to me.

Incident 1: the girl standing up for her friend.
One day I was traveling in a general compartment of a train. To be precise it was the 2.30PM train to Chennai from Trivandrum. It was the time after Diwali holidays so the train was heavily crowded. A group of students had occupied a section of the compartment and they were occupying the top seats too (intended for luggage), and there were ladies too. The students at the top had to climb down to share some food with their friends at bottom. All students climbed down with ease except one girl, who didn’t know how to climb down. Her friends at bottom started to joke and laugh at her, joined by some co passengers, like “if you don’t know to climb down why did you go up”. Immediately after the laughing ceased, a girl from the bottom birth got up and walked down to the aisle (where normally people climb up/down). She gestured to her friend to climb down. He... Register

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srinivas, Member
I believe 'Intelligence of the Heart'-people have ...

Moral Distress and Moral CourageSign up
Olga Flournoy, Member
Interesting. EI serves those in the medical profes...

Heart and MindSign up
Sushil Bhasin, Member
A good analysis. Yes, somewhere down the line - he...

Combine IQ and Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Kimani Njau, Member
Many people who have intelligence of the brain but...

Be Close to NatureSign up
Olufemi Esan, Member
At times it called the sixth sense. It is the abil...

Intelligence of the Heart VideoSign up
srinivas, Member
Talking about being close to nature, watch this vi...

Intelligence of the Heart Requires PresencingSign up
I am more inclined to "presencing" which deals wit...

Intelligence of the Heart Straightforward and Simple ProcessSign up
Roy Duffy, Member
Thank you Jacob for this timely reminder of the po...

Link Between Intelligence of the Heart and Intelligence of the BrainSign up
Paul Eduvie, Member
Not everyone possess this sort of intelligence. An...

Linking the Brain and Heart in BusinessSign up
Tom Lisenby, Member
The heart is about how we were raised and the pers...

Intelligence of the Heart and ConscienceSign up
Sorni Tindanzo Namateng, Member
From your description of an IH-person, they all 11...

Intelligence of the Heart makes the World a Better PlaceSign up
Julie Fillion, Member
Thank you for sharing these stories. I strongly be...

High IQ, but no Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Myrissa Melinda Lacuna-Alip, Member
Thank you very much George Jacob for that very com...

Intelligence of the Heart is Related to Life LessonsSign up
V Morgan, Member
IH certainly balances one's personality. One may e...

Intelligence of the Heart is a Must for LeadersSign up
Heather Scantlebury, Member
I strongly believe that in order to portray good l...

Intelligence of the Heart in Fast Paced WorldSign up
The title of this discussion 'intelligence of the ...

Humanity is Above AllSign up
M. Srivastava, Member
EI or IH is still alive in India. These days, the ...

Emotional IntelligenceSign up
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Member
Indeed the title is an attention 'getter'. I liked...

Intelligence of the Heart and Courage of Conviction in ManagementSign up
RVRao, Member
He article is educative. It highlights courage of ...

Emotional Intelligence is Influenced by Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Terence Pradhan, Member
While our IQ may tell us what has been proven corr...


Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Member
The comments of Jacob George (about Greece) and M....

Intelligence of Heart is a Cultural ValueSign up
Tarja Laila Marita Raman, Member
@Srinivas : you...

Formula for the Least Flawed ConductSign up
My questions are:
1. Do we need to attribute ...


Intelligence of the Heart and IQSign up
Amssoms Richard, Member
Thank you for sharing this article Mr. Jacob Georg...

EI Discussion Forum - Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Jacob George, Member
Thank you one and all for your valuable feedback p...

Harmony of the Intellect and EmotionsSign up
Tito Rafael Hidalgo Barcia, Member
People feed the brain with knowledge, but time has...

The Conviction that Something Must be Done by the PersonSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
Just as intelligence (of the brain) is more than k...

Charity Begins at HomeSign up
Donvix Jahera, Member
This saying drives to the core of intelligence of ...


Perhaps we Should Talk about Wisdom of HeartSign up
Jacob George, Member
Thanks a ton for the responses received. I am tota...

Inteligence of the Heart and Emotional IntelligenceSign up
Nhamo Phinias, Member
Thank you Mr. Jacob for sharing with us such an in...

Intelligence of the Heart and VisionSign up
stanslaus kagisa
You can not separate intelligence of the heart fro...

Combining 2 Balances Brain and Heart IntelligenceSign up
Samir OUALID, Member
I think that the intelligence of the heart is nece...

Brain + Heart + Hands = WinnersSign up
Mxolisi Scwebu, Member
IQ + EQ + IH + positive action create a winning fo...

IH People Build TrustSign up
Maria Lairet, Member
Excellent anecdotes which is the best way for othe...


Intelligence of the Heart: The ChallangeSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
I like the idea of calling this wisdom of the hear...

Intelligence of the Heart is the Affective Component of CompetencySign up
Jun Aspacio, Member
The heart must always be there in any action of ma...

The Golden RuleSign up
Rebecca Roe, Member
In Christianity it is called "The Golden Rule


Inteligence of the Heart and ActionSign up
stanslaus kagisa
In law, my field for life, it is not necessarily f...

Emotional Intelligence is Rooted in and Governed by the BrainSign up
Shubhra Gabel, Member
Remember that EI like IQ is a function of the brai...

Philosophical Tenet Rarely PracticedSign up
Rebecca Roe, Member
Nothing good comes without some personal sacrifice...

Is Intelligence of the Heart Genetically Selected?Sign up
Its apparent that this trait (IH) is hard wired in...

Intelligence of the Heart can be LearnedSign up
Robert Sowell, Member
I have met a few people who seem to be naturally (...

Intelligence of Heart?Sign up
@Rebecca Roe: E...


SMMES: Self Awareness, Managing Emotions, Motivation Empathy, Social SkillsSign up
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Member
I found an article by O’Neil (1996) very helpful i...


IH in Islamic PerspectiveSign up
Aries Musnandar, Member
As far as I know in Islamic perspective that IH is...



Give to Caesar what Belongs to Caesar, and to God what Belongs to GodSign up
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Member
I want to agree with the Prof too. Intelligence of...

EI Forum - from the AuthorSign up
Jacob George, Member
Hi, thank you all once again for the responses and...


Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Member
Olga, thank you for your comments. My example of I...

Intelligence of the Heart does not imply to be SoftSign up
I believe, we need to understand that IH does not ...

Intelligence of the HeartSign up
@Olga Flournoy ...





Intelligence of the HeartSign up
RVRao, Member
There is a confusion in understanding 'intelligenc...

Intelligence - the PrologueSign up
Arif ur Rehman, Member
@Sushil Bhasin:...

Intelligence of the Heart: Leadership and EmpathySign up
Robert Wamai, Member
In my opinion, the first incidence of the lady in ...

My Favorite Story...Sign up
Jacob George, Member
@Robert Wamai: ...


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Robert Wamai, Member
Jacob, the third case is more of a demonstration o...

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Jacob George, Member
@Robert Wamai: ...

Sad You Feel This WaySign up
Rebecca Roe, Member
@Rvrao: I am no...


Wisdom of the Heart: 4 More Traits...Sign up
Jacob George, Member


The Heart RulesSign up
Jacob George, Member
I'd like to describe 2 more incidents for you to r...

Development of Virtues of HeartSign up
srinivas, Member
I agree that the virtues like faith, hope and love...

Intelligence of the HeartSign up
Maria Guia Garcia, Member
Inteligence of the Heart. A leader who has it, thi...


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