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Aries Musnandar
HR Consultant, Indonesia

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

What are the differences between Soft Skills (SS) and Emotional Intelligence (EI)? What is the meaning and scope of the term SS? What categories of soft skills can we distinguish?

  Peter Toffler
Management Consultant, United States

Soft Skills List

On the web I found a very good list by LEI HAN. She classifies soft skills into 2 groups:
Soft skills group A: Self Management Skills
1. Self awareness – knowing what drives, angers, motivates, embarrasses, frustrates, inspires you
2. Emotion management – being able to control unexpected emotions like anger and frustration so you can think clearly and at your optimum.
3. Self-confidence – those who believe in themselves have access to “unlimited power” (wisdom from kungfu panda)
4. Stress management – being able to stay calm and balanced in stressful, overwhelming situations
5. Resilience – ability to bounce back from a misstep in your job or career
6. Skills to forgive and forget - ability to move on without baggage from a past mistake or something in your career that wronged you
7. Persistence and perseverance – ability to overcome challenging situations and obstacles and maintain the same energy
8. Patience – ability to step back in an emergency to think clearly or the ability to pause and wait when you are in a rush or want to rush others.
Soft skills group B: People Skills
9. Communication skills - general skills to listen and articulate your ideas in writing and verbally to any audience
10. Presentation skills – ability to maintain attention and achieve your desired outcome from presenting to an audience
11. Facilitating skills - ability to coordinate and solicit well represented opinions and feedback from a group with diverse perspectives to reach a common, best solution.
12. Interviewing skills – ability to sell your skills as an interviewee or accurately assess other’s ability or extract the needed information as an interviewer
13. Selling skills – this is not just for people in sales. This is the ability to build buy-in to an idea, a decision, an action, a product, or a service
14. Meeting management skills – at least 50% of meetings today in corporate america are a waste of time. This is the skill to efficiently and effectively reach productive results from leading a meeting
15. Influence / persuasion skills - ability to influence perspective or decision making but still have the people you influence think they made up their own mind.
16. Team work skills - ability to work effectively with anyone with different skill sets, personalities, work styles, or motivation level
17. Management skills – ability to motivate and create a high performing team with people of varied skills, personalities, motivations, and work styles.
18. Leadership skills – ability to create and communicate vision and ideas that inspires others to follow with commitment and dedication.
19. Skills in dealing with difficult personalities – Ability to work well or manage someone whom you find difficult
20. Skills in dealing with difficult situations – Ability to stay calm and still be effective when faced with an unexpected difficult situation.
21. Ability to think / communicate on your feet (under pressure) – ability to articulate thoughts in an organized manner even when you are not prepared for the question or situation you are in
22. Networking skills – ability to be interesting and interested in business conversations that motivates people to want to be in your network.
23. Interpersonal relationship skills – ability to build trust, find common ground, have empathy, and ultimately build good relationships with people you like or in positions of power/influence.
24. Negotiation skills – ability to understand the other side and reach a win-win resolution that you find favorably, satisfies both sides, and maintains relationships for future dealings
25. Mentoring / coaching skills – ability to provide constructive wisdom, guidance, and/or feedback that can help others further their career development
26. Organizing skills – ability to organize business gatherings to facilitate learning, networking, or business transactions
27. Self-promotion skills - ability to subtly promote your skills and work results to people of power or influence in your organization. This will build your reputation and influence.
28. Savvy in handling office politics - office politics is a fact of life in corporate america. This is the ability to understand and deal with office politics so you can protect yourself from unfairness as well as further your career.

Entrepreneur, United States

Importance of Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Hello the information you present is very helpful (...)

  Jose Antonio Paulo

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

I think that the summary of Emotional Intelligence (...)

  Benjamin Tien
Consultant, Australia

Soft Skills and EQ

The soft skill in managing EQ is to be become more (...)

  Pascal Jouxtel
Management Consultant, France

Soft Skills and EQ (EI)

You may find my opinion cynical: to me soft skills (...)

Strategy Consultant, India

Soft Skills are Informal Management Skills

Soft skills are mostly informal management skills (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Applying Soft Skills to Emotional Intelligence

I believe that soft skills comprise a lot of what (...)

  Siva Nair

Defining and Measuring Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Firstly, "ditto" to Kathryn's points above. It se (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Emotional Intelligence is a Subset of Soft Skills

Soft skills is like science, a major part of peopl (...)

  Tony Fontana
Project Manager, United States

Soft Skill Missing

Quite an impressive list of skills. I believe that (...)

  M Knight

Missing Skill

@Tony: I wonder if making good quick decisions is (...)

  Vernon Rupert Grant
United States

Missing Skill

Since crisis and risk management is my forte, I wo (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Decisiveness Associated with Self Management Skill Confidence

In order to be decisive one must possess self conf (...)

  Francisco Tupinamba Pereira da Silva
Manager, Brazil

SS & EI versus Core Personal Characteristics

Reading the 28 SS items I keep trying to imagine a (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Is Making Quick Good Decisions a Skill ?

@Tony: If one has good a-priori knowledge of proce (...)

  Teca Pedro
Consultant, Angola

Ideal Professional Profile

The list of skills by Lei Han makes me think of an (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Required EI and Soft Skills

I agree we are all unique and possess some strong (...)

  majeedah olori-aje
Manager, Nigeria

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence could be considered to be s (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Soft Skills Include Doing the Right Thing When no One is Looking

I suppose we could include in the list of soft ski (...)

Strategy Consultant, India

Soft Skills versus Emotional Intelligence

Soft skills channelize emotional intelligence in p (...)

  Ram Mohan
Manager, India

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

The events which unfold after a decision is taken (...)

Entrepreneur, United States

Management Can Defer and Confer on Specific Decisions

If someone is not sure if they are making the righ (...)

  Igbinovia martin
Business Consultant, Nigeria

Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence(EI) and Soft Skills(SS)

EI is all about knowing how and why we feel and ta (...)

  Shireen Kaur
United Arab Emirates

Difference Between Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills

Hi... Some of you may consider this view rather si (...)

Strategy Consultant, India

Sets of Soft Skills

- Soft skills are often a two-fold behaviour. One (...)

  John Ato Mensah
Consultant, Ghana

The Relationship Between EI and Soft Skills

The level of a person's EI is manifested in his/he (...)

  Aries Musnandar
HR Consultant, Indonesia

Can we Relate Emotional Intelligence with Soft Skills?

An expert may say EI is an engine of soft skills. (...)

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