Managers: Born or Made?

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Managers: Born or Made?
Sameer Khanna
I think that managers are mostly born. The persons who have inborn, natural managerial qualities are much better in their role as manager than other managers who have acquired the managerial qualities...
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Managers are Made; Leaders are Born
Managerial skills are not inborn, but rather acquired through formal training.
Leadership skills are born....Sign up

How Managers are Made
A manager is not born, but gradually learns from formal training, experiences and idols/ examples that he puts...Sign up

Changes in Management Levels
Rodrigo Corte-Real Oliveira
Look at Dr. Clare Graves' Spiral Dynamics Theory: People tend to evolve from the moment they are bor...Sign up

Manager: 10% Born, 90% Made
Rajesh Patil
I believe that with birth an individual can get 10% of management qualities, but he learns 90% from his environment and education, which help to use c...Sign up

Managers are Mostly Made, A Few are Born
Aletta Shatona
I agree managers are mostly made. Not only through formal training and work experience.
The way a person...Sign up

Different Types of Managers
KOVIT SKULSANGJUNTR, Management Consultant, Thailand, Member
A manager may not be a good leader. And different environments need different kind of managers to get it done. A manager in a mature, long established...Sign up

Managers are Born and Made
Kunal Bhat, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Managers, to be good managers, need the right instincts. These instincts are usually in-born qualities. Hence, we can say that managers are bor...Sign up

Managers are Born
Motimele, HR Consultant, South Africa, Member
Managers are born. Even though one can learn the qualities of being a manager, it wont be the same as the one who is born with those qualities....Sign up

Managers are Made; Leaders are Born
thatayaone Tauyakgale, Analyst, Botswana, Member
Managers are nurtured but the leaders are born as they inherit certain traits from their parents. They have certain chromosomes that make them ...Sign up

Managers are Both Born and Made
Abdisalam M Ibrahim, Accountant, United Kingdom, Member
Managers are basically leaders, and leadership is actually a bit of both. Leadership comes from the combination of nature and nurture....Sign up

Managers are Born But Theories and Experience Sharpen Them
Ashok A kella, Finance Manager, India, Member
I agree management traits are partly inborn. But they get sharpened with management theories in academia, with their exposure to organ...Sign up

Management and Leadership is a Relationship
Jolanta Sz, Professor, Poland, Member
@KOVIT SKULSANGJUNTR : I agree, if we understand that a good manager is at the same time the leader of a group of ...Sign up

The Type of Manager Depends on Organization Culture
A.J. Heideman, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The appropriate type of manager depends on the culture of the organization:
- In a situation where the manager is always right and his people fol...Sign up

Managers are Born and then Developed over Time
donna louison
Managers are people who have acquired the art and skill of motivating people to get the job done. This skill is developed and perfected over a long pe...Sign up

Are Managers Born or Made?
SATEESHA SINDHE, Lecturer, India, Member
Basically managers are born with inherent qualities that cause one to become and act as such, but the degree of perfection is achieved by continuous p...Sign up

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