Emotional Intelligence = Maturity?

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Emotional Intelligence = Maturity?
Would Emotional intelligence not be the same as maturity. Ordinarily, maturity comes with age, but sometimes you find a young person who behaves or handles situations with more maturity than his chronological age. This I believe may be due to his interaction with people and his environment. In my opinion, anyone with basic intelligence can handle his emotions depending on his level of maturity.

Emotions are true Self
Emotions are true. Emotional maturity may be how we perceive the maturity of the soul in front of us? The soul undergoes infinite experiences and these experiences are within us. We sometimes see very young but very mature people. This maturity comes from their past experiences. Need not necessarily be experiences from the present body, but could also be from the previous one.

M.Ganapathy, Member
I agree the statement, but the invisible link between previous and present body is being controlled by our intellect or not?

Emotional Intelligence = Maturity
Dan Te
Daniel Goleman, in his book, "Working with Emotional Intelligence", has described "being emotionally competent" as "being mature", although "maturity" is an old-fashioned term. But I think the term appropriately applies. As with the correlation of the maturity of the person with his chronological age, the telling factor is experience and how this experience is absorbed. So maturity does not necessarily come with age, but with how fast and how well that experience is absorbed and the self-invented theories derived from it is put into practice. It is a matter of awareness. And acting on it.

Francina Namgongo, Member
I tend to agree that ei= maturity+ cilvility to others. Those who are unable to handle emotions may, as bosses and managers, go about 'throwing tantrums' by insulting workers and bullying, sabotaging, demeaning them through a whole host of manners whether visibly concrete or suttle. This is typical of the imaturity of the manager/co-worker. But those who are mature and are able to act in a civil manner towards others can be classified as having a high ei. Throwing tantrums as it were, is symbolic of a child that is not yet mature to handle situations that are different than the ones the person is used to and signifies that one is only able to handle so much and deviation from his/her emotional norm is unacceptable and draws a bit of insanity and stress. I believe EI can be learned through a person constantly being reminded to be 'nice', to be civil, to be in control of emotions and to behave in a socially acceptable manner and not to be unpredictable and uncontrollable.


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