Globalization Forces

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Globalization Forces
Dawn Marshall, Student (MBA), Bermuda, Member
What are the main forces and influencing changes behind globalization?

The Reasons Behind the Globalization Phenomenon
Shahid Ferozie, Consultant, India, Member
Unfortunately the 7 so called myths are a fallout of localizing or reducing globalization to singular levels. Globalization needs to be understood as a phenomenon and indeed has always been popular for centuries. The Arab quest for markets, the English and European penchant for colonizations and the modern attempts by companies [large as well small] to promote consumerism fall under globalization and the myths are not even close to the concepts of these attempts.
One needs to see the larger perspective. I believe that beginning from Adam Smith [1776] right down to Raymond Vernon [1966] and more recently Dunning [1993,2005] have elaborated the logic behind globalization; and there are bound to be more. Yet none of them bear out the so called myths.

Globalization is a Strong Force
Chouaibou Njankouo, Business Consultant, Cameroon, Member
I think in every conflict/opposition/negotiation, all forces must be considered. Globalization based on a multi purposed interculturality, resulting on a cultural platform is likely to be a strong force imposed to the others, obliging them to follow.
Today, globalization in business or/and other issues has to do with a group of nations/organisations regarding the core world. And you can imagine the consequences!

Potential Main Forces Behind Globalization
Chouaibou Njankouo, Business Consultant, Cameroon, Member
I think globalisation may be based on:
- Self feel confidence / self esteem
- Knowledge in all aspects: academic, know how, use of know how, entrepreneurship, ethic values. In brief, all strategies to optimize human capital values.
- Permanent working hard attitude
- Leadership link to good governance
- Communication in terms of development of information systems and devices.

Globalization is Inescapable
Francis E Hilotina, Project Manager, Philippines, Member
This issue is no longer new, but G is now subject to sustainability challenges.
Like it or not, both macro and micro economics are driving vital fronts in developing, emerging, and 'poor' markets.
The recent financial crisis has caused new initiatives driving cooperation among continents.
Not to mention the emerging markets, which are showing new windows of growth, where global finance institutions are keenly molding new fundamentals while mending the ones that tumbled the house down in 2007.
Politics remains an influencing factor, shaping popular behavior in countries of the global economy. Politics has now more than ever become exportable thanks to globalization.
But where geopolitical border cross there remain several big challenges of policy making. Strong and resilient bonds should be created, built on trust and reciprocity among nations.

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