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5 Communication Factors for Making a Good Impression
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands, Moderator
Communication is key to effective leadership. It is important to create good impressions when you are communicating. The following five factors are essential in the creation of good impressions during communications:
  1. PROJECTING AN IMAGE OF CONFIDENCE: Being confident is important, because it is difficult if not impossible for people to have faith in your capabilities if you do not show confidence. Whether you are confident or not, it is therefore important to create an image of confidence. This will also help you to develop or improve your level of confidence.
  2. DEMONSTRATING POWER OR INFLUENCE: In order to communicate efficiently, it is important to have a certain level of personal power and a certain degree of influence over others.
  3. EXPRESSING SINCERITY, INTEREST OR COLLABORATION: Another factor that is important is showing that you are passionate about your work. Besides being enthusiastic about your own work, being interested in the tasks and job...Sign up

The Sequence in Making a Good Impression
Delfor Ibarra, HR Consultant, Argentina, Member
To project an image of confidence we must first be reliable, that is, reach the point of communicating with a recognized profile for being a good inte...Sign up

Step Further in Creating Good Impressions
Riphagen, Financial Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I think making a good impression as a leader means going a step further then the five factors you mention. All those factors are just techniques or 'd...Sign up

There's More Than Just These Factors
Amarnath Krishnaswamy, Professor, India, Member
I’ve worked with corporate bodies for over 25 years; making a good impression and the factors above are necessary, but not enough. They have to be bac...Sign up

Creating Good Intentions
Molly OReilly, Professor, United States, Member
Creating Good Impressions is more than skin deep, it means possessing the ability to empower individuals to promote change through authentic empatheti...Sign up

Wise Leaders Follow your Advice
Jim Johnstone, Consultant, United States, Member
Thanks for reminding us of these important elements of effective influencing. Wise leaders pay attention to them and incorporate them with a compellin...Sign up

Impresión de Confianza
Delfor Ibarra, HR Consultant, Argentina, Member
Gracias Jim!
Usually we forget that we are in every interaction in continuous feedback. As is the way with our children, students, colleagues, cu...Sign up

Accepting Others’ Ideas
Shaheen Lakdawalla, United Arab Emirates, Member
@Delfor Ibarra: Creating a good impression also constitutes accepting others’ ideas and building upon them to create ...Sign up

Accepting Others Ideas
Molly OReilly, Professor, United States, Member
Accepting other people’s ideas requires us to ask others for their ideas, and the best place to start is with those producing the work we wish to acco...Sign up

Walking the Talk
Marcos Madeira, Consultant, Brazil, Member
In terms of building trust, independently if you are in a long term relation or not, I believe that there`s a very important thing: behave the way you...Sign up

There's More About Making a Good Impression
We can be knowledgeable enough to make good impressions when communicating. But when the people we are communicating to know that we are only trying t...Sign up

Understand the Audience
Ravi Krishnamurthy, Consultant, India, Member
Know the content that is being communicated really well. If there are gaps, acknowledge it. This brings about credibility. Understand 1. who the targe...Sign up

The Role of Intent and Nature of Cause in Impression Management
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
There’s a saying which says to always speak the truth. And always say what’s pleasant. And not to say a truth that is not pleasant in order to make a ...Sign up

Message Knowledge
Latif Salifu Kasim, Entrepreneur, Ghana, Member
Just to add to what @Ravi Krishnamurthy: said, I think the MESSAGE you are communicating is also important. Make sur...Sign up

Annamachari Krithi - Similar to Meaning of Immpression Management of as You Like It
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
If we take the meaning keeping the religious sentiment apart we have a similar meaning conveyed in Sign up

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