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Intelligence of the Heart
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
I shall begin with some some real life incidents that happened to me.

Incident 1: the girl standing up for her friend.
One day I was traveling in a general compartment of a train. To be precise it was the 2.30PM train to Chennai from Trivandrum. It was the time after Diwali holidays so the train was heavily crowded. A group of students had occupied a section of the compartment and they were occupying the top seats too (intended for luggage), and there were ladies too. The students at the top had to climb down to share some food with their friends at bottom. All students climbed down with ease except one girl, who didn’t know how to climb down. Her friends at bottom started to joke and laugh at her, joined by some co passengers, like “if you don’t know to climb down why did you go up”. Immediately after the laughing ceased, a girl from the bottom birth got up and walked down to the aisle (where normally people climb up/down). She gestured to her friend to climb down. Her friend on top told her that she was afraid, to which she gestured with her hand that “don’t worry, If any thing awkward happens I will take care”. Astonisingly the other girl climbed down with little or no help from the one at bottom. I thought of standing up and applauding at the instant. But showed a thumbs up sign to the other girl to which she nodded (thankfully).
Back during my train journey I kept pondering over what type of intelligence had the girl used which made her rise meteorically like a hero, for some (at least one) during the situation. Was it her academic skills that mattered?

Incident 2: The opportunity to help an old lady
A couple of months back I was undertaking the same train. A local vendor (an old lady) was selling some eatables. After making her sale, tired of the days work, she asked a passenger sitting at the window seat to kindly let her sit, as she was feeling headache and she could breathe fresh air. He refused. A local passenger sitting at the aisle row (near to the window), got up and offered his seat. He left at the direction of exit, towards the back side of the coach. I joined him. He told me that he didn’t have the money nor the need to buy what the old lady was selling. But he was thinking of how he can be of help to the vendor. It was much like a God-sent opportunity for him, to help the old lady! When I returned to my seat I could find the vendor cracking joke with another old lady sitting next to her!

Incident 3: The friend refusing to drink.
This happened during my first job. I was in sales, and our company was a hardcore sales organization. There was a particular friend of mine who had engineering as well as a management degree. Since we were in sales we would have parties after our month end on reaching our targets. Drinks were common in such parties. This particular friend (say X) of mine would not take drinks during college days or not so far. To make our boss feel elated we told him that sir X has not taken drinks so far, but maybe you can make him drink today. We all sat in a room for the routine and my boss announced that Mr X is joining us tonight for drinks. Though my friend resisted, in the end he succumbed to what my boss demanded. We all thought our boss had won. He asked to place glasses as per the head count. Drinks were poured in each glasses. My boss declared that Mr X would start the party today by sipping first. We all told 'cheers' raising our glasses. Then something unusual happened. My friend X dropped his glass on the table, looked straight into the eyes of my boss and said ”Boss, even if none among us is going to drink a peg more from these glasses again, I won't touch this glass any more!” We all knew our boss had a terrible anger (he had told not to drop our glasses without drinking a sip after saying cheers), but instead he told us 'Mr X won't join us tonight for drinks'. Lets us drink and enjoy. Mr X joined us for the party, but did not take any drinks.
The next day at office I just asked my friend where did he get the courage to tell NO to my boss. My friend laughed at me and a bit hesitantly told me his story:
His mother took much pains to see him through his studies. His father was a drunkard. While he was a kid, he was the eldest (he had two younger sisters), his father would come home drunk and fight with his mother and beat her for not giving him the money to drink. His mother would silently suffer all these but took a promise from him while he was a kid. When he grew up he WON'T drink. My friend then told me “tomorrow I may stand to lose my job / career. But I am not worried. I don’t want to break the promise given to my mother”. Frankly I fumbled for words. I did not know how to answer him. That day when I went to my bosses' cabin I knew I had a job in hand.

We have addressed the instances that happened. Well what was in these situations that mattered? I recall my childhood lessons where we studied a subject which had less than an hour a week. I am talking of moral science. It reminded myself that this is the most important subject, because you can forget all the subjects on your academics but not this one, because it teaches you how to live. We all know of the intelligence of the brain and we term ourselves as intelligent beings. There are well known methods to measure intelligence of the brain like IQ tests and academic brilliance. But does brain alone has intelligence for us intelligent beings?

Recalling the incidents mentioned above in none of the cases it was a case of intelligence of the brain that mattered. It was something else that mattered that made them stand up in the situation, a deviation from the normal phase. I have brushed through the available resources, but all speak of intelligence of brain alone, but there is something beyond, intelligence of something else, INTELLIGENCE OF THE HEART. It can be associated with the term Emotional Intelligence (EI). It speaks of intelligence of the heart!
I have tried to observe these kind of people, and have found the following common traits of people with a high amount of Intelligence of the Heart (IH).
1. At Perfect Harmony with Themselves : This is a distinguishing feature of IH people. IH people are always at perfect harmony with themselves. They enjoy / indulge in solitude more than anyone else. They tend not to escape rather enjoy it. This can be more pronounced / observed during journey times. People try all sort of things like sleeping, Reading , Listening to music , Playing games, Doing work, operate laptop etc to escape the boredom. But IH people on the other hand rather than escaping, indulge in it. They observe things around them , Watch nature etc and don’t make others feel they are bored. They enjoy solitude rather than avoid it.
2. Authentic : Authencity -- What is the word meaning. Does it have anything to do with the moral fabric of a person? It simply can be said as the power to be oneself. IH people are authentic. Their direction and priorities are clear.
3. Honest : IH people are honest. They stand up to any situation were they require to exhibit this trait.
4. Respect the other sex: IH people respect and honour the opposite sex.
5. Observers : IH people are keen observers . They are aware of the situations around them. They observe other people, things around them as well nature.
6. Thinkers : IH people are good thinkers. They use the help of their brains in making judgments / conclusions.
7. Proactive : Proactive ness notes their ability to master situations. Rather than being a slave to situations they master the given situation. Proactive ness notes their ability to guess how a situation would unfold and hence act accordingly. Proactive rather than reactive.
8. Logical : IH people have a definite reason / Logic for everything. They do things / arrive at judgments based on this logic.

Boundary Conditions Do Not Matter for People with Intelligence of the Heart
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
I believe 'Intelligence of the Heart'-people have another trait. Normally for an intellectual if the boundary conditions are more than a certain limit then for them possible solution is near to impossible and they tend not to attempt for the solution. As far as IH people are concerned,
9. Boundary conditions do not matter and they believe the solution exits and that unique solution is found by them by the act of surrender etc.

