Why Budgeting and Sound Financial Practices are Crucial

(Beyond) Budgeting
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Tim Jones
Consultant, United States

Why Budgeting and Sound Financial Practices are Crucial

Folks, all you have to do is look at the US debt and look at the fact that we have lived "beyond our means" for sometime now. You can't continue to operate without a plan for your money! It gets you in trouble as a household or as a country! The US is $16 trillion in debt!
Companies go bankrupt everyday because they operated on the assumption that a budget wouldn't work, was too time consuming, too much bureaucracy, etc.
It's time that we have professors in our universities that have experience in the real world and quit hiring these "financial philosophers" who operate on "theory" and have no idea what it is like to operate within limits, meet a payroll, develop realistic five-, and ten-year plans, etc.
We still have to operate according to sound business principles. Just because the airplane has been invented doesn't mean that gravity has somehow ceased to exist or apply to us!


Isaac Asante
Financial Consultant, Ghana

Why Budgeting is Important

Every management tool has weaknesses. The point in budgeting is to count the cost before going into ... Sign up

Sergey Baltin
Manager, Russian Federation

That's Simple - Its a Drug

I totally agree, but this is from the point of view of non-government person. If you are in a govern... Sign up

Tim Jones
Consultant, United States

That's Simple - It's a Drug

@Baltin: you are right concerning politicians. You are correct in the electorate being a drug. Getti... Sign up

Benjamin Ogudoro Nkemakolam
Financial Consultant, Nigeria

Budgeting Still Relevant

The relevance traditional budgeting depends on the method of application. Rolling budgets can solve... Sign up

Dario Gragnani
Manager, Italy

Why Budgeting is Useful

Budgeting is useful. 'You cannot manage what you do not measure'. Budgeting requires to analyze and ... Sign up

Andyson Mupeta
Student (MBA), Zambia

Budgeting is Still Useful

Traditional or not it, budgeting remains a helpful means of operationalizing the company activities ... Sign up


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(Beyond) Budgeting
Knowledge Center

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