How Does One Prevent Recurrence of a Problem?

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How Does One Prevent Recurrence of a Problem?
Fabio Furlan, Manager, Brazil, Member
How do you do to prevent recurrence? By making an Efficacy Analysis. Some signs to consider:
- Problem didn't occur again;
- Establish a period of time to do follow-up;
- Perform abrangency analysis....Sign up

Prevent Recurrence of a Problem
Dilip Kumar Gogoi, Teacher, India, Member
Analyse the problem, review, get feedback from observation, decide on what has to be done. Incorporate actions in the next plan/action plan. While rev...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrences? Root Cause Analysis
Edward Siedlecki, Student (MBA), United States, Member
I find that identifying the real root cause and not a symptoms is the best way to prevent recurrences.<...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence? Establish Discipline
Jay Watson, CxO / Board, United States, Member
Fabio, as observed by the previous comments, there are several possible process level approaches to take. However, there is one management level appro...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence? Apply Mistake-proved action
Emmanuel De Guzman, Manager, Philippines, Member
@Edward Siedlecki : I agree we should zero-in on the root cause and apply "mistake-proved" action.
...Sign up

How do You do to Preventive Recurrence?
Noli Baylosis, Member
@Jay Watson : I agree with you, all comments are applicable that would result to prevention of problems and effectiv...Sign up

How do you Deal with Preventive Recurrence?
Benjamin Allun
@Edward Siedlecki : I agree with you that poor root cause analysis can make the problem recurring.
After ident...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence?
Alan S. Agabon, Manager, Taiwan, Member
@Emmanuel De Guzman:
1. A good root cause analysis is a start. Using a deeper use of tools such as Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence
Velaphi Fisher, Manager, South Africa, Member
When a problem starts and it is identified, don't address it directly as what it may be just a result of an underlying real problem. What you see at f...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence of Problems
Diina PN. Netope, Student (University), Namibia, Member
@Velaphi Fisher: it is true indeed that when you provide training you also have to educate your people. This is beca...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence
Fabio Furlan, Manager, Brazil, Member
By using the proper tools on Problem Solving. Finding the real root cause, not the side causes. One way to check this is to give the subject a period ...Sign up

Prevention of Problems - Quality Management
Jon Hutchison, Business Consultant, Member
The prevention of problems recurring is possible with quality management and procedures combined with high quality and ongoing training.
During t...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence of a Problem
Fred Newcomer, Consultant, United States, SIG Leader
I have found the only way to prevent recurrence is to do robust 8D problem solving review. This m...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence of Problem? By Establishing and Practising SOPs
Muhammad Maz, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
Recurrence of a problem could be avoided by:
1. Analyzing the root cause and making an action plan
2. Establishing and practising Standard O...Sign up

How to Prevent Recurrence of Problem
KOVIT SKULSANGJUNTR, Management Consultant, Thailand, Member
Make sure your root cause analysis reveals the real cause of problem in terms of 3M, being Man, Machine or Method. This allows you plan the prevention...Sign up

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Fred Newcomer

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