Emotional Intelligence versus IQ

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Madhava Kumar
Management Consultant, India

Emotional Intelligence versus IQ

I think we can link EQ with wisdom and IQ with knowledge. One can be knowledgeable with others knowledge but one cannot be wise with others wisdom.
That effectively leaves EQ to the genes and IQ to the learning after birth. EQ is what you got through your genes from your forefathers-innate & deep features.
That proves why some people with limited education will rise to higher levels. Naturally that is due to EQ.
A person with a good EQ can survive without any IQ. But a person with good IQ and no EQ cannot survive in this universe.
Any leader, if we observe, will have more EQ than IQ.

  Eduardo Neumann
Manager, Guatemala

Emotional Intelligence

Excellent analysis, I can´t agree more: IQ knows how, EQ knows why.
He who knows how will always have a job.
He who has EQ will always be his boss.

Consultant, Portugal

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  Antonio Cacheux

Emotional Intelligence and IQ

Social intelligence, or EQ, in my opinion, is the knowledge of the drivers/motivation in our work team, or community, is...

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States


Effective leaders possess both skills: - IQ is something exhibited through much of one's life. It is rated through an a...

  Y Srinivas rao
Manager, India

EQ versus IQ

EI is as essential for public dealings as IQ is for technology and engineering. With lots of MBA's taking over the manag...

  Pascal Jouxtel
Management Consultant, France

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Emotional Intelligence
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