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7 Myths about Business Globalization
Marten van der Zee, Student (University), Netherlands, Premium Member
According to Subramanian Rangan in Mastering Strategy, there are 7 myths or misconceptions about (business) globalization:
1. Any company with money can go global (you have to study foreign markets before penetrating)
2. Internationalization in services is different from products (there is no such difference in internationalization)
3. Distance and national borders matter no more (they do)
4. Developing countries have the best chances to success (if you look at investments in foreign markets, by far the most originate from developed countries).
5. Manufacture where labour costs are cheapest (even if the hourly wages are low, still the costs per unit could be high)
6. Globalization stays forever (it will not)
7. Governments donít matter anymore (as long as people give value to their own collective national identity and want local representatives to make the choices, go...Sign up

Globalization Itself is a Myth
Tomas Sigurbjornsson, Student (University), Denmark, Member
Pankaj Hhemawat has written extensively about this and he comes to the conclusion that the world is closer to 10% globalized than 100% globaliz...Sign up

More Globalization Myths?
Eric Schmitz, Consultant, Belgium, Premium Member
I have not read the book; so I cannot really react on the content of the book.
I agree with the 7 myths, but I wonder if they are complete...Sign up

@3: Distance Matters no More...
Alice Savage, Strategy Consultant, Canada, Member
Spreading your functions (development, manufacturing, marketing and sales) around the world makes it uneasy to gather them around the table<...Sign up

Different Kinds of Globalization
Luis Cano, Management Consultant, Mexico, Member
Every generalization is dangerous... Even this one... what kind of globalization are we referring to?
Because globalization of information...Sign up

National Borders Remain Intact
Ken Kalali, CEO, Kenya, Member
I agree with Rangan's 7 myths, particularly myth 3 and 7. Globalization may ''knock'' down trading blocks but in most cases territorial/national bo...Sign up

Myth Perpetrated by the Greed of Billionaires
Jim Shannon, Member
The defining quality of capitalism aka globalization is corruption. The greed of billionaires feeds the myth of globalization to avoid all regu...Sign up

@Globalization Myth #4
Gabriel Femi Adewara, Management Consultant, Nigeria, Member
Myth #4 raises the question as to whether or not developed countries are monopolizing globalization. In terms of who is really creaming off the ben...Sign up

It's about Glocalization, not Globalization
DR.VIVEK DIWADKAR., Business Consultant, India, Member
Glocal customisation ('Glocalization') is the key to business- capitalisation and not ''globalisation'......Sign up

Globalization and Local Legal Requirements
Mohamad Nasir Mahmood, Director, Malaysia, Member
One thing inter alia about going global that needs a special focus is adapting or rather meeting the local legal requirements of the host count...Sign up

Packaging Products and Services for Local Circumstances
joko triyono, Director, Indonesia, Member
Globalization is one thing, but knowing each country is an important thing. For the basic needs, each product can be globalized. But the important thi...Sign up

Globalization is Unstoppable But no Panacea
Ronald Israels, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
I think that these myths are too generalized and the anti-myths too. You could say the same about ICT, the industrial revolution, use of the wheel etc...Sign up

Global + Local
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Globalisation by its very nature has another decade to go by. Dr. Vivek's concept of 'glocalization'' has the right answers. Glocalization = Be...Sign up

Globalization is No Myth
Hindrik Koning, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Globalisation is no myth, the human race expands their borders from anscient times.
Globalisation got another dimension from the 16th cent...Sign up

#8 Myth: With Globalization we all Understand Each Other
Dr. Wilfried Kerntke, Director, Germany, Member
In reality despite globalization, transnational conflicts remain.
Together with colleagues from 15 different nations on 4 continents, I work wit...Sign up

@3: The World is a Global Village
Benedict Omuya ODIGO, Nigeria, Member
A myth similar to #3: The world has transformed into one big village. The only indisputable indicator is the entry requirement. The world will ...Sign up

#9 Myth: Globalisation is Good for Global Development
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Globalisation has been forced on all the weaker and poor countries of the world in the name of global development. But the fact of the matter is ri...Sign up

@3: Cultural Differences Matter no More
Caspar van Spaendonck, Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Similar to myth #3: Don't bother about culture differences, just use your common sense. However cultural differ...Sign up

#10 Myth: Globalisation Will Increase Environmental Protection in Developed Countries
Moise Mungala Tshimbu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Member
Not always true. Even developed nations are struggling today and have less effective control on environmental issues with regard to current challenges...Sign up

Myth #11 Global Strategy
Mrs. Josephine Idele, Partner, Nigeria, Member
One of the myths of globalisation is that most multinational enterprises (MNEs) in their strategy develop products that have global appeal. Let...Sign up

Globalize or Perish Was the Slogan
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Globalize or perish was the slogan ten years back today it is changing to globalize and perish since there is no limit for greed of people and ...Sign up

7 Myths About Business Globalization
Shannon, Member
Greed is blind" it is incapable of seeing the harm caused to others. Billionaires should be taxed out of existence and should not exist - they are the...Sign up

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