Moral Distress and Moral Courage
Olga Flournoy, Consultant, United States, Member
Interesting. EI serves those in the medical profession well. However, Moral Distress (MD) and Moral Courage (MC) seem to be specific to medical staff as well.
The disparity involved in treatment of certain peoples and cultures drive MD and MC.
Those who practice MC as a result of MD have IH that goes beyond doing "the right thing" when the occasion arising.
Many are pioneers, changing people by challenging them to think about how they think, sometimes going beyond the role of duty, sacrificing financial and personal security because of their convictions.

Heart and Mind
Sushil Bhasin, Facilitator and Corporate Trainer, Educator, India, Member
A good analysis. Yes, somewhere down the line - heart and mind together create a behavior which can't be explained. Gestures, I guess come from the heart but their usage, the timing, application comes from the mind. And certainly, these matter more in life than academic brilliance and IQ.

Environment for Intelligence of the Heart
Shubhra Gabel, Manager, India, Member
Emotional intelligence is that trait which is crucial for our identity as intelligent beings. As emotional intelligent beings we ideally should strive to be in environments which promote intelligence of the heart and not where its application is considered a threat to the authority of any other individual.

Combine IQ and Intelligence of the Heart
Kimani Njau, Accountant, Kenya, Member
Many people who have intelligence of the brain but lack IH have ended up messing up their careers and lives. They have become victims of their own intellect.
People who have a good mix of the two are able to survive under any conditions.

Be Close to Nature
Olufemi Esan, Nigeria, Member
At times it called the sixth sense. It is the ability to figure out a complex situation with a simple solution. Seeing what everybody is not seeing.
Being close to nature and observing your environment can give you a simple solution to a complex venture. Solutions are always there in the nature surrounding us.
We only need to seek it out.

Intelligence of the Heart Video
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Talking about being close to nature, watch this video, which I think demonstrates the power of love (bison) and the power of surrender (calf).

Editor: amazing….

Intelligence of the Heart Requires Presencing
Zeb O. WATURUOCHA, Management Consultant, India, Member
I am more inclined to "presencing" which deals with 10. "here and now" situations and feelings.
EI-people always know what they want and how to get it.
In the 3 nice stories, each person understood what needed to be satisfied in him/her and took appropriate action to do so. This was possible because all of them where in the "now". Else that desire will go unrecognised and as a result no action will be taken.

Intelligence of the Heart Straightforward and Simple Process
Roy Duffy, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Thank you Jacob for this timely reminder of the power of our moral and emotional values. You see, for every act of cruelty or discourtesy there will be many more acts of kindness and love - we just have to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts and participate.
Let's not over-intellectualise this, we simply have a choice - and it takes no more effort to behave positively than it does to act negatively, and that's a no-brainer! Our true spirit and our emotional intelligence can transcend the (sometimes) undermining effects of peers, environment, upbringing and negative behaviour. When we take the time to discover who we really are we will find pure energy and positive intention. Re-inventing ourselves form this point is a straightforward and simple process but not always easy. There will be challenges, diversions and the temptation to rush to judgement; but keep ongoing - perseverance will bring rewards of worthwhile contribution, fulfillment and positive self-esteem. Just like Jacob.

Link Between Intelligence of the Heart and Intelligence of the Brain
Paul Eduvie, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
Not everyone possess this sort of intelligence. And I believe if you have this intelligence of the heart, you will definitely have intelligence of the brain.

Editor: indeed there is a correlation between IQ and some aspects of EI see the summary of EI (towards the end) for more info.

Linking the Brain and Heart in Business
Tom Lisenby, Manager, United States, Member
The heart is about how we were raised and the personal influences we each had as we grew up. The brain is about the learning, the brain and the heart are one when we allow it to be.
It is unfortunate that many businesses do not follow the same life lessons. Business has become a more aggressive environment with the advances in technology that have made the international community a much flatter field. Many people can not separate their business manners with their personal manners.

Intelligence of the Heart and Conscience
Sorni Tindanzo Namateng, Student (University), Ghana, Member
From your description of an IH-person, they all 11. Follow their conscience; what has been defined as a moral compass. People of such intelligence have their consciences trained by what they believe in and threfore are ready to die for what they hold very close to their hearts despite environmental factors - job, friends, family, etc.

Intelligence of the Heart makes the World a Better Place
Julie Fillion, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
Thank you for sharing these stories. I strongly believe that how we show up in the world, how we exercise our leadership, how we contribute to making the lives of others around us better is through who we are. By acting with love and kindness, by helping others and by being ourselves, authentically and honestly, we can make the world a better place!

High IQ, but no Intelligence of the Heart
Myrissa Melinda Lacuna-Alip, Student (University), Philippines, Member
Thank you very much George Jacob for that very comprehensive discussion. I totally agree! I would prefer working with a person with IQ=EQ.
In my experience, people with perfectly high IQ and with a low EQ are difficult to work with. They are self-centered and thus inconsiderate with the feelings of others.

Intelligence of the Heart is Related to Life Lessons
V Morgan, Consultant, United States, Member
IH certainly balances one's personality. One may even say that IH is related to life lessons that were taught as we grow and develop. In some cultures this life lesson would be called 'home training.' respect for self and others, paired with compassion.

Intelligence of the Heart is a Must for Leaders
Heather Scantlebury, CEO, Member
I strongly believe that in order to portray good leadership, we must have and exercise these qualities which will show that we are in fact good leaders.

Intelligence of the Heart in Fast Paced World
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
The title of this discussion 'intelligence of the heart' caught my attention, and I wanted to know more. I believe:
- It is difficult to stand for what one believes in their heart, if there is great risk involved, such as your job. In fact, a lot of people may not contradict those in authority in a business environment.
- How we behave personally to others and professionally is equally important.
- Doing the right thing, remaining steadfast to our values and morals, what we believe in our heart is the right thing to do.

Humanity is Above All
M. Srivastava, Project Manager, India, Member
EI or IH is still alive in India. These days, the commercial approach of people degrades the ethics to follow their heart and act towards humanity, because commercial things does not demand humanity. IH is an act of humanity. In India we we practice IH by correlating it with spiritual methods.
If we raise ourselves above the religion, all religions follows a similar path and honesty is the best policy as cited in all religions.
Our soul governs the body but due to negative influences, people do avoid the realization of their positive thoughts.
Education and services (not only medical services but others too) was not commercialized before last two decades in India. Nowadays people have highest lust for everything due to commercialization, which degrades them. The realization of positive energy from the soul keeps you honest, kind, humble, true, compassionate, etc. Teachers and doctors are praised highest, due to sense of service to the society. Humanity is above all and it regulates the society.

