Disadvantages and Negative Consequences of Globalization. CONs

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Disadvantages and Negative Consequences of Globalization. CONs
dianawei, Student (University), China, Member
What are the main disadvantages and negative consequences caused by globalization?

Globalization Disadvantage: Inequality
Benedict Omuya ODIGO, Nigeria, Member
Globalization of international trade does not benefit all parties equally; the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Globalisation is a Threat and a Trap
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Globalisation has been forced on all the weaker and poor countries of the world in the name of global development. But the fact of the matter is richer nations are becoming richer and richer and the poor nations continue to remain poor and the quality of life has fallen for them. They have no option but to accept whatever comes their way in the future. The result is it is both a threat and a trap by the developed nations for their survival and growth and the poor nations continue to serve the rich in the name of globalisation.

Nature of Globalization
Erdohegyi Gabor , Management Consultant, Hungary, Member
By nature, globalization is a new and "smooth" way of (neo)colonization at the turn of the 20th/21st century. It is driven by the corporate level (of giants), and uses typical means of economy (e.g. concentration and centralization of capital, cross border/global investments, instructions of headquarters' will, strategy and decisions, seconded (top) executives, mother company's rules and standards, etc.).
Globalization is about ruthlessly chasing more profits (i.e. increased ROI), and greater impact/power (of economic and political kind) to prepare the ground for further profit increase.
This mechanism led to a global game when local and surrounding regional markets could no longer provide enough/further expansion opportunities for giant corporations.
So, globalization is natural child of the evolving capitalism at this high technological and business level of the most developed countries. Neoliberalization is the political and economic theory to provide globalization with appropriate expansion ideology.

Globalization Causes Harmony and Alienation
dianawei, Student (University), China, Member
On the one hand globalization causes a great harmony, but on the other hand it also brings about alienation everywhere.
And more over, globalization influences all kinds of areas: economy, education, internet, culture and so on. This alienation is present in all these fields.

Globalization - Some Negatives
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Some of the cons of globalization:
- Impacting national culture and heritage negatively
- Influencing the political landscape of the host nation
- Contributing to pollution in a big way
- Gobbling of local companies/industries by giant multinationals
- Exploiting women and child labor (often leading to abuse of the worst type) in subhuman conditions
- Developing taste for ‘junk food’ being bought at premium prices
- Making white collar jobs scarce if the exporting countries outsource the same to cheaper locations.

Globalisation Disadvantages
donna louison
There are so many negative reactions to globalization...
I believe if in many countries good governance is practice and not the greed of men reigns, globalization of international trade will benefit all..
There are so many things we can learn from each other.. That will make life much easier for us all.. For example new technology...
Globalization can only effect our culture to the extent we allow it.. Politician are always corrupt; they do not need any outside influence to effect their behaviour...
In my county Trinidad we have a problem with pollution mainly caused by locals. When it rains, we experience flooding not caused by giant multinationals...
Men has for many years exploited women and children in the worst ways possible...
Globalization has brought many interest groups together to fight this plague which has manifested it self in many nations...
I must say globalization is good, but we must learn to keep the good and throw away the bad.

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