What is Management?

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What is Management?
Management... Indeed is a great learning and makes many things easy in their own way. Decision-making, organizing, co-ordinating and work not least are the components which come together in management. A great learning for all times: "MANAGEMENT".

Management is an art and a science
nana boakye
It's an art because it involves a specialized individual in making an organizations goals achieved. It's a science also because it involves the study ...

Management is a jungle
At the end mgt is a jungle. There are no single theories, sometimes everything works and sometimes nothing, even if the fundamentals are correct....

Management is a process
Management is a systematic process of taking decisions and implementing them. It consists of various functions like planning, controling, organizing a...

Management is domain-specific
Management is to decide what to do and get things done. It is a domain-specific concept. Simply discussing what "management" is does not make much sen...

Management is more than theory
Management is a lot more than the theoretical and bookish concepts. It has everything to do with the situation in which a manager makes decisions , co...

Management is a group process
Dr. Stella John Samuel
Management is much more than what any individual person or manager can say. It is a process which involves a series of actions and commands by a group...

Management is practical
Sanjay kumar Mohapatra
In real meaning management is not theoretical but more practical. Driving man tactfully, leading them to achieve a proper goal, organizing man and mac...

Management is developing your employees
Qaiss Alokozai
Can we say developing your employees through your work is management?...

What is Management? Definition of management
There is no standard definition of management and the term management is interpreted in various ways depending on the context in which it is used. But...

Management tells what to do
Laxmi Pradad Khanal
Management tells us what to do at what time for what purposes. It explains doing the right things at the right time....

The Best Definition of Management
Management is the attainment of organisational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organising, controlling and leading....

Management is Co-ordination
Management is the business of co-ordination with command and the right mix of compassion. Good managers do lead but follow the people's perspective an...

Process of getting activities completed
Usman Kamal
Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people....

Management is the Mother of all Sciences
Peejay van den Berg
Wow, way back in 1999 I was in a position to ask myself: "What is the definition of management? Good news, it took me 10 (ten) years of research and a...

What is Management?
Bhanu Prakash
Management is getting things done with the aim of achieving goals effictively and efficently....

Management is Common Sense
As a lecturer in management studies, I just consider management as a common sense, may be in a little bit higher degree. What HF said is not beyond th...

What is the meaning of Management? MANAGE MEN Tactfully
Management means: "MANAGE MEN Tactfully"....

Management is Pragmatic and Situational
naresh , India, Member
Management is not defined by bookish concepts. It is simply pragamatic in its approach. It varies from situation to situation. We can't define it by s...

Management is efficient use of resources
Alka Tomar, Academician, India, Member
Management is efficient use of resources. Who said this?...

Management is thinking before doing.
Joey D. Soneja, Entrepreneur, Philippines, Member
There is no one best way of doing things. Management is situational. ...

Management Definition
Management is derived from 3 words:
Man = means human being
Age = step by step or the time being that we are achieving our goals
Ment =...

Management is Control, Order and Direction
Ruben A. Villanueva
Management for me is control, order, and direction. It's lifeblood is systems, innovation, and standards....

Kunal Bhat, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Through my experience, I have come to understand this: management should be read managemint, i.e. : manage + mint.
Managers manage projects to mi...

Management of Yourself
balram sapkota, Student (MBA), Nepal, Member
Management means to manage yourself first in your way of living, education, behaviour and leadership. Then management for your organization will autom...

Management is an Improvement Process
Naresh Nagpurkar, Student (MBA), Singapore, Member
Management is a continous process of improvement using the fundamentals of management and techniques viz scientific, human relationships and quantitat...

What is Management?
cheree mckinnis, United States, Member
Management is a mixture of emotional intelligence and trusting. Create ideas with the input of the team, implement and allow the employees to execute ...

What is Management?
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Management is doing the right things first time and every time, based on the evolved laws of nature and human kind particularly ethics for the benefit...

Management is Sustainable Development
Shakebimam, India, Member
Management is a process of sustainable development, where barriers are continuously done away with for the achievement of organizational goals....

Management Comes Down to Common Sense
None of this make sense to be honest. You see all these crappy managers with MBA's but they lack basic common sense and that's what management is all ...

Management is a Combination of Theory and Practice
Dali Horeshka, Business Consultant, Albania, Member
In my perception good management is related to a combination of theory with practice, thinking with acting, personal action with people around you are...

What is Management? Today it's always changing
Patrick Forrester
Because of the complexity of technology today, organizations are always changing to compete. Management is all about organizing, controlling, executin...

What is Management? Discipline
Steven Koh
The fundamental requirement of management is discipline. Discipline is required to ensure the management team as well as the workers follow the system...

Management is Like 'Haute Cuisine'
ROGER BERTRAND, Business Consultant, Canada, Member
Management is the art of combining all the knowledge one has: HR, CRM, SRM, finance, accounting, R&D in such a way that the business owner achieves it...

What is Management? A Push Process to Get Results
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
Management is a process to direct your organization to get results.
Joan Ginebra mentions 4 steps of this process: 1. precisar 2. enseñar 3. med...

Management is the Mother of All Sciences
Day Pierre DESAULT, Consultant , France, Member
@Peejay van den Berg: We can say that this definition pretending to be concise and unified makes us think about the...

What is Management?
omaralzareby, Student (MBA), Libya, Member
Management is arranging both material and moral possibilties to reach a goal using less time and more ability and efficiency and effectiveness....

What is Management? My Contribution
George Vorster
Here are some attempts to define some words related to management:
- "manage/ing" (verb) = plan, organise, lead, control.
- "manager"...

Management is Nothing But your Intellectual Power
moq14, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
I think the word management has no value itself; it is the intellectual power of an individual to line up or align all the related activities (...