Emotional Intelligence
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
Indeed the title is an attention 'getter'. I liked also the beginning of the discussion with experience.
Emotional intelligence has to do with how quick one can adapt to the environment. In my opinion it encompasses the 'whole', thus intelligence AND gut feeling. This makes a blend that is so unique.

Intelligence of the Heart and Courage of Conviction in Management
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
He article is educative. It highlights courage of conviction.
Many instances are there where others mislead us to do something which is not acceptable to our conscience. Keeping our conscience clear is essential when we are managing.

Emotional Intelligence is Influenced by Intelligence of the Heart
Terence Pradhan, Member
While our IQ may tell us what has been proven correct, EI will cause us to try even 'out of the box' responses to a given situation.
Emotions are, to a great extent, influenced by one's heart and thus, EI would necessarily provoke in us more compassion and accommodation than IQ, which would make us try to win - 'at any cost'!

Intelligence of the Heart is Not Heard
Rob Careman, CEO, Netherlands, Member
@Jacob George: in a money hungry world, thinking with the heart might be the solution to save Greece. But who listens to people that dare to think like that?
Sometimes the answers are right at the doorstep, but no one picks them up. With just a few changes and a little broad thinking saving an entire country, from disaster, who would you turn to?
Who would listen to people that have the guts but are not heard. With pain in my heart it sometimes hurts to think that way.

Intelligence of the Heart
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Business Consultant, Greece, Member
The comments of Jacob George (about Greece) and M. Srivastava touched my heart... Most comments are well placed anyhow.
I would like to add that unfortunately in our days, perhaps because of the very tough conditions we have to face and competition, most people for the sake of survival and others for the sake of wealth (the worst kind) turn to rational intelligence, which is basically self-centered.
We forget that in the long-run being self-centered and egoistic makes our lives much poorer than when we show love (which costs nothing) to others in the environment including animals and plants really completes our lives as humans. Remember that life is a trip and that we do not take anything with us at the end except perhaps our souls... Let us care more for our society and the world we live in, if we do not wish to continue destroying it as we do now...

Intelligence of Heart is a Cultural Value
Tarja Laila Marita Raman, Partner, Finland, Member
@Srinivas : your above video is wonderful. Nature feels no mercy, when body needs food, but it is not same as human cruelty.
Point 4) respect in the other sex: That is a cultural value, not so much individual value. You can be kind hearted, but still cruel because of the culture.
For example, in Australia it is quite common that a man can punish his wife physically. In most countries women´s salary is lower than men's.

Formula for the Least Flawed Conduct
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
My questions are:
1. Do we need to attribute the focus of our conduct to leadership all the time?
After all, leadership implies the ability to influence people to do something you want them to do. Hence, effective leadership may not stand the test of ethics! Hitler was also an effective leader! But was he ethical?
2. Is EI, by itself, a good enough factor to arrive at the right decision?
No, EI caters to understanding your emotions and hence the other’s emotions and applying this understanding to influence others to perform effectively. However, the element of IQ & ethics is again absent; which may result in a flawed decision for conduct.
Hence, I believe a combination of EI, leadership, IQ; firmed-in with ethics/spirituality, would help you arrive at the formula for least flawed conduct.

Heart and Mind are Two Different Entities of the Same Body
VENKATESWARAN, Teacher, India, Member
@Srinivas : I really enjoyed/learnt out of your marvellous video. Kudos to you.
But my point of view of human beings is that quite often they are driven by emotions!
There is nothing wrong about it as that only distinguishes men from robots! Man is unique and the nature of man as created by God has to be sustained; otherwise there is no charm and challenge in life!

Intelligence of the Heart and IQ
Amssoms Richard, Manager, Belgium, Member
Thank you for sharing this article Mr. Jacob George.
I believe you are right, and I am glad you shared it. We can not seperate the IH from the IQ, together they make a good balance. Everyone likes to be accepted, this is not equal with everything is allowed.

EI Discussion Forum - Intelligence of the Heart
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
Thank you one and all for your valuable feedback provided. I have taken note of all the remarks made by you especially on the furthur traits of IH-people. Will try to include them too in our further discussions. Mean while plz be free to contact me.

Harmony of the Intellect and Emotions
Tito Rafael Hidalgo Barcia, Strategy Consultant, Ecuador, Member
People feed the brain with knowledge, but time has demonstrated we have totally forgotten that life, in every sense of the word, is not just that but the harmony of the intellect and emotions.
Great examples, great reflections, keep sharing Mr. Jacob.

The Conviction that Something Must be Done by the Person
Robert Sowell, Consultant, United States, Member
Just as intelligence (of the brain) is more than knowledge (information), so "intelligence of the heart" (i.e. emotional intelligence) far exceeds awareness.
Many people are AWARE in a situation, but few (sometimes only one) will respond to actually DO something. While it is not my experience that all those who respond in a situation by intervening to care for someone are at "perfect harmony" with themselves.
At least in that moment, whatever fear or uncertainty they are feeling, that is overpowered by their conviction that something must be done, and she or he is the one who must do that something.
It is remarkable to me that there is an almost universal belief that not only does the arc of the moral universe bend toward justice (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Exclaimed), but that this universe is a moral one, or at least that it should be. And, of course, to the degree that we believe that and act on it, it becomes increasingly true. I am glad to observe that we frequently act on it, despite apparent rational logic.

Charity Begins at Home
Donvix Jahera, Teacher, Kenya, Member
This saying drives to the core of intelligence of the heart. This is a character that develops from the time one begins to develop habits and it helps in overcoming a lot of life challenges. Thank you for sharing your intersting opinions.

Courage of Conviction
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
@Donvix Jahera : Can we modify this to say courage of conviction is an inherent quality of an individual to resist temptation to do something he is not convinced because others force him. It needs to be cultivated as a habit for success in our life:.

Perhaps we Should Talk about Wisdom of Heart
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
Thanks a ton for the responses received. I am totally overwhelmed and frankly I never expected such a response... Thanks a lot for your help, ideas and suggestions!
Perhaps we should change the name to Wisdom of Heart (WoH). Intelligence is a word commonly associated with the brain.
In the incidents mentioned in the article for the first two cases it was a case of WoH winning. But in the third case it was Intelligence of Brain versus WoH. It was a case of conflict between the two. He had two options. His academics / job / career / learnings all which can be associated with intelligence of brain, which told him to obey his boss. But on the other side it was WoH which reminded him of the promise made. And since he was a WoH-person he had nothing to look for, than to follow his heart! Like he told later come whatever may he choose not to break the promise given to his mother. Clearly it was a case of WoH winning over intelligence of brain.

