Are Fayol's 14 Management Principles Still Relevant Today?

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Shillingi, Tanzania

Are Fayol's 14 Management Principles Still Relevant Today?

Despite being challenged by various scholars, these principles from Fayol are still relevant in many organisations in Tanzania, what we are doing is just refining those principles in order to suit our environment and real cultural situations in our organisations.

  Erick Billy, Tanzania

Principles of management

I think Mr. Fayol principles are applicable to many organizations and institutions in one way or the other and people use them as foundation of their managing systems and others will be built from these to increase effectiveness and good administration in any Organization.

  Emmanuel, India

14 Principles still Practical

These principles are spectacular and very pratical. Despite all the changes in technology and conceptual analysis, most companies that are succeeding are making good use of Fayol's principles.

  Odukoya Ademola, Ghana

Fayol's Principles are Evergreen

The set of rules put in place by Henri Fayol, discovered, put to use, tested and sustained till date will continue to remain evergreen. It's the lifeline of both the new and existing organization. If I have my way, I would print these principles on the heart of corporate and private establishment. The more top executives understand this, the more we have a positive, functional and dynamic premises for talented interpreneurial minds to develop in corporate settings, because the system and approaches are all scientific.

  Charlie, UK

Fayol's principles are old fashioned

I am not so sure, these principles seem based on "command and control", that management knows best. It fosters a 'them ...

  Ravi Chhabra, India

Relevance can not be denied

Even after almost 100 years since these principles were first proposed, their relevance can not be denied. The 14 princ...

  Matonda, Kenya

14 Principles very relevant

These principles are very relevant in the sense that from here we have the prevoyance and the foundation to build on a s...

  Ingrid, Zambia

Relevant or not?

I think these principles are very relevant and are applied by a lot of managers in different scenerios. But the environm...

  Tahir Qurban Ali Ch., Pakistan

Principles of Management

I apply Fayol's 14 Principles of Management in my department while serving in different organizations with limited avail...

  Makori, Kenya

Enabling Better Management

The 14 principles form the basis of the entire management practice in all organisations and companies. They happen to be...

  Touazock Benny, Congo

14 Principles Still on Course

The 14 principles birthed by Henri Fayol is still reigning in all aspects of Management and Administration of most, if n...

Accountant, Kenya

Relevance of Fayol's Principles

'The 14 principles of management by Fayol will always remain relevant in management and administration for the foreseeab...

  Gerald Muema

Principles of Management Still Valid Today?

What challenges might a manager confront today if he tried to implement Fayol's principles of management as they were or...

  Jai Villa, Philippines

14 Principles Relevant Within the Capitalist Paradigm

The basic framework of Fayol's 14 principles will continue to be relevant for as long as the capitalist system continue...

  william Owusu konduah
Student (University), Ghana

The Relevance of Fayol's Principles in Todays Business

In this modern world, I am a little perplexed concerning the relevance of all the 14 principles at work in an organisati...

  Mary Okumu
CEO, Kenya

Validity of 14 Principles of Management

Many of these principles are valid and have subsequently been adopted by managers in all kinds of organization in Kenya....

  Jolanta Sz
Professor, Poland

14 Principles of Fayol Still Relevant

I am absolutely convinced that Fayol's principles are still actual, relevant to many everyday management situations. Th...

  boudarel, France

Current Research on Fayol?

Do you know of any research teams who are working on Fayol's 14 principles today?...

  sneha, India

14 Principles of Management and Politics

I agree that 14 principles of management are still good and should still be followed, but in management it's not ourselv...

  Nelson E. Edjan
Student (MBA), Philippines

Applicability of Fayol's Principles of Management Today

Fayol's principles are still relevant, even in this diverse and fast changing business organization. The more principles...

CEO, Bahamas

Fayol's Principles are Now Outdated

All these 14 principles are only a frame work within a controlled environment. Nowadays businesses are operated in a flu...

HR Consultant, Kenya

Fayol's Principles Valid, But Add Employee Empowerment

They are still applicable, but room for employee empowerment and consultation is critical in today's environment....

  desu rama mohan
Professor, India

Current Validity of Fayol's Principles of Management

They definitely still apply and are good to follow in general. But they can't be implemented in their totality, especial...

  Madubuike Obinna Chimezie Francis
Project Manager, Nigeria

Principles of Management Still Helpful

Following Fayol's 14 principle of management is an encompassing solution box for dealing with most if not all management...

Business Consultant, Bahrain

14 Principles of Henri Fayop

I taught for many years at a uni to fresh school graduates. I always told them when explaining the 14 principles that th...

  claude rougeot
Management Consultant, Cote Divoire (Ivory Coast)

The 5 Verbs of Fayol

Here 14 principles are presented, but in my opinion the main contribution of Fayol is: anticipate, organize, give order,...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Fayol's Five Elements of Management

@Claude rougeot: Indeed Fayol's 5 Elements of Management are also still worth to remember even today. You'll find them m...

Accountant, Uganda

Relevance Today of 14 Principles of Management - Henry Fayol

The current relevance of the 14 Principles of Management should not be underestimated. They form the foundation of both ...

  Kelvin H Mwiinga
Student (MBA), Zambia

Management is All About Purpose

Management, to manage for a purpose, creating value (monetary or otherwise), can not be done without the combined effort...

Student (University), Kenya

Relevancy of 14 Principles Of Management

The principles are still relevant today, though being challenge by scholars. I find it interesting when I realise the cu...

  Kelvin H Mwiinga
Student (MBA), Zambia

Principles of Management are Guiding Ideas

Fayol's 14 principles are ideas providing guidance in a given field of thought. Their implementation can change accordin...

  judith aldaba

Fayol's Principles of Management are Still Relevant Today

I strongly believe that Fayol's Principles of Management are still relevant today. Every school administrator needs to k...

  Norman Dragt

Relevance in Some Way

@Charlie: If one looks at the time in which these principles were written, I think one would see that organizations were...

  Norman Dragt

Rules that Went Wrong

@Touazock Benny: There are 2 rules that have gone wrong: First the remuneration rule (7). Has been skewed towards t...

  milly banura
Student (Other), Uganda

Applicability of Classical Management Theories Today

This is an interesting discussion about the applicability of classical management theories in the management of modern o...

  Kulkarni Mohan
Manager, India

14 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol

It's quite inspiring that these 14 principles evolved by Henri Fayol way back in 18th & 19th century. Its evergreen, sta...

  Brillo L. Reynes
Consultant, Philippines

Building Blocks for Effective Execution

Fayol's 14 Principles of Management are building blocks for effective execution. However, given various management issue...

Teacher, India

Applicability Today of Henry Fayol's 14 Principles of Management

The 14 Principles of Henry Fayol are so fundamental in the management discipline. They have changed the very orientation...

  Gavin Tremble
Manager, South Africa

Management - a Science

These 14 principles are for me like the tenets of a science. Management is built on these important tenets. Without them...

  Sathya Devarakonda
Project Manager, India

The True Father of Management

Henri Fayol is really the father of Management. He deserves an ode of thanks. He is a thought leader in envisaging how a...


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