Cultural Globalization

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Cultural Globalization
What is cultural globalization?

Cultural Globalization
abdulsalaam kimutai, Student (University), Kenya, Member
The process whereby people integrate and share the same norms, values and principles.

Cultural Globalisation
Ifeleyi Ogbobine, HR Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
A situation whereby nations come together to deliberate on and develop "one major way of life". Have the same believes and value systems and make the same basic assumptions.

Cultural Globalisation - Mozambique a Practical Example
Christo van Rooyen, CEO, South Africa, Member
Cultural globalization is a practice that the Chinese are currently executing effectively in Africa. Not only do they finance projects and place their own citizens in a country to do the work, they also exploit the natural resources. This is currently happening in Mozambique where the hardwood forests are being decimated by the Chinese. This as part of the repayment for building a new airport. These Chinese citizens then invariably stay on in the country as they would not be able to maintain the same standard of living in China.

Cultural Globalization
Stephen Komla Bokor, Teacher, Ghana, Member
Heard about Hofstede? Cultural globalization is a myth so long as we have different cultures. The 'cultural' is used as an adjective to globalization which is the myth but like a system we have a global culture which is not homogeneous. No matter what we say, our objectivity is propagated by our subjectivity and we operate in different cultures and these have different value systems.

Cultural Globalization And Compellers
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Cultural globalization is a complex combination of ‘compellers’ that move diverse forces – economic and otherwise -- towards fashioning a single international culture. These compellers, among other forces, include:
- Mass communication
- More free commerce with limited on no restrictions on tariffs and trade
- Geater and effortless internet messaging
- More free and cheaper travel
- Increased use of English as a means of global correspondence.

Limits to Cultural Globalisation
Kumsha, Student (MBA), Sao Tome and Principe, Member
It is when people are prepared to make trade-offs and adopt what is good from one another´s cultural background and norms. This process leads to harmonization of social relations.
This is more common in the current global economic and business phenomenon. But even in this age of globalization, where multinational companies made entries into markets, culture still plays a very important role for y success in any market.

Mozambique's Example and Cultural Globalization
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
@Christo van Rooyen: I tend to look at your example from a different point of view. I think that what China is doing is more of implantation where it sends its people to work in your country and ultimately settling in your country and adopting it, I hope, as its own with respect and loyalty.
I believe that cultural globalization is directed to achieving a state where different cultures adjust, adopt, and harmonize.
The process will definitely take time, but once attained could result into a more productive, efficient and effective environment in organizations/enterprises.

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