Inteligence of the Heart and Emotional Intelligence
Nhamo Phinias, HR Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
Thank you Mr. Jacob for sharing with us such an interesting topic. I hope to get more on the intelligence of the heart. A lot of things happen in our lives, but sometimes we don't realise what sort of intelligence is causing us / people to behave the way they do.
We only think with the brain. Thank you.

Intelligence of the Heart and Vision
stanslaus kagisa
You can not separate intelligence of the heart from vision. This is because, I think, vision provides insight within which the IH operates. Both the IH and vision depend on each other.

Combining 2 Balances Brain and Heart Intelligence
Samir OUALID, Student (Other), Morocco, Member
I think that the intelligence of the heart is necessary to complete the experiences and the experiments in life, and that the intelligence of the brain remains insufficient in front of difficult situations where important decisions are to be taken.
There we must appeal to two balances: intellectual and emotional.

Brain + Heart + Hands = Winners
Mxolisi Scwebu, Strategy Consultant, South Africa, Member
IQ + EQ + IH + positive action create a winning forumula.
When the heart, brain and hands/legs are in one accord, a person is deemed to be successful.

IH People Build Trust
Maria Montero, Coach, Venezuela, Member
Excellent anecdotes which is the best way for others to see what it is meant. I agree with everything said by Jacob George, and I would just add that people like this are congruent: what they feel, what they see, what they think and what they do are all the same. They have integrity. They are whole persons. That's why they build trust.

How Intelligence of the Heart and Vision are Related
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
@Stanslaus Kagisa : I concur, a relationship exists between heart and vision, albeit, with a difference: IQ+EQ, underpinned by spiritual intelligence (SQ), are essential to an effective leader as these three ingredients give a drive to a leader's Vision.
Thus, it's not the vision which provides the spectrum of operations to the Heart; instead, it combines with IQ & SQ to influence the nature of Vision.

Intelligence of the Heart: The Challange
Robert Sowell, Consultant, United States, Member
I like the idea of calling this wisdom of the heart.
As I read our responses to this topic, it occurs to me that we are, to a large degree, describing factors and conditions we would like to see operational, but that are in a substantial portion of actual events, not fully true.
We discover, through our experiences, in observing others, and in hearing about still others, that in very many situations, people who respond to actually do something are not necessarily particularly distinctive from most of us most of the time.
Very often they merely were powerfully (perhaps unusually so) moved in a situation. I believe that we are on the right track, though, in trying to identify what we want to learn from these special moments.
Our challenge, and opportunity, is to identify the remarkable in these unusual situations, translate what we identify into practical learnings, and then apply these learnings to form new habits that would transform what has been unusual into a new norm. I'd like to live in that world!

Intelligence of the Heart is the Affective Component of Competency
Jun Aspacio, Director, Philippines, Member
The heart must always be there in any action of man.
IH is the affective component of competency, the other two are cognitive (brain) and psycho-motor (the brain and brawn (Editor: brawn ~ muscle power).
These are the 3 traditional areas of any learning process.

The Golden Rule
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
In Christianity it is called "The Golden Rule" where you "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
Some would think that acting in a kind and respectful manner wards off "bad karma".
I believe, as you have stated in some of your common traits of the people you allowed us to meet in your stories, that all have a humility that they are not above someone else, and that serving someone benefits their heart more and eases the stress on the person in need.
It's a win-win situation, but not always without ridicule or sacrifice.
The majority of people are self-serving in nature. Dog-eat-dog world. But there are heroes among us who will do what's right and stand up for the underdog or needy without any compensation in their minds when doing the deed.
There is a confidence in that person, who knows to do right and not listen to the rest of the foolish world. They are not afraid of what others think of their actions. They are guided by the opinion of a greater being or power, not man.

We Live in a Dog Eat Dog World
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
@Rebecca Roe: I am inclined to agree that the majority of people are self-centered and live in a 'dog eat dog' world.
The quote 'do unto others what you do unto yourself' is a philosophical saying rarely practiced.
The reason is God probably has designed all living beings to be selfish so that they earn their bread and ensure security of their life. But we human being endowed with this faculty overdo our role to a stage that we hurt others both in terms of their bread and security with the additional faculty of our ability to think and ability to listen to our emotions of greed.
All religions are trying to correct this human malady but by and large have failed. Only education and ethical living appears to be the solution.

Inteligence of the Heart and Action
stanslaus kagisa
In law, my field for life, it is not necessarily for a person's heart to go together with his action. That is why we have intentional and non intentional acts or omissions.
However, a man of wisdom will guide his actions mostly by his heart. And that what differentiates a person with wisdom from a mere person is his/her conducts/actions.

Emotional Intelligence is Rooted in and Governed by the Brain
Shubhra Gabel, Manager, India, Member
Remember that EI like IQ is a function of the brain. Emotions like empathy, compassion etc. were rooted in our brains while we were being socialized.
A few unfortunate people who lack these emotions were found to be having damages in specific areas of their brains.

Philosophical Tenet Rarely Practiced
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
Nothing good comes without some personal sacrifice. Maybe that's why we are so uplifted by acts of human kindness, which I hope are not the rarity, but rather just quiet daily actions that go unnoticed by the mass media. Bad news makes better ratings and invokes more reactions.

Is Intelligence of the Heart Genetically Selected?
MOHAMMED MALA MUSA, Analyst, Nigeria, Member
Its apparent that this trait (IH) is hard wired into some people genetically at the embryonic stage. Their actions and thought processes work seamlessly. It is just natural to them.

Intelligence of the Heart can be Learned
Robert Sowell, Consultant, United States, Member
I have met a few people who seem to be naturally (perhaps genetically) bent in the direction of caring activism. It has not been my experience that most people who intervene from compassion in a particular situation are necessarily so inclined characteristically.
And I know from direct personal experience that people can change to become more caring, more wise, and more willing to intervene when an ally is needed.
I'm encouraged by that, because, as G.K. Chesterton wrote: "There are no words to express the abyss between isolation and having one ally".
Editor: For more about this, see also the discussion : Emotional Intelligence and Age and (How) Can I improve my Emotional Intelligence?

