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Inna Borodina
Russian Federation
Nonlinear dynamical systems can be linearized, if the relationship between elements of this is information. To formalize the interaction between elements of the system it is important to know the nature of the phenomenon. Identify the main parameter of the process. Then the nonlinear of the system can be described as a characteristic of the environment. In every moment of life the environment system is described by constants. Nonlinear constants enable us to obtain linear equations system. Linearization algorithm for dynamic system 1.Сonstruction structural model of the dynamic system. 2. The study of the nature of the processes taking place 3. The verbal description of the characteristics of the system 4. Creating a mathematical model of the popular tool is the system. Identifying the causes of non-linearity of the system (usually the cause is a positive feedback) 4. Description of conditions in which the system functioning 5. Creating a mathematical model, are popular t (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Mark Barkan

Please E-mail Russian Version

Dear Inna, any chance you could e-mail the algorit (...)

  Ivan Kohlinsky
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Non Linear Dynamic System

Inna - I read your 11 point method with interest. (...)

  Inna Borodina
Russian Federation

Response to Comments - Non Linear Dynamic System (Russian Version)

Mark, Ivan! Forgive me for my bad English. Ivan, (...)

  Augusto Carreira
Partner, Portugal

Questions About Post on Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Inna, I found it difficult to understand the metho (...)

  Mark Barkan

Request for E-mail Address

Inna, here is my e-mail address: barkan@enecenter. (...)

  Inna Borodina
Russian Federation

Answer About Paper in English

Augusto, I'm afraid for a false expectation. For e (...)

  Ivan Kohlinsky
Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Inna's Kind Offer of Article in Russian

@Inna Brodina: thank you for your kind offer of se (...)


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