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Accountant, Pakistan

Is Management an Inexact Science?

🔥NEW Social sciences are considered inexact. And indeed, the knowledge and study of management is quite an inexact science for many reasons:
  • There is no laboratory for testing the principles of management.
  • The inclusion of actions by humans in management.
  • Management is based on imaginations and thoughts.
  • Management is already old but there are many changes in its nature.
  • Exact sciences acquire knowledge from experiments and observation of research materials. Management deals a lot with the minds of human beings.
  • Management applies knowledge according to the situation although it is using principles, methods and models to achieve a result.
  • Management is also a science neither visible nor complete like other scientific knowledge. The chance of its total visibility and completion is zero because its principles create different results in different entities, in a different environment and at different times.

Overall, from the above discussion, I think management is an inexact science because it depends on thoughts and imagination, human actions and has no exact principles or formula.

Lecturer, India

Management is an Exact Science Also

The outcomes are the results of the interplay of t (...)

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Management is a Practice, not a Science

According to Peter Drucker, management is a practi (...)

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Management is an Inexact Practice

@Javier's comment that practice is a more appropri (...)

  Olaf de Hemmer
Business Consultant, France

Management is a SYSTEMIC Science

The Valeur(s) & Management network of experts conc (...)


Science is Science

I often hear/read the sloppy use of the word 'scie (...)

  adam djeddi

Social Sciences and Sciences

When you want to mention science, it is enough to (...)

  Jose Montoya
Professor, Venezuela

Management is a Practice or Art, not a Science

Management is a Practice or Art, not a Science. I (...)

Teacher, India

Whether Management is Art or Science?

In my opinion, it is neither purely art or science (...)

  Andre-Ambrosio ABRAMCZUK
Teacher, Brazil

Management is a Complex Activity

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are exact sciences (...)

  James Antwi
HR Consultant, Ghana

Management is an Inexact Science

I agree that management is an inexact science, bec (...)

Manager, Thailand

Management is a Chaotic Science

💡I think management is a science as succes (...)

Director, Romania

Is Management an Inexact Science?

Basically, management is an art. Definitions in ac (...)

  habib shamsi
Director, Iran

Management is Real Science

High quality management results from applying scie (...)

  Graham Williams
Management Consultant, South Africa

Is Management an Inexact Science?

@Andre-Ambrosio ABRAMCZUK makes a good point. In e (...)

  Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan

Management Really is not Sceince

Really Management is not a science subject because (...)

  Gabi Levin

Management is a Discipline Involving Science + Art

What is science? Common wisdom tells that science (...)

  Olaf de Hemmer
Business Consultant, France

Management Science

@Olaf de Hemmer: well, I agree with some of the r (...)

  Andre-Ambrosio ABRAMCZUK
Teacher, Brazil

Management is not a Science

@Habib shamsi: I insist and repeat: Management is (...)

  Jose Luis Roces
Professor, Argentina

Management Science

In my opinion it is a systemic social knowledge fi (...)

  Riungu Festus Kinyua
Lecturer, Kenya

Management is Both an Art and a Science

Management is both an art and science: - When you (...)

  Don Berry
Manager, United States

The Most Effective Managers are Artists ... not Scientists

@Graham Williams: Exactly! Those who view managem (...)

Financial Consultant, Ethiopia

No Universal Meaning of Management

All ideas raised above seem sound, but how can we (...)

  Riungu Festus Kinyua
Lecturer, Kenya

Manager have to be Artistic

Strategy is an art, dealing with people is an arti (...)


Management is Bigger than Science

To me management is not a science but rather somet (...)

  Tim Dibble
Project Manager, United States

Management is not a Science

A science is based on the scientific principle. Es (...)

  Gabi Levin

Management is an Illusive Concept

In continuation to @my previous post - where I sug (...)

Student (University), Zimbabwe

Management Can Be an Exact Science!

70% of management is a science. 30% is art. Manage (...)

  Vincent Miholic
Manager, United States

Practice Ignores Rigorous, Valid Research

In this stream, @Javier Elenes quotes Drucker, "Ma (...)


Studying Management is Social Science; Managing is Not.

Exactly... Not sure why other people find this so (...)

  eduardo oliva
Professor, Mexico

Apply Management Combining Arts and Sciences

Excellent managers usually apply a successful comb (...)


Science is Science

Wrong and right. Management doesn't apply the scie (...)

  Delfor Ibarra
Consultant, Argentina

Management as Inexact Art

Each particular science has revealed its inaccurac (...)

Professor, Peru

The Best Managers / Parents

The head of a family deals with his family problem (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Management and “Science” - Discuss

Words have definitions. People interpret or re-app (...)

  eduardo oliva
Professor, Mexico

Management is not a Science

Management it is not a science for none of its phe (...)

Student (University), Guinea

Why Management is a Science

In my opinion it's a Science because it constitute (...)

  Andre-Ambrosio ABRAMCZUK
Teacher, Brazil

Is Management an Inexact Science?

Science is an "offline" activity. Some activities (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Science or Knowledge

@Magassouba: Magassouba / Editor "Organised knowle (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Is Management a Science

@Maurice Hogarth: I agree, a library is not a scie (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Management is Practicing System Laws

@Jaap de Jonge: I suggest we take the Art v Scienc (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Science Says Management Isn’t a Science

@Jaap de Jonge: A need to clarify: Can a library o (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Management is Both a Science and Practice

@Maurice Hogarth: In my opinion, the models and me (...)

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