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Global Tax on Wealth (Piketty)
Marl van der Toorn, Manager, Netherlands, Moderator
Globalization has many economical and even social benefits, but also has its downsides. Like exploitation of labour, making the rich richer and multinational corporations increasingly influencing political decisions.

According to French Professor at the Paris School of Economics Thomas Piketty in his recent best selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, globalization also plays an important role in the long-run dynamics of income and wealth distribution, among many other forces.

To counter the increasing inequality in (pre-tax) income and capital, Piketty suggests a global taxation on wealth (capital) with a progressive tax rate. Such tax should become based on reliable global wealth statistics.
To accomplish the above he stresses the need for more global financial transparency by:
- International transmission of bank information
- Global registry of financ...Sign up

Global Capital Taxation Will Remain a Dream
Jan Leys, Senior executive, Belgium, Member
Even if one would - for better or worse - accept the idea that some sort of global capital taxation should be introduced, it will remain a rather 'aca...Sign up

Benefits of Tax On A Global Scale
The biggest benefit of a tax on a global scale would be the control, supervision and anti-money laundering fruit of corruption, tax evasion and organi...Sign up

Picketty´s Global Tax on Wealth Initiative
Jaime Fernandez V., Professor, Chile, Member
But it is practically impossible to implement at this moment in history; maybe with a good implementation plan = 10 y...Sign up

Taxation of the Wealthy
Martin Lekoski
I believe I read somewhere that the more you earn in Japan, the more you are expected to pay for more expensive things, because you have a certain "st...Sign up

Not Just Good, But Necessary to Retain Social Stability
Willemsen, Manager, Zambia, Member
I think it is not only a good idea, but also necessary. Piketty demonstrates that inequality in terms of wealth can be expected to keep increasing. If...Sign up

Global Taxation
Charles Palmer, Consultant, South Africa, Member
I vote: No.
Reason: Africa has received trillions of $ over the past 30 years in foreign donor aid. A rough estimate is that only some 20% has fo...Sign up

Parting of Wealth or Taxation of Wealth
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Should wealth not be parted from voluntarily rather than as an external imposed condition as a rule? Is wealth a result of a value creation process wh...Sign up

Global Taxes is a Waste; We Need Better Government
hofman, Manager, Netherlands, Member
No, because the idea focuses on money as wealth and disregards the difference in peoples' behavior. As long as there are people who cut heads to get t...Sign up

Global Implementation of Tax on Wealth Is Needed
Ofwono Willy Osinde, Project Manager, Uganda, Member
Global tax would be ideal, but implementation is the biggest challenge. The largest number of tax evaders are the wealthy, especially in the Ugandan c...Sign up

No Global Taxation
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
Taxation loopholes not withstanding, taxing the wealthy has long been the agenda of global socialism. I am all for a capitalist society. I, for one, h...Sign up

More Taxes for the Rich | Mas Impuestos para los Ricos
vicky Magallanes, Consultant, Member
I understand now, that the rich pay more, because they have more income. Additionally, they are who invest more and create wealth for the society.Sign up

No to Global Tax on Wealth
Andrew Thoseby, CEO, Australia, Member
These ideas often come from people in well paid salaried jobs, who have never been required to produce a financial outcome and who rarely have directl...Sign up

No Global Taxation on Wealth
Jorge Garrido, Director, Mexico, Member
The problem is the way Governments spend the taxes they collect; much of this money is spent on maintaining unproductive bureaucracies, or is stolen b...Sign up

Nice Ideas That Will Cause Even More Inequality
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
The main problem is that even if there was the same tax everywhere, countries would differ significantly from each other for some very simple reasons:...Sign up

Picketty´s Global Tax on Wealth Initiative
j.a. karman, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
There are more things to evaluate as just thinking on your personal banking account. That is the core issue of Piketty.
We have a situation at th...Sign up

