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2 more Types of Power
Aka Firowz Ahmad
There are two other types of power. One is derived from dependency relationship. Any dependency for anything else makes one powerful over the dependents. This may be called "Dependency Power". The other power may be termed as "Synergistic Power" which develops out of a close and committed interactive relationship among a group of people who are dedicated to any common goal(s).

Network Power
Gonca Telli Yamamoto
I definitely agree with you the synergistic power. We could also say "Network Power" for the new types of social networks that gives a lot of opportunities to their users.All the six powers could also included wherein.

Democratic Power and Capitalistic Power
G. Dileep
Another two types of power also can be included in the list as Democratic Power and Capitalistic Power which come by democratic and capitalistic approaches of individuals.

People Power
Ken Cuccinelli
I would say Network power and Synergistic power are shades of the same thing . Capitalist power only occurs in a democratic society... Therefore the author may be talking of People Power when masses are united to an end.

Will Power
While agreeing on the basic five types of sources of power, I would like to bring in another: "Will Power". To me, without this power nothing can be achieved. At first sight, one might think that it is generic. But, this is not so.

Acausal Power
One more sort of power which is obscure for understanding is Acausal Power. It is conditioned by the collective unconscious and guides the people it embraces throughout their lifetimes. That's why certain patterns of power work in one society and fail in another. There is no universal power formula, it always depends on the development backgrounds of the groups. For example, democracy will never fit to the Ukrainian of Russian society, and exercising it will result into a coercive power exercising. As we are prone to stick to different norms and forms of social life we feel convenient with.

Ethical Power
Ganesh Tiwari
Definitely, apart from all above or coherent with all above, there also exists Ethical Power and its demon UNETHICAL POWER. So its all about which power you choose to meet your goal. Ethical power may yield in long run but perpetual, well synchronized & long lasting. Or unethical power which may yield faster but ill synchronized as well as short lasting...

Positional power to Personal power
Aung Thura
I would say about try to change Positioning power to Personal power by effective leadership and ethical people mindset in progressive organization.

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Bases of Social Power
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