Intelligence of Heart?
VENKATESWARAN, Teacher, India, Member
@Rebecca Roe: Even though your comment is short, sweet and philosophical, I enjoyed it. Keep posting more, reach me if possible.. Wish you good luck...

Altruism can be Genetically Selected
Olga Flournoy, Consultant, United States, Member
@MOHAMMED MALA MUSA : Philosophical posits can be challenged. Genetics are another story. In professions ascribed altruism, those carrying enough of the Oxytocin receptor gene with GG variant, are unfornately not always the norm. This is the gene that according to recent research by Shelley E. Taylor influences social behavior such as the ability to respond with genuine kindness or to intervene by helping others in distress or go that extra mile without rewards or awards expectations. On the other hand the AA variant is many times an extreme opposite, sociopathic behavior.
One of many examples is a person in a position of saving lifes who refuses to resucitate because it would interfere with god's plan. This topic can go many directions and to infinite opinions and some facts. Genetics determine many aspects of anatomy, function and the human spirit assigning kindness and positive reactions and actions toward others.
Genetics also assigns lack of conscience and inability of what some identify as moral responses.

SMMES: Self Awareness, Managing Emotions, Motivation Empathy, Social Skills
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
I found an article by O’Neil (1996) very helpful in discussing emotional, or social intelligence, involves at least five types of skills: I have coined them SMMES:
- Self-awareness is a person’s ability to understand and be aware of their feelings and moods. Self-awareness helps a person keep an eye on their thoughts and emotions so they can better understand why they feel a particular way. I have interacted with people who when they are in joyful moods they want everyone to be the same, when they are sad they want everyone around them to be sad.
- Managing emotions this skill helps people display their emotions in socially appropriate
Ways. It helps one control anger, sadness, and fear. Recently in Kenya, one reputable person was stopped at an entrance by the security person and what she did was to pitch the nose of the security guard and told the guard to ‘know’ people. It seemed she was really unable to control her emotions.
- Motivation helps a person use their emotions to reach their goals. It helps them hold.

Gathering the Self to Say No
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
@Kathryn Pawley Steiner: Kathy, in my 42 years of professional life, I have always, repeat always, believed in the 'seamless connection' between the heart and the mind, wherein the former commands.
If one carries a clear conscience, then saying no to the boss in no way is a big deal! For me, risk then becomes a non-entity.

IH in Islamic Perspective
Aries Musnandar, HR Consultant, Indonesia, Member
As far as I know in Islamic perspective that IH is identically with an intelligence of "qolbu". "Qolbu" is a heart which is related to "aql" (Arabic word for mind or wit). It is mentioned that those who can manage his/her "qolbu" well by good moral example (noble behavior) would be a "good man". It is good in mind and excellence in moral and emotional values...

Intelligence of the Heart in Religious Perspective
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Business Consultant, Greece, Member
@Aries Musnandar : your comments are excellent and it shows how close many religions are in their basic principles. It is only men who distort them for their own interests and create a world difficult to live in.
Love does not cost anything and yet it is the greatest value of all and is a basic tenet of Christianity: "Love each other". And yet very few people seem to remember it. Money, wealth and power have replaced everything good in our lives.
May God bless us...

The Intelligence(s) from Religious Perspective
Aries Musnandar, HR Consultant, Indonesia, Member
@Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos: obviously I agree with you professor. I believe that the religion was actually "one". It is only men use their own worldview to (or if I may use your statement above) "distort them for their own interests and create a world difficult to live in".
There are actually interesting subjects in religious perspective mentioned that "qolbu" (heart) is interrelated with mind and can drive someone either to be good or bad attitude depending on their own "worldview".
By the way, it seems to me you have learned much about the intelligence of the heart in religious perspective so that I would very keen to learn from you as well and or we can share each other of certain knowledge to enrich our own horizon accordingly.

Give to Caesar what Belongs to Caesar, and to God what Belongs to God
Jeketule Jacob Soko, Management Consultant, Kenya, Member
I want to agree with the Prof too. Intelligence of the heart is simply 'love one another, do what is right, opt for the poor'. I will be giving a seminar this week focusing on economics and ethics. I want to integrate the two components stating that business without ethics is no-sense and vice versa, concluding that there is need for intelligence of the heart.
Give to Caesar would imply take care of the needs of the shareholders, the legal requirements and to God implying what God treasures (the poor of Yahweh whom he does opt for).
This would be an integrated approach to business adapting to both worlds: business and society. Thanks prof.

EI Forum - from the Author
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
Hi, thank you all once again for the responses and feedback given. Meanwhile if anyone wants to contact me just put your email id as a scrap on my personal page. I will definitely contact you! Regards, Jacob.

Intelligence of the Heart in Religious Perspective
Olga Flournoy, Consultant, United States, Member
@Jeketule Soko: interesting take, Alkis, Jeketule, and Aries, on the heart and love.
According to the Christian words Christians have to be taught to love each other in a superior way by following closely the example of their leader, Jesus, (John 13:34) because earlier (BCE) the warning was not to trust the heart as it is duplicitous, not to be trusted, in fact, downright wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). Learning to love each other is a command, a direct order from their god.
Zakat and Tithes' differences are only the fiduciary percentage coming from members to prove hub, or love and to determine where their gelb (heart) really is spiritually. Hadith may help an opened mind to better understanding that mixing spiritual "tenets" and religious beliefs has never worked for earthlings of the human kind (Jivatman)
Chakras' "heart" is a bit closer to divinity and in my opinion works best when dealing in "business" matters of all kinds.

Intelligence of the Heart
Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos, Business Consultant, Greece, Member
Olga, thank you for your comments. My example of IH is myself. I have a very strong bent for IH and was never a good businessman in protecting myself. But in my professional life as a manager I could protect the interests of others. Also, I always found it very difficult to fire people.

Intelligence of the Heart does not imply to be Soft
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
I believe, we need to understand that IH does not imply being soft on emotional issues. It means, being judicious in your decision-making.
In that, IH is to be factored in along with the consideration of your logical mind on a foundation of spiritual intelligence (SI). Such a decision is more likely to be a reasonably correct decision; not only in business but in all other fields.

Intelligence of the Heart
MOHAMMED MALA MUSA, Analyst, Nigeria, Member
@Olga Flournoy : thank you so much for the scientific explanation to my perspective on IK. It's really informative.