No to Global Tax. Rather Go Via the Most Wisely Energetic Way!
Paolo Pozzi, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
I share 100% the view of @Andrew Thoseby from Australia.
I add that from a human perspective I sympathize a lo...Sign up

What I Think About Piketty's Idea of Global Taxation
Zinenko, CxO / Board, Ukraine, Member
Good idea, but it will not work. Why? Because this world is ruled by money. Rich people will not cut the branch on which they sit themselves....Sign up

Global Taxation
subramanian, Business Consultant, India, Member
While I share the concerns expressed by Piketty on the issues of globalization, I believe these egalitarian thoughts will remain an ideal to be achiev...Sign up

Go Via the Most Wisely Way
j.a. karman, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
Did everybody follow the argumentation of Piketty? (
Similar to Gini ( up

Reality and Equality
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
If Piketty proposes a tax on wealth then somebody else should, to balance the situation, tax the indolent. By this I do not mean the poor but there sh...Sign up

No CAPITAL Taxation!
Steven Cooke
Taxes and government 'control' in general only promote corruption. Government's only legitimate role is to provide the stability and structure necessa...Sign up

Europe Should Lead the Way
philippe p, Project Manager, France, Member
Piketty's proposal is to increase global financial transparency. Since the economy is global, what is wrong with that? The USA has successfully impose...Sign up

The Decision Will Be Made for Us
John White, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
@ Jan Leys: Globalisation stemming from the growth in corporate power since the 1980s and the unfair and undemocra...Sign up

No More Taxes, Please
FREDDY VILLAVICENCIO, Business Consultant, Venezuela, Premium Member
Capitalism shapes globalization just how Mr. Van der Toorn has described. Now there are many countries trying to shake down and find a different way t...Sign up


Tax Rate in USA?
Jacqueline Gargiulo, United States, Member
@Barney Wade Howard: Barney, out of curiosity, where do you get the figure that the wealthy pay 50% in taxes in th...Sign up

Buffet and Gates Already on Board
Jacqueline Gargiulo, United States, Member
@Andrew Thoseby: Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are already on record as agreeable to being taxed more. So I think i...Sign up

Tax Rate in USA?
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
@Jacqueline Gargiulo: If you figure all your city, state and federal taxes plus anything else that is taxed, you ge...Sign up

Global Taxation Unreasonable Thought
Sizenando Miguel, Director, United States, Member
Global taxation seems a kind of unreasonable thought. However, most historical transformations came from this kind of unreasonable thoughts.
At t...Sign up

Global Tax and Piketty
Jim Klein, Partner, Poland, Member
Actually there are plenty of ways to argue with the Socialist approach employed by Piketty, which of course also ignored the prima facie evidence that...Sign up

Piketty not a Socialist
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Jim Klein: Actually Piketty denies being a socialist. Piketty is not suggesting that capitalism is without merits....Sign up

Piketty - Socialist or Capitalist not the Point
Jim Klein, Partner, Poland, Member
@Jaap de Jonge: Jaap - I am familiar with his ideas, I just don't agree with the root cause analysis nor the "solut...Sign up

Taxation as Legal
Jacqueline Gargiulo, United States, Member
@Jim Klein: two thoughts occur on your last missive.
1) Is legal always right and moral? There is plenty to su...Sign up

Negative Effects of Taxation
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
The effect of taxation on initiative and innovation is that more time is allocated to the avoidance (not evasion which is illegal!) of the taxation. T...Sign up

Biased Discussion
Bernhard Keim, Business Consultant, Germany, Premium Member
People like to show that the wealthy have become too rich, but they do not ask at the same time how rich the country became. For an ordinary citizen t...Sign up

Re: Biased Discussion
Jacqueline Gargiulo, United States, Member
@Bernhard Keim: At least in the US, I'm not sure government is supposed to be in the business of creating capital. ...Sign up

Biased History
j.a. karman, ICT Consultant, Netherlands, Member
@Andrew Blaine: the avoidance of taxation is only accessible for the wealthiest part. The real innovators are commo...Sign up

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