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Is Globalization Ethical?
praveen, Manager, India, Member
We speak a lot about ethics. Now, if we are asked whether globalization is ethical, what should be our answer?
It had benefits as well as disadvantages as many domestic players are ruined by the foreign players. So, what is your view on this important phenomenon?

Globalization is New Weapon of Developed Nations
Vibhanshu Kumar, Student (MBA), India, Member
Due to running short of resources with their luxurious lifestyle, developed nations want to grasp the available resources of developing nations. But they don't care about global issues, otherwise they should not have escaped the carbon credit issue.
It's just their self interest that they want. To get control of other nations which have resource in good quantity, but making some other way round agreement in name of globalization and up-lift of people. India is one of the most resourceful nation of this time will good workforce and intellectuals.
I am in favor of globalization, but the underlying intentions should not be unseen.

Is Globalisation Ethical?
V. L. KHUZWAYO, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
Globalisation cannot be ethical if some multinational companies still bank their profits with their mother countries, hire engineers only from their mother countries as well destroy some cultures of the developing countries through their powerful marketing tools and strong financial muscles. We do live with very confused societies in the developing countries like mine.

Ethical Globalization
Gary D Messner, Student (MBA), United States, Member
Globalization is ethical for goods and services in demand in foreign countries. For example, pharmaceuticals could be moved to foreign countries to improve distribution and lower costs for local citizens.
Many examples can be stated, but the bottom line is, if a company outsources strictly for cost savings the question of ethics comes into play.
Some outsourcing makes sense, (i.e. IT, call centers). India is typically the host country of outsourcing white collar functions.
Outsourcing manufacturing operations to very poor countries with little or no labor / environmental laws and exploit them is unethical. Nike did this back in the 1990s and was forced to change.

Globalization is an Evolving Reality
Bob Sutton, Guatemala, Member
Globalization is an evolving reality but the shape and impact is also defined by the quality of partnerships... Equality, respect, trust, understanding, shared benefits etc.
It can be a very positive force for good or a step of "market efficiency" with negative social/economic/ development consequences. It's all in the approach!

Globalization Affects Both Developing and Base Countires
Finn, Qatar, Member
The effect of globalisation is not only on developing countries, e.g. India - it also affects the base country e.g. UK.
Workforces are laid off, families and communities are affected etc. Just for the bottom line. Ethical issues surrounding this are often ignored as it appears "business" is only interested in profit today - a short term approach driven by holders of stock. Having a more holistic approach may be beneficial to companies in the longer term.

When Globalization is Ethical
Xolani Mbane, Manager, Member
Globalization is good only if the economies can help each other, not to kill each other, and make other countries dependent on others forever like Africa.

Globalisation is Good
Johnstone, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Globalisation is good. Look at Billiton Smelter in Maputo. Problem with globalisation is that corrupt governments extract bribes from capital to set up in their countries and fail to set standards. Of course this attracts crooks who then extort the locals.
If I help my neighbor and we both make an honest profit we have advanced the community. Our second problem in the developed world is modern Fabian practice whose philosophy is to encourage capital to excess in greed and corruption to its own destruction. All this to allow them in the guise of the state to do exactly the same but under the mantle of the state but in the interests of "the people".
However, no proper economic activity is bad whether it crosses borders or stays at home.

Global Co-operation
neeru sharma
Globalization is not bad at all. Some people use the term for their selfish purposes. In fact, I would say we can help each other by supporting the dreams of each other, not financially but intellectually too. People in developed nations are intensively intelligent that they can think of providing their in-depth knowledge & skills for the welfare of human- beings.

True Globalisation
Johnstone, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Thank you Neera Sharma. I am currently in discussions with individuals in Indian state to bring Australian technology to them in important food security area where we excel, that is true globalisation when we do not want to enslave them but work in a true cooperative partnership, we will both profit in the long term.
It is not our fault that we have been able to develop state of the art practices and providing that we are willing to share to help us all share in the benefits that is the true benefit. Think of the internet!
Many who decry globalisation are peddling a different agenda based on envy or a political agenda for their own advancement.

Is Globalisation Ethical?
A. Achour, Analyst, Germany, Member
It is enough to look at the ACTORS behind globalisation to make up your mind. It's really not rocket science as it seems to so many called expert on the topic.
Globalisation means one thing: Bring the world under the control of one central government.
The Consul on Foreign Relations' role is to implement the strategy of the International Bankers behind the federal reserve.
The Trilateral Commission is a sub-entity of the CFR with 3 offices in 3 continents (USA/France & Japan) to help reach globalisation goals & objectives.
The Bildebergs see that the implementation at the level of politicians, media, economy, Finance is continuously reviewed, updated and delegated to lower members of the big clan of wolves.
The IMF and World Bank play their role really well by manipulating loans to countries seen as docile or potentially rich in natural resources but prior to this they sign their resources off to the bankers should they default repayment. Bingo, game over, the country is in the pocket.

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