Looking for Intelligence of the Heart
Olga Flournoy, Consultant, United States, Member
@Prof. Alkis S. Magdalinos: you refer to yourself in the present and the past as if you are or were between two worlds.
I am of the strong belief that those who knowingly gamble with their means of livelihood are responsible for their behavior. There are always those who feel entitled. However, it is at the supervisory and management level where accountability lands, always. The way I work, is to know my environment and those responsible in each department. Especially when there is interdepartmental tapestry. I look for behavior changes or behavior that requires change. Plans for success, progress, and innovation must include everyone, regardless what positions they hold.
Clear expectations, real-time training, scheduled knowledge-based and/or demonstrative feed-back competencies generated without being exclusionary of assistant managers, supervisors, and "leaders" from among workers is key for best results. Having a vision to always look for those leaders is the oil in the works.

Intelligence of the Heart
Zeb O. WATURUOCHA, Management Consultant, India, Member
@Col Sunder Lalvani:
Col Sunder, you make an interesting point when you say that IH is not a matter of being or going soft. It is more of making judicious decisions. I agree with you, because intelligent decisions are very rare be it at the personal or professional level even among national leaders. This is because most decisions are based on intellectual logic hence, without Intelligence of the Heart. I believe that a blend of both is what will enable people sail through their life's challenges.

Importance of Spiritual Intelligence
COL SUNDER LALVANI, Coach, India, Member
@Zeb O. Waturuocha: Zeb, I must say, you have a wonderful way of paraphrasing my point of view. Nice to know you feel the same way about decision-making with the right blend of IQ & EI.
However, I would like to impress the need for this blend to be under-pinned by SQ (spiritual intelligence). I propose this, because we tend to presume our heart would guide us correctly as it would cater for the spiritual input.
But, that may not be true, as SI influences belief, which, in turn, influences IQ & EQ.
Thus, if SQ is in place, the EQ & IQ would normally deliver correctly.

Saying no in a non Confrontational and Respectful Manner
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
@Arif ur Rehman: it is always good to as you say know how to explain clearly a position we are taking-essentially with a clear conscience... I don't know about seamless connection between the heart and mind... I do know I need to maintain boundaries... Personally and professionally.. And that can include saying no...
You are braver than I am... Perhaps gender is an issue in this discussion.. Women may be more accommodating... For the most part... There are exceptions...
And people... Men and women... Who do not respect people or their boundaries...

Intelligence of the Heart
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
There is a confusion in understanding 'intelligence of heart', 'intelligence of logic' and emotional intelligence. It is the emotional intelligence that belongs to the heart where conscience rules. Whereas intelligence of logic is ruled by not by emotion, but by logic, which is the domain of the brain.
One should certainly listen to the emotions, but decide what is correct by logic.

Intelligence - the Prologue
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
@Sushil Bhasin: let us not lose ourselves in academic dialogue - heart versus logic versus emotion - but rather understand them as acting in unison, and then not faltering, to hold onto what is right and just and honorable.

Intelligence of the Heart: Leadership and Empathy
Robert Wamai, Business Consultant, Kenya, Member
In my opinion, the first incidence of the lady in the train is the most powerful. It demonstrates two things: 1. Leadership 2. Empathy.
To be a good leader - like the lady who offered to help - that to me is leadership as it gets people to do what they think or feel they cannot - one needs to have empathy.
Sometimes empathy comes from understanding what someone is going through and comes from experience or being in a similar situation before. Thus you wear the other persons shoes. This was a very powerful article.

My Favorite Story...
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
@Robert Wamai: well that's really an interesting idea (to pick the best incident mentioned).
In the first two cases I feel they acted in the situation. Not beyond.
Moving to the third case... This person had lot at stake to disobey his boss. His job/career... But he choose not to break the promise given to his mother. Like he said later: come whatever may, he chose not to obey. It can be guessed that in past also he must have had same experiences. And also in the future. But whatever be (we can't control) he will choose no (I believe). That makes it my favorite.
But I forgot to mention one trait of IH people, which Robert mentioned: empathy.

IH - the Window That Must Always Remain Open
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
@Robert Sowell: I have never ever regretted in my working life (spread over more than four decades) the decisions I have made – maybe at a risk to my job or person, for as you say … that at the moment of conviction that something must be done…’ alters the perception of the ego giving over to the ultimate belief that nothing that is just and honest and right and ethical can be bartered. And this too is the Islamic perspective as held by some contributors to the forum.

Intelligence of the Heart
Robert Wamai, Business Consultant, Kenya, Member
Jacob, the third case is more of a demonstration of courage under fire more than empathy. The guy had to make a decision and the decision he made was influenced by a promise to his mother - showing he had integrity even when his mother who would have understood had he acted differently to save his job (mothers always do) and she was not watching.
In the other two cases the people did not have to do anything. Hence they acted to help in a simple but powerful way. In this case empathy goes beyond courage or intelligence.

IH People -- to Robert
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
@Robert Wamai: yes Robert, you are right. But seems like we have a difference of opinion here! Jacob.

Sad You Feel This Way
Rebecca Roe, United States, Premium Member
@Rvrao: I am not of the opinion that the "golden rule" is rarely practiced. Don't lose hope my friend. Continue to do right-despite all those around. You will be blessed.

Sad You Feel This Way
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
@Rebecca Roe: I take your advice and continue with the feeling that hopes are better than fears. It is said, I quote: 'If hopes are dupes, fears are liers".
Thanks for your response.