What is Management?
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
It is a system of interconnected and interrelated elements (areas) of 4 management functions, namely: planning, organizing, controlling and le...

Management is not what You Think!
Artur Silva, Professor, Portugal, Member
I recommend this book from Mintzberg "Management? It's not what you Think!". A lot of concepts are being clarified and redefined while reading ...

What is Management?
Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish ...

What is Management? Reply
Sean Rogers, Entrepreneur, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Management is the overseeing or stewardship of a given task or operation, which has predetermine outcomes....

What is Management?
Dr.N.Ramanjaneyalu, Professor, India, Member
Management is a continuous process of effective and efficient utilization of available resources for welfare of all the people....

Management is the Process of Applying Management Theories to the Organisation
Timmy Baksh, Analyst, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
The responses, to this question above are referring to theories of management, this is just what they are: theories. Management is the process of appl...

Management is Domain-specific
NGO Chantal, Congo, Member
@Calvin : I agree with your definition, because you say there are many domains to management and they do not share t...

Management is a Scientific, Theoretical and Empirical (Practicable) Process
Zedy Zaidy, Student (University), South Africa, Member
Management is a scientifical, theoretical and empirical process comprising component knowledge and system knowledge, value creation and value capture....

What is Management?
FASESIN David, Manager, Nigeria, Member
Getting things done effectively and efficiently through people to achieve predetermined goal is management.
It is left up to the individual in t...

Understanding the Fundamentals of Management
collin kamalizeni, Consultant, Swaziland, Member
Management does centre on the four traditional management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Of these, the most critical a...

Definition of Management - Integrating the Above
Segun Afe, Accountant, Member
Management is the art and science of planning, organising, directing and coordinating of all available reources towards the achievement of a set goal ...

Definition of Management - Improvisation and Explaining
FASESIN David, Manager, Nigeria, Member
I agree with Segun but the definition sounds academical. Present business environment requires improvising some measures and also to be more ex...

Management, Management, Management!
Zedy Zaidy, Student (University), South Africa, Member
Segun, you are academically and scientifically right. Your definition is based on traditional principles of management. Management as described... Is ...

Management and Administration: Slight Distinction
NGO Chantal, Congo, Member
Management and administration are not the same thing because management is the science which comprises many functions such as: administration, plannin...

What is Management? Bringing Order and Consistency
Sylvana Akosua Apaloo-kpeglo, Student (University), Ghana, Member
@K.Narayana Moorthy: I agree management is about bringing order and consistency into an organization by mapping or ...

What is Management? Don't Forget Motivation
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
@Sylvana Apaloo-Djaba: Thanks for endorsing my concept.
Yes, what has been said is true and O.K. But with foll...

What is the Precise Role of Motivation in Management?
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
@K.Narayana Moorthy: in relation to Motivation, I use the term MotivAction. Yes you read it well... Motiv A ction m...

The Role of Motivation in Defining Management
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
@Javier Elenes: There are hurdles to negotiate at each step of business activities, and you need to be absolutely d...

The Leader PULLS, the Manager PUSHES the Organization
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
The manager communicates an ORDER, The leader communicate a worthy MISSION to move the organization.
To move the organization through PUSH, as in...

Common Sense in Management
Vicky Jha, Manager, Nepal, Member
@Cass: Common sense - very true - but you have put it in a very harsh way:).
The whole sense of management is ...

What is Management
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
I said earlier that management is system of planning, organizing, controlling and leading. Yes, to a reply to @Sylvana ...

Management is Looking after the HR Process
renuka Chandrakar, Student (MBA), Member
Management means managing the whole process of Human Resources. And this process includes:
- Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Commanding (Prima...

Management is Manipulation of the Human Capital
Boadu Daniel, Teacher, Member
Management involves the manipulation of the human capital of an enterprise to contribute to the success of the enterprise. This implies effective comm...

Management is Control, Coordination and Planning
Justin Mwangi, Partner, Kenya, Member
Management involves controlling human capital, coordinating and planning in order to achieve the overall goals of the organization....

Management as an Organizational Resource Mobilization Process
Dr. Chima .S. Ugwulashi, Nigeria, Member
Management is the system of aggregating organizational resources to achieve set out objectives and goals. It involves globalized action imitating and ...

Management Principles
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
@Justin Mwangi's comments are agreed in principle. To it I further add that self-actualization would reduce the con...

Difference Between Manager & a Leader:
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
1. Manager (M) does things right while Leader(L) does the right things
2. M focuses on how things should be done, while L focuses on what can be ...

Difference Between Adminstration and Management:
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
In my view:
  • ADMINISTRATION OF A BUSINESS includes performance or business operations and decision making as well as the efficient organiz...

What is Management?
biresh chaubey, Manager, India, Member
The art and science of giving controlled freedom to your team members to act, to react and to set their own goals and targets which ultimately leads t...

Changed Definition of Management
biresh chaubey, Manager, India, Member
The simplest definition which is almost on the tip of tongue of all managers is Mary Parker Folett's definition of “Management is the art of getti...

Belkis Monks, Manager, Venezuela, Member
Driving the organization through a simple and complex path with diverse passengers, following existing routes and developing and implementing new stra...

The Essence of Management
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Management is the process through which opportunities are exploited and problems and challenges are anticipated (or recognised) and solved.

What is Management
Babacar Diouf, Student (University), Senegal, Member
Hi! Management for me is a strategy to influence workers to achieve the firm's goals.
Everybody in the company must clearly understand the object...

Is Management a System?
AQEEL RAZA, Accountant, Pakistan, Member
Everything is moving under a system. A system has principles that control the system as pillars to a roof. The principles describe policies like a roo...


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