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Globalization in Higher Education
Raghu Raman, Professor, Sultanate of Oman, Member
We are thinking about globalization/glocalisation from an industry point of view (manufacturing and services). But we are very slow in the education industry to implement this paradigm shift, especially in third world countries.
Advanced countries are managing and maintaining their standards of education to some extent, such as in Europe and other western countries. Asian and African countries are unable to maintain the global standard of education.
Every country is in need of R&D in the education sector and it should be at galloping speed.
I am of the opinion many nations are not giving enough importance to the education sector, in particular to the higher level education. What action is to be taken by those at the helm of affairs in the respective governments?
The standard of education is deteriorating in developing countries....Sign up

Global Standards in Education
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
It is said if the education moves backward today, the nation will more backward tomorrow. This applies to most of the developing nations of the world...Sign up

Global Standards in Education
Ruwan Bandara, Manager, Sri Lanka, Member
Poor education in developing countries is basically caused by poor strategy. For example, all rich countries have strong education strategies while po...Sign up

Global Standards in Education
Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand, Member
Having worked in higher education in this country I had to learn that most of the local educators are just not interested in a globalisation of standa...Sign up

Globalization of Higher Education
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
Globalization of Higher Education can never be reached without developed nations sharing their competitive advantage/edge with developing nations. The...Sign up

Globalisation of Education
Onyangore Peter Ogendi, Teacher, Kenya, Member
The time developing countries spend in political rhetoric should be well spend in global education and this will make this countries peaceful.
If...Sign up

Globalisation and Higher Education
Teun Wolters, Professor, Netherlands, Member
The knowledge and experience is there, worldwide. Call them in. The main issue is the right local spirit and morale. Mobilise them and go for good val...Sign up

We Bring Them Here
Eyal Policar, Entrepreneur, Israel, Member
Learning by doing doing by learning
We bring 1000 students from Asia every year.. They work on the farms.. Once a week in class they earn a nice ...Sign up

Teaching and Learning
Tarcisio Bonotto, Teacher, Italy, Member
In Italia as well as in other countries students do not know well and sufficiently the mother language and mathematics.
In Italia there was an at...Sign up

Globalization and Higher Education
Sumaia El Zein, Professor, Sudan, Member
This is 100% true dear ONYANGORE Peter (Kenya), and let me add the the extensive involvement of university students on political issues on the accoun...Sign up

Globalization and Higher Education in India
bhamidi v.s. uma ganesh, Professor, India, Member
In India, politicians are busy with their scams, cases and they bother not at all about the importance of higher education. So obviously meritorious s...Sign up

Globalization Here and There
dianawei, Student (University), China, Member
I think globalization of education is important for everyone. Think about this, we college students spend four years on study without an aim in the un...Sign up

Give Generously and Take Graciously
Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand, Member
@Leodegardo M. Pruna: Well - same sort of thinking here where I worked in education and higher education from 1996 ...Sign up

Globalización en la Educación Superior
Jorge Echazabal, Teacher, Panama, Member
A few years ago I was at an international meeting on educational issues in my field of work and talked about the need to unify criteria to strengthen ...Sign up

North - South Partnership in Education
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Developing countries in general consider ‘education’ as an expenditure, whereas ‘investing’ in people through education is the real asset of a nation....Sign up

Cooperation in Globalization of Education
rajat baisya, Professor, India, Member
Knowledge should be free for all to learn and make use of the same for the good of society and mankind. Unfortunately, more knowledgeable societies do...Sign up

Improvement of Secondary Education
Teun Wolters, Professor, Netherlands, Member
I agree that international cooperation can be important to reach good standards. However, we should not forget the level of secondary school education...Sign up

Partnerships in Globalization of Higher Education
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
@Rajat baisya: 'There is always the issue of what benefit any partnership could provide to the more established ins...Sign up

Benefits of Partnerships in Globalization of Higher Education
rajat baisya, Professor, India, Member
@Leodegardo M. Pruna: More established organisations and institutions will gain financially as students will prefer...Sign up

Educating in Emerging Countries
Dr. Luis De La Cruz, Professor, United States, Member
Access to online education offers a free-cost alternative to educate people in emerging countries through Khan Academy, Coursera, Academic Earth from ...Sign up

Education with the Help of ICT
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Education of the future takes a lot of support from Information and Communication Technology (ICT), online learning, content management and delivery, ...Sign up

Primary Education and Globalization of the Econonomy
Tarcisio Bonotto, Teacher, Italy, Member
Certainly primary education is a must if we want to rise good citizens. For that we need infrastructure, schools, we need good teachers, good food to ...Sign up

Globalisation in Education
rajat baisya, Professor, India, Member
Globalisation of secondary education can help creation of global knowledge workers. But in this race underdeveloped and developing countries will suff...Sign up


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