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Chloe Xu
Director, Australia
Delegation is a core part of leadership and management, according to what we have learnt from numerous management works. It is often described positively as an effectiveness method or management technique that helps both superiors (managers) and subordinates (employees), with managers being able to focus on important areas while employees having an opportunity to build their abilities and skills. However, recent research looks at the circumstances under which managers choose to delegate and reveals that when entrusting tasks to others, managers’ real intentions are often not that positive. The study discovered that managers interviewed tended to delegate decisions when the consequences would affect other people, in particular when all the options were not appealing. The researchers believe this pattern was driven by 2 factors: 1. A desire to avoid criticism or blame and 2. A desire not to feel responsible if something bad happened to other people. In other words, the willingne (...) Read more? Sign up for free

Lecturer, India

Wrong Use of Delegation Caused by Lack of Equanimity

Avoiding responsibility and blame while delegating (...)

  Steven Cooke

Proper and Wrong Reasons for Delegation

A) I'm not sure that those who need to correct the (...)

  Ioannis Stathakopoulos
Manager, Greece

Delegation is Powerful for Managers But Must Be Just

Delegation is a very powerful tool for any manager (...)

  David Harland
Consultant, United Kingdom

Nefarious Use of Delegation

Delegation is a powerful tool, I've used it myself (...)

Director, New Zealand

Role of Popular Leadership Models in Delegation

Current models of leadership tend to ensure that n (...)

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Evil Delegation should be Punished

@Collins: Systems of accountability are more evide (...)

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Delegation and 'Passing the Buck'

What is described in the introduction is not reall (...)

Lecturer, India

Factors to Avoid Wrong Use of Delegation

In my view, in order to have a good delegation by (...)

  Norman Dragt

Why Women are Held Back

@Collins: This kind of popular leadership ideas / (...)

  judith aldaba

Why Abuse of Delegation is Wrong

Delegation is an important aspect of management be (...)

  Costanzo Beretti

Delegator Must Assess the Level of Maturity of the Delegee

In my opinion, the most important issue on this to (...)

  sriram srivatsava

Abusing Delegation

Delegation of tasks is a primary role of any manag (...)

  Suman Kumar
Director, India

Abuse of Delegation Is Proof of an Incompetent Manager

The problem is that we have a large number of inco (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Allowing Abuse of Delegation by Managers is Proof of Incompetent Senior Management

@Steven Cooke: Let's hope people who delegate poor (...)

  James Antwi
HR Consultant, Ghana

How to Know and Avoid Abusive Delegation is Used Upon You?

Surely such abusive practices are very negative ta (...)

  Charlie Sattgast
United States

Monkey Business Book

@Steven Cooke: It's: "Monkey Business" by William (...)

  Steven Cooke

Excellent Reference

@Charlie Sattgast: THANKS! I read it years ago as (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Abuse-Misuse of Delegation

Delegation is the foundation of management. Manage (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Managers Abusing Delegation

@Maurice Hogarth: I agree that abuse of delegation (...)

  Steven Cooke

Accountability in Management

@Jaap de Jonge: Failure to hold people to their re (...)


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