Wisdom of the Heart: 4 More Traits...
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
Acknowledgements and Preface
I shall start by telling the feedback I got on my first article – “Intelligence of the heart” . The wonderful and valuable feedback provided by you all (which, frankly I had no idea about) prompted me to write the second part of the article. In this second part I need the feedback from you all (both negative and positive) which would in fact make the article more interesting! My e–mail contacts are mentioned at my personal page. Also I would like to thank the Editor of this website Mr de Jonge for the valuable guidance he provided in writing the first part. In fact I was planning to call it EI but the term Intelligence of Heart (IH) was coined by him, and it seemed interesting.
I may be a bit philosophical in this section, but I find a strong correlation between faith and the topics discussed in the article, and throughout I can’t keep it apart from my discussions.
Last section we discussed about the traits of EI people which we have limited to 8. But the discussions in the forum made me make further additions to this list and here it has been increased to 12 with one among them (Empathetic) being obtained through the discussions in the forum.
Also some sections covered here need your help like the relation between IQ and EQ and correlating them both. The key term discussed in the article was Intelligence of the Heart (IH). But intelligence seems to be a word commonly associated with the brain , We speak about IQ – The Intelligence Quotient of an individual. People tend to be confused here, as they readily assume it as something associated with brain, which is not.
So therefore the key term has now been changed to "Wisdom of Heart (WoH)", as theterm "wisdom" can be associated only with the heart / mind.
Most of the examples quoted are experiences encountered during train journeys. Trains form a popular mode of transport in my country (India). They are cheap, convenient and fast, But more importantly they give a chance to observe other people closely. Due to my limited knowledge / understanding I don’t think that all what I have wrote is right. Maybe you people can help me out here. So please share your thoughts/ideas with me because I think in the end that would make the article more interesting/authentic.
This article is a continuation, else if it becomes only a half baked cake!
We shall start our discussion by an analysis of the incidents quoted in the previous part. There were three incidents mentioned and the first of it was the lady in the train. It can be said here that her friend needed help / support which she was able to provide forgetting the situation. Her friend only needed the feeling / confidence that someone was out there to support her which she was able to provide. She was able to act in the situation while others resisted.
In the second incident, the man in the train he empathized with the old lady. He was thinking how he could be of help? That’s why - when the situation arose - he acted. He got a chance when the other person refused to yield, that’s what he told later ”much like a God sent opportunity”.
Moving to the third case It was much like a case of conflict with Intelligence of Brain (IoB) versus WoH. His academics / learning’s / career all which can be associated with IoB which must have told him to obey his boss. But on the other hand, it was WoH which reminded him of the promise he made. It can be guessed well here that he must have encountered many situations before wherein he had to yield or in his words “had to break the promise given” but it was a NO from his part. His situation was he had to lose a lot by risking the wrath of his boss, His career / job security etc. But he said: whatever may come, I chose not to break the promise given to my mother. In the future, also if any kind of similar situations come, he will probably do the same (I believe).

Traits of WoH people (…Contd)
In the previous article we listed 8 observable traits of WoH people. Here we will increase that list to 12.
9. Talkers to themselves than to others: This is a striking feature of WoH people. They tend to be speakers to themselves. It can be correlated with point number 1 discussed i.e. at perfect harmony with themselves, as their way of escaping solitude. Rather than keeping others bothered, by this act they themselves find a way to keep engaged. Talking to themselves in fact increases their strength.
10. Empathetic: Empathy – what does it mean. Putting yourself in the shoes of the other. For that you will have to remove your own shoes first! WoH people know this act. They not only sympathize with the person / situation, but act in the situation. Empathetic rather than sympathetic.
11. Conscience Driven: WoH people judge based on their conscience, not based on people or situations. They have a moral element in all the things they do.
12. Respect Life: WoH people respect and promote other forms of their fellow creatures (visible)

A Divine Quality?
The holy Bible says man decides through actions but God sees the heart! Is then WoH a parameter through which God judges? We all know the hierarchy in creation. Man, Angels and on top God. The element of goodness differentiates them Its impossible for man to become God (I use the word impossible because there is no chance),but angels can be made out of man! We often say like an angel he/she acted. What makes the difference. Is it WoH? It's you and the one above alone who know your heart, and it's that alone that makes the difference. It can be said that WoH is the only parameter which can make angels out of man!

A Missing Link?
IQ and EQ can be said to be in different poles. They test different parameters of the individual. IQ testing the intelligence parameters while EQ tests the successful use of emotions. Now is there something that coordinates them both to excel the individual? Are these parameters alone ensure success of the individual ? WoH works as a lubricating agent between IQ and EQ to ensure success of the individual. It's often we see an individual high on the parameters of IQ and EQ does not guarantee success in life. Is it because these benchmarks alone are not sufficient enough to ensure success? WoH acts as the missing link!

Incident 4: the child and the uncle
Thus, we have seen how apart from intelligence of the brain something else in our body too has intelligence to help us act in situations, Intelligence of heart (WoH).
I wish to share with you an experience that I had recently. Again its an incident during a train journey. A family consisting of a father, mother and a little girl were my co passengers. The father was deeply involved in reading a book, and the mother was taking care of the kid. A vendor came selling some books. The little girl liked some books in his bag, maybe some coloring or cartoons. But the father did not like it, so he asked to return it. The girl complained her father wouldn't buy anything for her and threw the book away from her and not to the bag of the vendor. The father got angry and he asked the little one: is this the way you should behave? Don’t you have manners? Let me teach you some manners! The girl screamed and cried and hid behind her mother. If the father was adamant, so was the kid. The father tried to pull the kid from behind her mother. As this scene was unfolding a passenger sitting next to me asked the vendor how much does that book cost? He gave the money, brought the book and gave it to the little girl. She said; “thank you uncle” (at least she had that manners).
Now what do you call that type of intelligence? WoH is a divine quality since it can make angels out of man as well as a parameter on which the almighty judges. It can also be said as a missing ingredient that binds both IQ and EQ… Much of a lubricating agent. WoH is important since it helps us act in situations where IoB fails miserably.

One More Train Incdent
RVRao, Management Consultant, India, Member
@Jacob George I would like to say it is an enabling attitude of mind that makes a man positive.

The Heart Rules
Jacob George, Financial Consultant, India, Member
I'd like to describe 2 more incidents for you to reflect on.

Incident 5: the puppy.
A couple of days ago I was driving in my car to attend an important official meeting. I planned very well in order to be one time. But due to some urgent personal requirement I was delayed. Anyhow, I knew I could still make it on time if I drove fast.
Along the way, there was a busy junction. Luckily for me the signal light was green. But the driver ahead of me had stopped his vehicle in the mid of the path and was showing the stop signal. The co passenger along with him was also doing the same. "What is this idiot doing? The signal light is green and he can cross, doesn't he have brains". I asked myself. But I had no option but to stop my car also.
I stopped my vehicle close to his and was surprised to see a puppy crossing the junction. In a moment all the anger in my mind went away. I looked at the opposite driver. He was smiling at me. I smiled back. In a moment he had taught me one of the best lessons in my life. When I looked back through my rear view mirror I could find the puppy wagging with its little tail in a sense of gratitude at my vehicle. "No, it should have been to the other person", I told myself.
I stopped my vehicle a few hundred meters after I passed the signal, to consider what happened a few seconds before. Had my brains stopped functioning? The signal was green and it was common sense that I could proceed. But instead of doing that, I had stopped. It was not a green signal for me. Something else took over my brains. When I reached my office I could find my boss and my colleagues waiting for me for the meeting to start. Was the puppy telling me the same thing. I just thought myself.
A case of an ethical dilemma.
Can this previous incident be labeled as a case of ethical dilemma? A situation in which you are legally right, but morally wrong. I thought of the driver who had stopped the vehicle ahead of mine. He could have proceeded with his vehicle without doing any harm to the puppy as the signal light was green and the puppy hadn't reached the side of the road yet at that moment. But that did not ensure the safety of the puppy, whose life was in danger, as it had a very good chance of being run over by other vehicles. He had to act responsibly. Now will that constitute a case of ethical dilemma. He could but he did not. Had he a choice. I will say no, as you don’t have an option here. You should stop. Its not binary. Intelligence of heart or the so called Wisdom of Heart (WoH) people don’t come across instances of ethical dilemma. In such instances heart takes over head. They don’t have a choice.
An important trait.
In the previous sections we have listed the observable traits of WoH people to a total of 12. But here we will take a look at the most important trait of such people. In the incidents all which were previously mentioned in none of the cases we find them to be ruled by brain nor intelligence of brain acting. It was something else that stood apart which made them act. In short it can be said for such people heart rules the head.

