(How) Can I improve my Emotional Intelligence?

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(How) Can I improve my Emotional Intelligence?

Can we improve our EI? How can I learn to be more emotional intelligent, and how can I unlearn ineffective habits I may have?

  Alvin Stacey

Improve Emotional Intelligence

Good question. Sure you can, though it's not easy. And of course the answer depends on which of the 22 attributes you'd like to change...
Goleman says in general, first you need to understand what attribute or domain you'd like to change in what way. The next step is you practice, play or experiment with what you learned. You've got to do this repeatedly for it to be more effective and some support or coaching will be helpful.

  Douglas Hamilton

Improve EI

Re Angela's comments - the Goleman texts are a good theoretical introduction. In my experience, he comes in for fire on two fronts. Some of the psych community sneer at the quality of his research, and I have also found that in trying to introduce EI principles to clients, they normally struggle to 'get' what is being said in any of the Goleman books.
In the final reckoning, it's the application which counts. The question then arises; 'for what purpose do you want to become adept in EI?' and once this is addressed, one can start looking at EI adept behaviour as the easiest path to fluency. From a practical application view, I recommend clients to start thinking 'before I carry out a particular behaviour, what will be the result of that behaviour on those around me?' This helps to develop better impact assessment, and therefore forms the steps to EI fluency.
As a practical application, I recommend 'Winning Behaviour' by Terry Bacon and David Pugh as a very readable and valuable text.

  Chris Newham

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  Beatriz Sosa

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  Prasad V

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  Vernon Rupert Grant
United States

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  Madhava Kumar
Management Consultant, India

Can I Improve my EI

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  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

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