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Assumed Power in a Void
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
Another type of power is that which is created in a void (Ed: ~ empty space) of leadership, that is assumed power. No one is exerting power in an area, so someone assumes that role, and the power is by consensus granted to them. There is no basis for this power but it might be called "king of the hill" power as the first one to assume the power role has to be "removed" for another to gain that power.
An example, real life... The power the administrative assistant has within an organization by virtue of their proximity to real power....Sign up

Assumed Power
kierdorff, Manager, Netherlands, Member
Dear John, interesting concept... Could it be that a management intentionally sustains this situation? For example, to keep motivation high wit...Sign up

Assumed Power
Alberto Acuna, Manager, Chile, Member
Reading this comment, a similar type of power comes to my mind which is the power given by employees, a sort of reversed delegation....Sign up

We all have Some Power Base
Prashant Dhodapkar, India, Member
I think that the "sources of power" should make us realize that each one of us is empowered (or achieves a power base) in one way or the other....Sign up

Another Example of Assumed Power
Art Straub, Consultant, United States, Member
I find assumed power to be real, but I'm not sure of the example (admin assistant). I have seen assumed power in the technology industry. A new techno...Sign up

Assumed Power
Mita Dixit, Management Consultant, India, Member
John's concept is interesting. In family owned-and-managed businesses, I have seen this as a common phenomenon. A family member or a distant re...Sign up

Enabling Empowerment
Otavio Alexandre Da Silva, Brazil, Member
As leadership, are we creating an atmosphere suitable for all those moves?...Sign up

Stabilizing Power
Paul White-Quinn, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
In my organisation recently the power hungry all came hunting when the top of the ladder person moved on and it was met with chaos. As with the...Sign up

Assumed Power
kierdorff, Manager, Netherlands, Member
Reading the explanations and examples, could I say that assumed power is not initiated by an individual, but by his environment which assumes power...Sign up

How to Get Power
Sarang D., Analyst, India, Member
The definition of Power as per Oxford Dictionary: "The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of even...Sign up

Assuming / Getting Power
Joe Cocchini, Analyst, United States, Member
Assuming a free society (by Machievellian standards), I believe the most efficient (capable, powerful, directed) method of assuming / getting p...Sign up

The Problem with Assumed Power
Mohamed Hisham
The problem with assumed power is, sometimes with the leadership instinct we tempt to take that role, but unfortunately next time it becomes...Sign up

Assumed Power
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
I agree with John Henry's comments regarding assumed power. An administrative assistant certainly holds assumed power, whether she/he wishes to...Sign up

Power versus Force
M.B. Mphahlele, Consultant, South Africa, Member
Real power is spontenous and complete and non-coercive. Coercive power generates resistance and require resource allocation in order to sustain it. E....Sign up

Intentional Assumed Power
V. L. KHUZWAYO, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
I fully agree with Wim Kierdorff, this is a very interesting concept by John Henry. It is also true that management sometimes intentionally sus...Sign up

Amazing Responses
John Henry, Manager, United States, Member
I think, assumed power is utilized all the time.
Sometimes it is the person who has the responsibility to give access to a building, who g...Sign up

Short Lived
Patrack Mashiri, Student (MBA), South Africa, Member
I think assumed power could be short lived once people realize its probably short lived....Sign up

Relation with the Boss
Nikhita S Pemgirikar, India, Member
Just because someone has some relation with the owner of the business many people give or employees give such power to them....Sign up

Informal Power Structures
Rene de Guzman, Professor, Philippines, Member
We should also take into consideration informal power structures as opposed to referent power or power through association. The informal power of a Sign up

Where Does Assumed Power Originate From
annette bristol-martin, Student (University), Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Anyone can assume power once they believe they are in control and if there are followers who submit to their command. This power can be ...Sign up

Assumed Power Through Creating Dependency
Rene Green
Yes, I affirm Anette Bristol-Martin's viewpoint that anyone can assumed power. This can happen without control or a need to control but to obtain powe...Sign up

Ignorance Assumed Power
Donato ochan Hakim, Interim Manager, Sudan, Member
In any work place there is an organization chart showing various positions from the highest to lowest. Each employee of the organization is served wit...Sign up

Ignorance Assumed Power
Art Straub, Consultant, United States, Member
I have never worked in an organization where the organizational chart and job descriptions answered all of the questions. When something new ar...Sign up

Nequaquam Vacuum
Ricardo Gonzalez R, Financial Consultant, Mexico, Member
Anyone can assume the power. In growing organizations there are frequently departments in which there is no a leader. In these cases anyone can make t...Sign up

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