Incident 6: the child's cap.
I recently boarded a bus from a station nearby. A gentleman who was dressed up like a top class executive (by my country’s standard) had come and occupied the seat adjoining mine. A beggar woman with her child was inside the bus with her child asking for alms from the passengers. The bus was about to leave. The woman had to rush out, and in doing so the cap on her child s head fell down. This gentleman sitting next to me saw this and quickly explained this to a co passenger who was seated next to the exit. But that person just signaled back: "don’t worry, such things happen". The man didn't think again. He got up from his seat, called the woman, asked the driver to stop the vehicle (and the driver had no choice but to stop), took the cap and placed it on the child’s head and just patted his cheek and told you look much better, after which the lady left the bus, and after getting down from the bus the child waved to his new friend.
He came and seated next to me, I just acquainted with him. He told me that he was a top ranking official of a major telecom company, his car broke down and since he knew the area he decided to take the bus. But by his act he showed to all of us that it was not brains alone that matters, something else that we all share in common. A lesson of a lifetime.

The three parties: Heart, Brain and Faith
We can say that we humans are made up of three elements. The Heart, Brain (both of them together constituting the mind or soul or whatever we may call it) and then the energy given to them which is called Faith. Heart is the main symptom of life as all living things share it, and brain is that what differentiates us as intelligent beings from the rest. 'Faith' can be described as an energy which channelizes them both. Swami Vivekananda, an Indian guru, told it centuries ago: the faith in you and faith in the one above are the ingredients for success. He has also said these golden words: “In a conflict between heart and brain, follow your heart”. The power of the heart over head is not a new thing, its an age old thing .

Looking for a Scientific Explanation
From my childhood I have been taught that God is my heavenly father who loves me and takes care of me. I still believe so and always will. But the issue was, whenever I wanted to give a scientific explanation for this I always failed. Because I could not speak the language of faith. I was only looking at something which my brain could understand. The holy Bible defined God as equal to love, and love is a universal thing which all living things with a heart share. A brain making us intelligent is something unique for humans alone and that sets us apart from animals. And faith is the channel through which we connect ourselves to the divine. In other instance it tells that God is within us. So it should be something within us, rather than searching for something else.
So how can you scientifically explain the concept? I can say that God is a combination of these three factors i.e. heart, brain and faith. Heart can be connected with the emotion of love and the Bible teaches us God is love. The brain can be associated with knowledge. The knowledge which holds this universe together. It can be said that knowledge and love are two poles. Forces that are conflicting. Faith is the channeling one for these two extremes. God can be scientifically explained as a combination of the factors of heart, brain and faith.

It won’t be astonishing to say that the elements that constitute of God according to what can be understood by humans will be of the three components viz Heart, Brain and Faith. Heart resembles the universal component of love, which he has imparted to an extend to all living things on this planet. Brain which he has given to us to humans only. His knowledge and wisdom often called infinite intelligence. It has been often asked many times on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge what we say is a function of the brain whereas wisdom (what is actually needed) is a function of both heart and brain. In the puppy incident cited at the beginning it was my knowledge or my brains which told me that the signal is green and you can proceed, Whereas my heart interfered and told me NO its not a green signal it’s a red one for you. You will have to stop. There is no choice. Wisdom overtakes knowledge.
Then the last element of faith. Faith is the lubricant that coordinates the Heart and Brain. The word impossible is made possible by this element. The gospel itself underlines that “He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20). The power of faith. And note the last sentence. Changing Impossibility to possibility. God has taught us what makes it possible. It’s the faith of him that had made all things possible, The brain of him that had made this universe and the heart, the universal element of love. God can be described scientifically as consisting of three elements i.e. Heart, Brain and Faith. These three elements in unison form God. In short it can be shown diagrammatically as in a Venn diagram when the intersection of these three elements forms God. Humans lie beyond the elements (In the shadow portion) as the intensity of these elements is very less for us. It can be said that God is a combination of these three elements acting in full force.

A Biblical Connection
(Before I start this part I want to tell you that I am no one to explain what is said in the Bible, which is the word of God. But with my limited knowledge and understanding I am trying to draw comparison between the concepts explained by me and what is said in the Bible. I also, am not sure that whatever I am trying to say is true).

We begin with the most beautiful chapter in the Bible, St Paul’s Ist letter to the Corinthians Chapter 13. It is the most beautiful one because it speaks of Love, giving an explanation to the various facets of love. It goes on to explain that among the three emotions of faith, hope and love, love remains the most important. Now we can draw comparison with our topic. Faith has already been discussed as one element. Now to hope. Hope is something associated with brain, only we humans hope for… for a better future… for a better tomorrow. Hope is something that has been instilled in us for survival. Now to love, the universal language. Love is something we share with our fellow beings, who in turn show us that feeling too. So we can rethink of the said three elements as of Faith, Brain and Heart. All three are important in life, but the heart rules…

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13.

Development of Virtues of Heart
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
I agree that the virtues like faith, hope and love are important. Out of which the greatest is love. the qestion remains: how would one measure and develop the virtues of heart?

Intelligence of the Heart
Maria Guia Garcia, Student (University), Australia, Member
Inteligence of the Heart. A leader who has it, thinks with his heart. It culls on the deeper meaning that trancends the intellect. It makes one leader different from the others. It is about being humane. It respects the dignity of man. It springs from the golden rule: to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

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